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More racing corruption

jlewin replied to One for today
in Horse Racing

Thank you my friend, collected some money.  I wish you the best with your Belmont picks!

jlewin replied to Derby disgrace!!!
in Horse Racing

I agree with you.  They don't allow 20 horses to run in any other race except the Kentucky Derby.  There is always alot of bumping and banging in this race, it is expected.  Why didn't the stewards do an inquiry?  I also agree with you on Prat, both him and the trainer Mott have no class.  Been playing the horses for over 50 years, racing is on the way out.  In Chicago the tracks only race 2 or 3 times a week, small fields, the tracks here and the OTB treat the horse players like dirt, always have.  Now the advent of legal sports betting will put the final nail in horse racing.  I saw where the owners of the horse taken down asked the stewards to meet with them after the racing day for a few minutes, they refused "talk to our lawyers", they wouldn't even take any questions from the press after their decision.  I'm finally fed up with this bullshit and the shenanigans that go on with this sport.  I only had a small bet on an also ran in the race, so no sour grapes here on that score.

jlewin replied to Kentucky Derby
in Horse Racing

Checking the weather for Saturday in Louisville indicates 90% chance of rain most of the day.  Two of the favorites Game Winner and Roadster have never run on an off track.  

jlewin replied to Kentucky Derby
in Horse Racing

Bob Baffert will have the top three favorites and could easily run 1-2-3

jlewin created a topic Kentucky Derby
in Horse Racing

Omaha Beach out of the derby due to a breathing problem.  Now Mike Smith will be without a ride and Baffert horses looking good.

jlewin created a topic This looks very suspicious
in NFL Betting

New Orleans really got the shaft.  This story from ESPN

In the latest twist to the still-simmering controversy from last Sunday's NFC Championship Game, there is some concern in league circles about the NFL's judgment in allowing four game officials who live in Southern California to work the game between the  and , league sources told ESPN.

Those same four officials -- all with long ties to Southern California -- were the ones most responsible for the non-call on Rams cornerback Nickell Robey-Coleman's early, helmet-to-helmet hit on Saints wide receiver that was widely viewed as pass interference. The league admitted to the Saints that it "f---ed up the call," according to sources.


The Army players are dumb as a stick and their coach and the play calling has been just horrendous, I lost count of how many times they have just run the ball right into the middle of the line for no gain or 2 yards.


Great pick, if you boxed these in High five you would have won it all, there where no winners!  Still won, take it to the bank my friend..


Congratulations job well done!  Picking winners this time of year with mostly baseball games I find extremely difficult.   You made a pick every day during the month and hung in there.


Maybe the Bears should have given their starters a little more playing time during preseason!  The last Bears coach with a pair was Mike Dika, where or where do they find these so called head coaches.  This Turbinski plays like a boy in a mans game.  After suffering with Cutler all those years this is what we have to deal with.  Did Nagy ever look up from the play card he was studying the whole game?


Yes have been on Covers Site a long time.  ESPN has become garbage and I really like Covers as my go to sports site.  We all have are own opinions.  Like many in the Streak Survivor Contest I like to follow the leaders and look forward to see how far they can manage their streaks and root for them to take down some cash.  Guess I just lose interest in waiting for someones pick to play a month in advance.  When Jackson had his streak going it was great, especially since he picked every day.  Good luck to everyone!

jlewin created a topic We need a rules change
in Streak Survivor
Covers please change the rule on your popular Streak Survivor Contest that players need to make a pick that is at least within a week of time.  To allow players to make a pick that doesn't go off for a month or so is just bad.  Let someone else crack the leaderboard and see their name up there instead of allowing some to extend their streak for weeks or months at a time.  Very disappointed you haven't fixed this.

Great job!  Good luck on your way to 13, get that sweatshirt....


A little added information:  Wonder Gadot is getting blinkers on for this race.  Both Telekinesis and Wonder Gadot have the same trainor.  Patrick Husbands rode Wonder Gadot in her last race, this time he rides Telekinesis and Johnny V. comes in to ride Wonder Gadot.  Also, in the Oaks the jockey on Wonder Gadot lodged a claim of foul on the winner but was not allowed.  Not sure what this all means, just more handicapping information.  With so many horses in this race, if other speed presses Telekinesis, Wonder Gadot has a great chance to win or place.

jlewin replied to HAPPY DAY
in General Discussion

I guess this ruling is a beginning, but very unhappy about the "exceptions" see below.  These folks in Washington DC are nothing but corrupt.

The court ruled to strike down the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PAPSA), a 1992 law that barred state-authorized sports gambling with some exceptions. It made Nevada the only state where a person could wager on the results of a single game.


I had no money on the game.  The last .5 seconds of that game changed under and Milwaukee bettors from winners to losers.  I didn't think it was possible to get a shot off in that short of time unless it was a tip on the throw in, this guy caught the ball and shot the 3 pointer, they showed the red light going off after it left his hands but I don't think the clock started exactly when he caught the inbound pass.  Also, many of the Boston defenders where not even near the three point line to defend even though that was the only score that could have hurt them? 

jlewin replied to F@ck you Philly
in NBA Betting
So glad I don't money of this crap anymore.  When you watch this it makes you wonder about the players and the fact that they know exactly what the point spreads are.
The Bears have the worst owners, the worst coach (by far) and are the worst team in football right now.  They will lose to Cleveland in a few weeks.
This is just my own personal opinion but he is not the same horse that looked invincible over the last year or so.  They put him on lasix for his last two races, I just think he has health problems they are not disclosing to the public.  The horse has nothing more to prove on the racetrack.  I think they will retire him soon and send him to the breeding shed.  At least that is my hope. 

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