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I would say RB is the easiest position to replace due to injury ... WRs a little tougher ... WR is VERY thin this year .... there just isn't many quality WRs.

Good luck this year. 

I would give Sankey a shot.
This is exactly why my big money leagues don't see our draft day until after the preseason wraps up. With Jordy going down you are basically cooked.
Thanks ... I'm leaning towards Cobb ... I'll see what happens the rest of preseason before locking in ...

Although I'm not a big fan of keeping QBs due to the depth ... I think you need to keep luck in this situation.

When it comes to keeping Sanders or Matthews ... I'm leaning towards Matthews.  Maclin is gone so he's the #1 in Philly this year ... and I don't trust Peyton any more plus I also think Sanders' season last year was a bit of fluke ... so roll with Matthews.




That time of year again .... really would like your input for my keepers this year.  8-Team, Standard League.  QB-RB-RB-WR-WR-WR-TE-FLEX-K-D... from a league perspective, basically all of the "top" guys will be keepers.  I don't draft until 4th position so I may be targeting a WR or RB depending on who is finalized in the keeper department throughout the league.

Now, I'm allowed 3 keepers.  These are my BEST options:

- Le'veon Bell

- Julio Jones

- Justin Forsett

- Randall Cobb

- Jimmy Graham

Now, Le'Veon Bell & Julio Jones are locks.

Who should my third keeper be??   Thoughts please.



Alright ... 

I have a 2 game lead going into Week 17 of my pick'em pool.  Every week, you pick every game, ON THE LINE.  Decent pot up for grabs ($1K to the winner).

Week 17 is such a crap shoot ... any strategies here?   



Thanks guys for the feedback ... I agree with your analysis.

A key point here that I forgot to mention is that I traded away my 3rd round pick last year to pick up Julio ... so that costed me from a depth perspective. 

My first 2 picks were Bell & Ball ... need them to be solid.  Agreed the bench is a bit a of crap shoot ... but most benches are .... even in an 8-team league ... the pickings get slim after say round 3 when 24 guys are kept (all of the top tier guys) and 24 guys are already drafted. 

As an FYI, the first round shook out as follows:

1) AJ Green

2) Ball (My pick)

3) Cordorelle Patterrson

4) Ellington

5) Jordy Nelson

6) Keenan Allen

7) Arian Foster

8) Victor Cruz

2nd Round:

1) Vincent Jackson

2) Le'Veon Bell (my pick)

3) Toby Gerhart ... as you see the pickings were slim early IMO...

.... note I didn't pick again until the 4th round where I took Matthew Stafford (I wanted a high end QB with Rodgers, Manning, and Brees as keepers ... Luck was the only QB drafted before Stafford) ... and then in the 5th round I took Andre Johnson ... 6th round MJD ... I still there is a potential for both of these guys to have above average fantasy seasons.

Nonetheless ... we shall see.... definitely need to be active on the waiver wire and catch some fire there... this is usually how the pool is won or lost most years it seems .... Cheers

8-Team Keeper League.  My keepers were Randal Cobb, Julio Jones, and Jimmy Graham (3 each).  I had 2nd pick overall.  And took Montee Ball.  Most of the "top" tier players were keepers.  This is what my team looks like:

QB - Stafford
WR - Julio Jones
WR - Cobb
WR - Andre Johnson
RB - Montee Ball
RB - Le'Veon Bell
TE - Jimmy Graham
K - still to be claimed of waivers (need to drop one of my bench guys)

BN - Kendall Wright 
BN - Ray Rice
BN - Riley Cooper
BN - Sammy Watkins
BN - Knowshon Moreno
BN - Kenny Britt
BN - Kyle Rudolph
BN - Tony Romo
Thanks guys ... looks like Ball is gonna be the way to go ... barring any unforeseen circumstances.

Hi Guys:

Need a little bit of help as to who I should draft with my first pick in my keeper league.  This is the 10th year of the league ... need to step it up.  My keepers are:  JULIO JONES, JIMMY GRAHAM, RANDALL COBB.  I have the 2nd pick in the draft.  8- Team league.  QB, WR, WR, WR, RB, RB, TE, W/R, D, K format.  Below are the players that will be available in the draft (top 18 anyhow).   Who should I target in the first  and second round?  AJ Green is 99.99% sure to go ahead of my 2nd pick....

I'm thinking I grab Montee Ball.  Or perhaps Arian Foster with the first pick?  And then, target another WR with my second pick.  I don't have a 3rd round pick (traded away last year).  So by the time I pick again in the 4th round who knows who will be available.

Thoughts???  Thanks!

  1. 1. Montee Ball
  2. 2. A.J. Green
  3. 3. Andre Ellington
  4. 4. Jordy Nelson
  5. 5. Alfred Morris
  6. 6. Arian Foster
  7. 7. Keenan Allen
  8. 8. Toby Gerhart
  9. 9. Ryan Mathews
  10. 10. Le'Veon Bell
  11. 11. Roddy White
  12. 12. Victor Cruz
  13. 13. Vincent Jackson
  14. 14. Rashad Jennings
  15. 15. C.J. Spiller
  16. 16. Shane Vereen
  17. 17. Andre Johnson
  18. 18. Larry Fitzgerald



Was leaning J. Jones, Graham, and Cobb.  Ellington was a long shot.  But might role with Ellington. 

BUMP ... c'mon guys... help a covers brotha out.

Hi Guys ... Wondering your opinion who I should keep out of this roster of players.  I can keep 3 guys.  Standard formal.  QB, WR, WR, WR, RB, RB, TE, WR/TE, D, K.

- Cam Newton

- Larry Fitzgerald

- Michael Crabtree


- Jimmy Graham

- Trent Richardson

- Andre Ellinton

- Julio Jones

- Randall Cobb

- Percy Harvin

All of the typical top fantasy guys will be kept.  I draft second overall.  May be able to land Arian Foster or Alfred Morris I think.  And then with my second round pick will be targetting Matthew Stafford.  I traded my 3rd round pick away last year. 



Graded no drop eh?  damnit. i was unsure ... i know of the play you guys are speaking of ... figured it could go 50-50.

Thanks guys.

Was that a drop by welker ?
Sorry ... this is a non-PPR league ... 8 teams... 

I'm hoping MJD falls to me in the 2nd round to tell you the truth.... never know... 4 guys need QBs still.

OK Boys ... big draft coming up in a few days.   Keepers have been submitted.  My keepers are:  Richardson, Fitz, and Newton.  I have 2nd pick overall.  Non-snake draft.  1 QB starts.  2 RBs, 3 WRs, Flex, TE.

Who should I target in the first 3 rounds??  Help appreciated.

Here's what's left on the board (top 25 default ranks):

  • 1. Matt Forte
  • 2. Jimmy Graham
  • 3. Stevan Ridley
  • 4. David Wilson
  • 5. Maurice Jones-Drew
  • 6. Steven Jackson
  • 7. Demaryius Thomas
  • 8. Victor Cruz
  • 9. Roddy White
  • 10. Randall Cobb
  • 11. Andre Johnson
  • 12. Vincent Jackson
  • 13. DeMarco Murray
  • 14. Reggie Bush
  • 15. Danny Amendola
  • 16. Dwayne Bowe
  • 17. Eddie Lacy
  • 18. Frank Gore
  • 19. Tom Brady
  • 20. Pierre Garcon
  • 21. Lamar Miller
  • 22. Torrey Smith
  • 23. Marques Colston
  • 24. Colin Kaepernick
  • 25. Matt Ryan


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