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cabell23 created a topic MLB Season Win totals pool
in Office Pools

Would like to set up a pool involving MLB regular season win totals.  Either pick the and under on all, or maybe just fifteen.  Is it possible to get these lines added to the template to set up pools ?  





cabell23 replied to Riviera CC
in Pro Golf

friggin Bubba.  Four putts the 18th.  Defeat snatched from the jaws of victory.  Same with Scott for that matter, although in his defense the winds really picked up late.  

cabell23 created a topic Tampa Bay - screwing with us
in MLB Betting

Starting Sergio Romo two consecutive games, qthrowing him for an inning or so, and then bringing in the long guys.  Love it from a pure baseball POV, bring in a solid reliever to deal with the top of the order the first time, so you're long guy can go longer and only have to see the best hitters twice.  That all makes sense.  But it just makes it hard to handicap as you dont always readilly know who the long man is going to be.  In Saturday's case, they three Yrborough, who i really like.  Had i known i would have doubled down.  Realize with a little research one can probably find out who they plan to throw, but not always.


over Balt, SFG

under Tor, ARZ

cabell23 replied to Harrison ml
in Tennis
Streaming was great, as was Harrison. F the cable companies.
cabell23 replied to Harrison ml
in Tennis
anyone know of any way to stream these European toruneys live ?  Xfinity wants me to pay $23/month to upgrade so that I can get the Tennis Channel, meanwhile already have the Sports package and for some reason Tennis isn't part of it.
cabell23 replied to Federer vs Tiafoe
in Tennis
Tiafoe has had trouble in tie breaks all year.  He's lost six, seven in a row now.  Not sure if he can take a set, but I think it can get to a TB easily enough.  In that case, over 19 seems like a good play.  Lost a TB to Goffin last week, lost one to Querry the week before.
Thanks Getty, just what I was looking for. 
cabell23 created a topic Any good capping databases
in MLB Betting
Looking for a website that will tell me how a team's individual players have done against particular pitchers (today's starter, main set ups, and opposing closer, for instance).  In a perfect world the lineup would have a drop down where you can select the pitcher.  Seems like there ought to be something out there, but I've looked at ESPN, baseballreference, baseballprospectus, and nothing comes up that fits the bill.  Historical stats like "joey votto is a career .403 hitter vs San Diego" don't do us any good, if he's facing Jerrod Weaver for the 1st time ever.
so far: Harman, Lingmerth,DaLaet, Watney, Snedeker, and JB Holmes
This week: Horschel and Koepka
so far: Harman, Lingmerth,DaLaet and Watney
this week: Snedeker, JB Holmes
last week: Harman, Lingmerth
This week: DaLaet and Watney
Dont see Marino listed as in the field on the PGA phone app.  If it's not too late, can i replace him with Lingmerth.  That would make it Harman and Lingmerth.  Understand totally if it's too late though.  Thanks
Brian Harman, Steve Marino
As a frustrated Bruins fan, would hate to see Hamilton win the Norris, although it's gonna happen eventually.  Love the Flames pick. 
Been following this threa for a bit and sadly been unable to play. Do any of these matches ever show up on 5dimes ? Or for that matter ?
cabell23 replied to 2015 MIAMI
in Tennis
Yeah Berdych came back from the brink last time out, but a lot of that had to do with Tomic being a total dog in the third. Whatever got TB in that hole to begjn with, could come into play vs Monaco.

quick note on Buerhle, even tho he is above average overall most of his career, his record agains the Yankees is brutal, 1-15 or something like that.  and being in their division that last couple of years has only made it worse.  This is from September of 20124

Buehrle lost his 12th straight decision to the New York Yankees, a winless streak that's over a decade after the Toronto Blue Jays fell 5-3 Friday night for their season-worst sixth straight loss.

Train, that sounds eerily like my situation right now.  Need a bit of nightly action, can tolerate losing a bit.  However a diet of ml dogs and run line faves (I play a lot of them -1), serves me pretty right.  Have grinded out minimal losses over the last three MLB seasons, and it's just that....entertainment tax.  Keep the booze, drugs and women expenses to next to nil, and it allows me to easily rationalize what I spend on the wac.  Have a great season, pound the Nationals RL every night, and enjoy.
Trying to find  book that will be offering MLB regular season wins matchups (eg Cubs -4+ wins vs ChiSox).  Had to explain to the chatroom guy at 5Dimes what I was talking about, so not confident when he says they'll be some next week.  Does anyone know of online that has them up now, or is at least certain they'll have some in the next few days. 

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