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Congratulations to everyone that joined me in picking up 'W' 18 with Cleveland plus the points over the Steelers.

If you got the Last Great NFL Selection Of The Year, Great!
If you didn't, you have One More Shot to pick up 'Once A Year' Cash.

The NBA has One Rock Solid Selection that starts Every year Big!

Contact me to get this Selection by 7PM New Year's Day!

Congratulations once again to those that followed the Winner Today, and look forward to hearing from you to get this Big Winner Tomorrow!


This is the Final Week of the NFL Season and Every Year, Like Clockwork since '00, One Game Buries the books for those that know what to look for and when. 'Bury' may be a bit strong based on the actual amounts moved, but you get the point.

The books are smart; attention is drawn away from the Final Week of the NFL Season with All the distractions of Bowl Games and NCAAB.

Don't miss the Only Opportunity you'll get until Next Year this time for this selection! This will be one of, if not the Highlight to end the year on a High Note!

Either way, the selection will be posted, here, after the game is over. If you decide to take the selection, you can Completely know you got the Winner in advance and support the claims of Victory.

If you know me, you know these claims are Not made lightly.

Started Here '02 and don't often promote, but when I do, I'm not playing around...

Contact me at:

NLT Noon Sunday

Finish This Year A Solid (1-0)!


Contact me at: 
[link from unapproved source] 

Contact me Today to get this Winning Information!

(54-0) 2014
1) (22-32)
2) (18-14)
3) (7-7)
4) (3-4)
5) (4-0)

(55-0) 2013
1) (22-33)
2) (16-17)
3) (11-6)
4) (3-3)
5) (3-0)

(56-0) 2016
1) (20-36)
2) (16-20)
3) (10-10)
4) (5-5)
5) (5-0)

(61-0) 2015
1) (26-35)
2) (16-19)
3) (9-10)
4) (4-6)
5) (6-0)
(36-0) 2014
1) (17-19)
2) (11-8)
3) (5-3)
4) (0-3)
5) (3-0)

(27-0) 2013
1) (16-11)
2) (7-4)
3) (3-1)
4) (1-0)
5) (0-0)

(32-0) 2016
1) (12-20)
2) (10-10)
3) (5-5)
4) (3-2)
5) (2-0)

(29-0) 2015
1) (14-15)
2) (7-8)
3) (5-3)
4) (1-2)
5) (2-0)
The bDark Room MLB Package is ALL Inclusive $250 for the Season!!! This opportunity will be available until 04/08. This is a GREAT opportunity to relax and get the BEST for your money. 

And for those of you that are Really Ready To Get This Going, if you get in Before 1st pitch on Monday, $150. Seriously. It's now about Commitment to Success and Winning. You're a Winner, now make the call. 

If you want in, let me know. I will be promoting this many places, but releasing this information to Only 10. I just want to win and a few also want that I'm sure. 
There are Solid and Undefeated Systems in the forum, so there are units to be made. 

But if you want the bDark Room; Legacy, Legends, and Lore - contact me Today! 

In the past, there has been specific dates throughout the season for the bDark Room. There has also been specific systems during these time periods. 

No more... 

This MLB Season, the bDark Room will be provided for the Entire Season All In One Package. This will make it easy to know when the bDark Room ends. The dates are (04-06) - (09-04). 
There will be Only 3 Systems run the Entire Season: 

The Legacy Chase - The Undefeated Chase makes a return for the upcoming season.
Rare, but Well worth it. Predicted Outcome: (30-0) 

The Legends Chase - The Next Undefeated Chase on the roster comes in the form of Legends. The opportunities are more, but still... 
Predicted Outcome: (58-0) 

The Lore - This Final Selection is NOT a chase, but a The ONLY Single Selection
worthy of being the Lore. Based on the combined success of the Legacy and the 
Legends Chase, this Selection is the Highest Released by thebDCN. 
So much to the point that this year the Lore will be Publicly Monitored for ALL
to see after the game. There could not be more enthusiasm for this as you will
be able to watch as these continue to rack up the $$$$$$$. 
Predicted Outcome: (21-5) 
There are Many things about to happen in the forum at the end of this month going into the next month. Systems, selections, and New Areas to Communicate!
MLB is Just around the corner, and we Will be Ready!

But First, let us go through the Strong Points of the forum. In case you missed them:
Become a Member to Access All Areas!!!

A3 - (209-4) +69 Units {-35 Units/Loss}
NHL 1st Goal Un 10 Min - (104-0) +104 Units
2x2 - (205-0)/(16-0)/(13-0) - +234 Units

Strong Point Total - +307 Units

ALL in the forum Free.

Thank you to the guys making this happen. If you have the time to contribute to a Wininng System, let me know and I'll hook you up. And you'll get my paid selections for FREE!

The 2nd of *10* Star Lost yesterday with the LA Clippers. There are Still 8 of The 10 to go. There are still Yet to be 2 Losses in a Row in Recorded Losses Over the L5 years.(Lost the last game) The Next Selection is Tuesday, February 28. 
Do Not Miss This Selection If You NEED A Winner. After a (1-1) record this year, the overall record is (39-13)/75%. But I'm telling you it gets better...

Get this Selection for $10 at: 

And if it Looses, you get the rest of the *10* Star Selections for FREE! But it won't happen.

The Top 5 Report


North Carolina

The bDark Room Google Doc has been updated. Check it out with all the updates, ASAP

FYI - the *300* Star Will be Forum Ready, Soon.



{The 75% 3rd of *10* Goes Tomorrow; Contact Me Today To Get This Winner!!!} []
The *100* Star Selection goes 7/10.


The CodeX - (07/03 - 07/30)

Email : 'CodeX' to receive updates



The bDundeon and the bDark Room are Still in full swing with more winners than ever!

The Legacy and Legends Chases finished (102-0) as the Undefeated backdrop to the start of the MLB Season. Now that they've ended, we have New and Undefeated Systems on deck.
After the end of the First half of the bDark Room, we finish Strong with our Solid Four System Chases: The M7 Unders, the Juggernaut, the back Down, and the 40 Knights. Currently a Combined (20-0) with most of these chases ending in the 1st game...
The Underrated Systems

These Systems are doing Well in the forum and are worth checking out if you have seen them yet:

1T1R - (19-0)
The DC - (24-0)
The 2x2 - (33-0)
baseball Dogs {Alternate} - (85-0)

The Undefeated bDelta Sheet Chase Of The Week goes [link from unapproved source]. And this selection is also a *50* Star Selection going at [link from unapproved source] est. Up now in the forum in the Mercy area.

Some have tried to join the bD Live Betting Network with no success. This may be from either side, but this has worked for others:

1) Download the twitter app or sign in to twitter online. (You have to create an account if you don't have one}

2) In the search bar, locate @thebDLBN

3) Click on add

4) You will then be added. Live betting for all of us to enjoy!

The One and Only *100* Star Selection goes July 10th. This Selection is based on 1st half MLB Season numbers. It provides One Very Solid Super Situation coming on the last day before the All-star Break - (14-0) since 2002.
If you currently get the bDark Room, you will get this Selection.
If you do not, there's 2 ways to get this selection:

1) Contact me before this date to get this selection Only.
2) Contact me and get this selection and the bD Codex. {7/10 - 19/10} Once the bDark Room ends on 07/07, there will be an entirely new set of systems and Selections found here.

Thank you all for your support as we continue to collectively earn and take money from 'Your Man'...


The Top 5 Report 

Boston ml
Pittsburgh rl
NYM ml
Colorado rl
LAA ml

The Undefeated bDelta Sheet Chase Of The Week goes tonight, up now in the forum. After going to the Final game of the Chase over a month, all chases after have won in the first 2 games. Don't miss out on a Great and Proven way to pick up some units in the next day or so.

There's also the Final Challenge of the Month in the form of a *50* Star Selection {(20-8) this year} going later tonight. If you get the bDark Room, you're going to receive this selection  shortly.
But if you don't want to miss this opportunity to pick up this Solid winner, email me with '*50* Star Selection' in the subject box and we'll go from there. The offer to get this selection requires NO upfront investment. Contact me when you're ready. Game time is 8:00PM est.
Get the selection, make BIG profits, have a nice day...



The Legacy begins...

The Legacy Chase is (1-0) to begin the season with KC as an Opening Night Underdog.

Don't miss the Strongest Chases this MLB Season.

Contact me and get involved today!

*50* Star Selections - (3-1) 
*40* Star Selections - (3-1) 
*30* Star Selections - (42-13) 

The bDark Room will be back (04-04) - (07-07) 

2 *75* Star Selections - (9-3) Last 6 Years {1 per half} 
1 *100* Star Selections - (6-0) Last 6 Years {1 per year} 

Also includes: 

The Legacy 
The Legends 

Straight and Chase Selections For The First Half Of The Season Starting Day forum

$100 For The Opening Of The Season. The *50*/*40* Stars at (6-2) will be Exclusively in the bDark Room. 
The Legacy and the Legends Chases are: 

The Legacy: (42-0) L3Y 
The Legends: (64-0) L3Y 

The *30* Star Selection's are ALWAYS for FREE. 
But if you want the BEST, you have to make a decision. 
Do you want the what you've had, or do you want to join the source that also has the Greatest Single Chase Available Anywhere; the bDelta Sheet Chase Of The Week! 

Undefeated For Years! Never A Loss! Ever! But whatever... 

You can find that by going to "the bDungeon" from Google Search. And get the Plays for FREE! 
You can also get the *30* Star Selections by signing up in the forum.

Join today!!!
Temple Over Houston

Go to:

And check out the bDungeon Conversation Room for our Back To The Future Breakdown - FREE



March Madness & Chase Champion
bDnews created a topic the bDark Room
in Website Promotions
Friday The 13th...

Hello and welcome to all!!! Thank you to all of the contributors and followers of everything we're doing. It's been a good and profitable road thus far, but we can do better. Unlike every other capper on the web, this isn't all about money. It's about us collectively making money, but more than that working together for a common goal; beating the man.

With that said, the bDark Room will be reset from the dates of 02/14/15 to 07/14/15. That means that anyone that would like to continue to receive this valuable information moving forward will get:


M7 Star Selections

the blue Diamond (once a month) (44-16) over the last 60 months

This will be the BIGGEST bD season  EVER....

So now this it what it takes to get involved:

1) $150 Contribution per month for 5 months
2) $500 Contribution for all 5 months (save $100 because that saves on resources long term)

And this is the BIG one:
3) $100 for my personal NBA All Star Game NEVER LOSE Selection - You get this, and you win. And when you do, you can apply that to either 1 or 2.  If you don't, I will GIVE you 02/14 - 07/14 for FREE. EVERYTHING....

I'm putting my money where my mouth is, as you should. If you're a TRUE gambling investor, this is a WIN/WIN.

If you're ready to continue receiving the BEST Chasing and Wagering Information on the WEB and take the CHALLENGE, then email "CHALLENGE" with your name to:

The Winning and Earnings begins NOW!!!

And just for reading this, here's how you can get some start up cash:

*****Kent St 1st2nd Half ATS Chase*****

(FYI - This will be LIMITED to the First 100 Investors that respond)

I've been here since 1997 and am still here. If you want to be a part of this, don't delay!

This is what I'm bringing to the table. If you see a better value, GO FOR IT. But if not, the clock is ticking...


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