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Utah state has already punched their ticket to the dance the result of this game should not mean much in terms of seeding.Sds playing for their lives they will be in this one the whole way and good chance to win outright.


will take pts 




Fair point .

ILPRATO created a topic Fizdale and Knicks not dumb
in NBA Betting

Knicks coming off 2 straight wins will not jeopardize their position in the bottom 3.Trust me on this one.Take the Cavs +3 as the Knicks continue their tanking ways.Hot hand will be on bench late.

Who cares how the books did unless you booked the game yourself.The books make money due to the vig on the lines everyone knows that.Vegas has not had a losing month in a few years.
 Of course they are going to win when a prop is -180 and +140.
Any business that involves money will always be rigged to some extent.That is just a fact of life. Is every game rigged no but is there larceny involved at times via the league,refs ,players ,etc. . Absolutely goes on in sports ,Wall Street etc. . 
ILPRATO replied to Fffffuck the NFL
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Quote Originally Posted by ILPRATO:

How can they call that PI . This league is truly decided by these refs.


sorry meant roughing the passer

ILPRATO replied to Fffffuck the NFL
in NFL Betting

How can they call that PI . This league is truly decided by these refs.

ILPRATO replied to Seattle Seahawks +2.5
in NFL Betting

Quote Originally Posted by GrandHustle:

I’ve been on the loosing side of the moose on a bunch of bowl games so I felt good to be on the right side this time. Russell Wilson is such a pest to put away so the over was very much alive but I thought the +2.5 was definitely dead. Thank you Janikowski


who thanks a guy that was badly injured this place has truly deteriorated 

ILPRATO replied to Seattle Seahawks +2.5
in NFL Betting

It’s Tough to lose 2 bets like that.On 4th if kicker was healthy they would have kicked fg and then onside kick.


Hey this is tougher than usual


Have noticed an extremely interesting betting pattern this evening.


Gonna grab SDS +

5 units 

It appears most of the heavy wagers coming down on them.


This pattern is highly effective during bowl season.Will post as they come up.

This is my first bowl play


It’s a fact that certain outcomes are planned by the powers that be.One example was a lakers kings playoff series.The league needed the lakers to advance for ratings and money.The Patrick Ewing lottery with the nba they needed the knicks to be relevant due to their large fanbase to help increase revenue as well as tv ratings.

Scripted maybe not, but fixed 100%.

Show me 1 industry in the world in which money is involved where there is not some type of thievery it doesn’t exist .

I will say not every game is fixed but some are. In the NBA it was done for survival back in the day.
 In the NFL whether it be a ref getting paid off or the league desiring a beneficial outcome these things happen more frequently than you think.

In fact several years ago Tim Donaghy spoke at my sons school and came out and said games are fixed!

People can believe what they want but absolutely certain outcomes are FIXED.


seahawks open up as a 6.5 pt. Fave over the Niners public all over the hawks yet this line is dropping like a brick.

i see some 3.5 and 4.


Ill grab the Niners +4 


5 unit play






ILPRATO replied to Cowboys vs Colts
in NFL Betting

Quote Originally Posted by 2Team_Parlay:

I keep hearing the cowboys got "lucky. " and although this may be true, at what point do we start to factor luck into the equation? Were the Saints not lucky in 2010? They won more than a few games they should have lost. I remember them beating a dolphins team with a pick 6 to cover the spread after trailing all game.Were the Giants not lucky in BOTH 2008 and 2012 to get hot at the right time THEN face a Patriots team they knew how to beat.Theres a saying that goes something like, "luck is nothing more than preparation that means opportunity."Are these guys world beaters? Not by any stretch of the imagination.Are they playing with passion and a certain little something extra? In my opinion, yes.I think they have enough juice to finally get a road win vs a quality opponent.

Just a small point I'm not a Giants fan but I did not find them lucky during their super bowl runs .They won due to their great defense .They had a d line that was able to pressure Brady which was something other teams were not able to do .


Good luck on your plays!!


in NFL Betting

Quote Originally Posted by Thekidmc11:

Not dickin around 2DAY.. When I first looked at this game i was leaning Hou -7 or no play.. But after looking further n further into it, I'm really starting to reconsider.. I reallyy like this McGuire kid on the Jets. He plays like Mcaffery,and the way the Jets pulled that game out last wk vs Buffalo they are gonna be playing loose n confident, despite their record.. The jets defense played prob their best Half of the Season last wk in the 2nd half only giving up 6 points..HOU. Has won 4 strait on the road, but all have been close games with 5 of their 6 Road games being decided by 7 points or less.. No way in Hell does Houston deserve to be a TD fav in this game, but %68 of the Public is still backing them huh?... On a short week.. In the Cold.. I dont see it. Mabey im wrong, but .... I doubt it.   50 UNITS JETS +7 10 UNITS JETS ML+250   FINAL 28-21.   JETS.

Appreciate your write up just some info it's not cold or windy here temp about 50 degrees.

Good luck


Jet fan perspective lame duck coach- Team has very little talent almost 100 mill under cap.If Texans take this seriously they can name the score.


Good luck either way


Any thoughts on why it’s a great matchup other then a likely improved minny team.




Well unfortunately  being a knick fan for decades I sometimes can get a feel for them.Westbrook being out will hurt OKC on the offensive end .Okc actually has some nice defensive numbers.Well the Knicks might be tinkering with their lineup tonight which sometimes takes some time to gell(Its not about winning this year it's about developing some youth).

 With all that I'm mind I feel the teams might have some struggles putting the ball in the hoop.

I will play the under tonight .

Good luck whatever you decide.

Just took it at 215.5

1 unit



ILPRATO created a topic No Melo No problem
in NBA Betting

This guy Carmelo can bring teams down like no other.His teams at Denver stunk he ruined the knicks,okc and now Houston.

Houston wins tonight in Denver simple math addition. By subtraction.

Will take pts and ML with Rockets 

Good luck



Quote Originally Posted by sydneys-best:

Quote Originally Posted by Viral72:

You mad broif he was my local book, he'd be just as broke. My avatar weekly update and posted records show I've been SMASHING. Half time,  lookin rough for you
JESUS --- Honestly --- Another MORON that I have to deal with on this site ... How is it looking rough for me ? Please explain ?Panthers half time - 10.5 is a winner ...Over 51.5 is looking like its a winner ... I will go and jump off the Sydney Harbor Bridge if it doesn't hit ...Panthers T.T. Over 23.5 only needs 1 more touchdown and 1 field goal ...You my friend need to go to special needs school


How dare you bash special needs kids!!!!

You are an embarrassment. 


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