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Lets be honest, if 5-6 is the dumpster ok with that, I have done ALOT worse on my own in a bad day !!! Keep

up the good work !!


Nice !!! Good luck to us !!


Quote Originally Posted by smacksmiter:

Just to clarify...Baltimore/NYY are playing a doubleheader...I didn't list game 1 and game 2 separately but the system will be taking both games...So add one more game to the system plays...Baltimore/NYY Game personal faves for today...Toronto/S.F. OVER is this line not 9 or 10??Washington RL +134Houston/Detroit OVER 10...EVEN...Astros can cover this number alone..Texas/K.C. OVER 9.5 .. +105T.B. Devil Rays RL -1.5 EVEN...Miami is just so bad...

If you like Houston to get 10 runs themselves towards the over, how can you not LOVE Houston as a personal favorite ??

Love your plays today BTW !!! Good Luck !!


This formula seems to produce the exact plays as Sacs run differentials ? Is this a coincidence or is it just alot easier to compare run differentials ??


Quote Originally Posted by tatao:

Okay what I do when I am down is I'm going to limit the plays  I'm going to play One play only and I will double down on it. This will be my best pick on the rest of the card

What you do when your down is keep betting more and more units (called chasing) until you actually hit one and then tell people you are PLUS UNITS, HOWEVER, most people would either be 1) Broke as hell following you, or 2) not able to afford the huge increase in betting while you chase a win. You bet with invisible units, WE BET WITH MONEY !!!! HUGE DIFFERENCE. 

Go check his college basketball thread where he chased up to over 100,000 ***** bets to try and get even.


Quote Originally Posted by tatao:

Quote Originally Posted by ayashifx55:

this is looking good, everyone is on NYM. I hate it when everyone is on the same side sometimes 
Well my play is 1st five ONLY  I would not trust the phillys for the whole game

Why wouldnt you trust them for the whole game ??? They have a better ERA, better relief pitching and better earned runs against average ??? You make zero sense  once again......its ok, just like college basketall, just keep raising your bets and chasing til you get even !!! You lost over 200k in a few days didnt you ????

cazzz29 replied to Nba Wednesday
in NBA Betting

Under 1q not even close....

cazzz29 replied to Sunday 7-1 start
in MLB Betting

tampa/houston ????


cazzz29 replied to Tom11x Picks
in College Basketball

you bet Depaul over in 1h and then parlayed the under ??????


We are down 80k !!!! But dont worry this 250000*******play will get us even !!!!!!


Quote Originally Posted by notaprojust4fun:

omg we hit it!!! holy $hit 7gs! 1st i want to thank god, then my mom for everything she has done for me, then my dad for teaching me how to fish so i never go hungry when i lose a parlay, and maybe donald trump for teaching me how to pay less taxes or not at all. donald just jking. and for kate upton for always giving me great dreams! thank u thank u all! "notaprojustforfun......out!"

You are hilarious!!!! Funny stuff man. Good job


Quote Originally Posted by Capodecina:

Quote Originally Posted by tatao:

Actually big move here we are now adding 40 more units   to the Clemson play making it 80 unitsCLEMSON ML - 220  80********************8000 to win  3636Big play here get on a gentleman

I said it last week, he can be 14 -8 and still be down big money. Hes a chaser and you cant bet big ML spreads like that. This guy will make you broke.


Quote Originally Posted by tatao:

118 - 94 - 6    FINAL REGULAR SEASON RECORD+41 UNITS OR $4100.00  FOR REGULAR SEASONGood morning gentlemen for those of you who do not know me I am a 70 year old retired corporate lawyer and   have my very good friend who is 75 years old who gives memyplays  this is truly a hobby  for me and enjoy doing it I always want everyone to win add like always respect your criticisms and comments now let's  tear this tournament apart

Plus 41 units ???? What haopened to all the 60**** plays you lost ? Wheres the juice losses ?????


Please ban this joker, hes lost so much money it isnt even funny, maybe his bookie doesnt charge juice ??


Start listing $$$ amounts and a line, and we will  see how much you REALLY win...


your gonna lose a 40***** whatever that means, you can be 9-3 today and still be down money. Your record is irrelevant


you will be 2-1 and minus big money for the day so far


when you lay almost 2-1 on tennessee at 20******, you just lost your last 5 winners..........betting money lines is not the best idea with that  big  juice.


Quote Originally Posted by LVTruck:

Quote Originally Posted by KC_4_LIFE:

Why are you so confident is butler? They’re garbage
I hear ya, sometimes ya gotta kiss the ugly ones......


True Story......


I looked around and found no where saying anyone was sitting out ? where did you see this ?


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