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Quote Originally Posted by 69_Amazin_Mets:

I would rather keep the money in the USA .......Local...Vegas

I am against outsourcing American jobs.

Aren't you libs always screaming about outsourcing

Now you're just being a dick.

Ignore him.
It's because he uses a local.

It's because he wants to protect the children.

It's because he believes a side effect of Internet gambling is abortion.

That it's outsourced.

That it funded Saddam Hussein's quest to tear down the WTC.

Archive me.  Immediately.
Quote Originally Posted by vanzack:

Last time I tapped my foot I was in the bathroom at LAX.

Some very strange things happened afterwards.

So does that mean you've been converted?
Titan65 replied to Tortillas..
in General Discussion
Why did you wink?
Titan65 replied to Tortillas..
in General Discussion
Only problem with corn tortillas is they don't taste as satisfying if not dipping in oil.
I'm sorry, but what is this sports radio you speak of?

In Colorado, we don't have it.

See, because we all know everything you do and have on the East Coast is so important that we don't even try to do anything.  Why waste our energy?

All hail at the alter of Mad Dog.
Titan65 replied to Tortillas..
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Eat corn tortillas.

Flour tortillas are bleached.

You want to know why?

Because bleach is a mind control agent.
But what if you discover Osama is an alright chap?

He is very convincing.
I know people think this question is interesting, but chances are, whoever you pick will wind up letting you down.  By the end of the night you'd probably want to cave their face in.

Also, you'd only get one night.  What if you really liked the person?  Maybe you're straight, but your dormant gay gene is activated by, I don't know, Ronald Reagan.  What happens when you can't help yourself and try to fuck Ronald Reagan?

And say Ronald lets you fuck him.  And after he walks you home from the bar and makes the long, lonely trek down the street, you see him fade away in the distance of the moon-soaked night, what then?  How would you deal with the heartbreak knowing that never again will you get to experience climax with the most overrated president ever?

It's a loaded question, gentlemen. 

Tread softly.
Yeah, but Ed McMahon has done more for America than half of all the people who are having their house foreclosed.

You go, Ed.
Nowhere on that list did I see "dick."

I call this article bullshit.
[link from unapproved source]

As an upstanding member of this community, I demand swift justice.
Dave Grohl was sick for the Denver show a few mondays ago.

I was bitter all week.

Now I have to wait until the eighth of September.
Titan65 replied to Thriving ivory
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Titan65 replied to Thriving ivory
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Quote Originally Posted by The Giant:

Funny thing is, yesterday I got an e-mail from someone, who will remain anonymous, asking if Titan and I hated each other.

I told him this was our form of foreplay.

I love me some T65.

Nope, sorry.  I hate you.

No need to make nice now since I just destroyed you. 

I accept your defeat.
Titan65 replied to Thriving ivory
in Music
Shut up, Paulsy.
Titan65 replied to Thriving ivory
in Music
Hi Paulsy I'm The Giant.  I started off riding Titan65's coat tails making fun of all the same people that Titan65 made fun of.  Now, I try to make friends with all of Titan65's least favorite posters so that I can be contrarian to Titan65.  I don't use mouthwash.  I gargle with my mother's piss.  Want to sit on my face?
Porn > Race.
Titan65 replied to Thriving ivory
in Music
Or in your case, a really fast Huffy.

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