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Quote Originally Posted by BWS77:

scal hit 70% in 2015.
The Kansas City Royals won the World Series in 2015.

Does either matter in June of 2019?

For all the mortgages I helped half and likely pay off in full in 2015? 

Yeah, that sorta matters in June of 2019 when that same guy is sun-bathing on the white sands of Bora Bora because of me, living his best life because of my capping . 
Quote Originally Posted by LeagueCapper:

Seriously Scal? I posted on this forum for 8 years just to gain a following, really? I thought you were better than that. I don’t need to stick around and post my plays for trolls to bash in my thread for an entire season again. I don’t care for it. Please quit embarrassing yourself by thinking I’m leaving because I need the money -

Then tell us what you are leaving for? 

Why would the whales care if you posted your picks? No one knows who you are or who the whales are and never will. It's just an avatar and a handle. You live your life in anonymity posting in one digital sphere and work with the whales in the other (something you could have done without telling anyone, and you could have kept posting).

The negativity? Give me a break. Negativity has been the centerpiece of Covers and Wagerline forever. I had more insults thrown at me in my 660 post Redskins Giants thread than you have in your entire posting tenure. You just come back at these morons with double the firepower and they wither like earthworms on pavement after a downpour.

You are getting paid something to provide picks to someone who ultimately will sell those picks to buyers,


You are getting paid directly from this group. 

That is a tout through and through. Period. 

That is shameful. 

Let's just be upfront: You NEVER posted the NBA picks like you did this year. You posted more NBA picks THIS YEAR, than I've posted in TWO DECADES.

Why? It's because you were massaging the following you were building or testing the waters/trying to impress this whale group that is paying you a handsome sum of money (it better be handsome if you made 210K and someone made you an offer that impressed you enough to work for them).

All I know is this: I have a job. I make money. I don't need to get paid for my posts and never will. I would never get into a position where I needed to make money by selling picks to anyone...ever. That is why I post for free and always have. With write-ups that not only inform, but educate and inspire.

And you were regarded as one of the last remaining cappers (like myself) who would never go tout and a poster could just sign onto covers and look you up for a quick pick. An old reliable. Now you are selling out to some whale faction in the shadowy outposts of Vegas.

Thankfully, I'll still be here to give the masses what they want. Because that is who I am. Always giving. And never receiving a dime.

Because I care. 

Because I want the Average Joe to beat the House.

Because I'm a stand up guy even though when I lose 30% of the time, and still get shi* on.

Anyhow, I have no idea how much kickback you are giving to the mods from this venture but it must be a pretty penny because your admission to go tout in this thread is a direct violation of Covers Standards, the mortal sin of those standards in fact.

As it is a direct violation of the dignity of capping to wave a hanky at LC as he goes tout (and admits it to your face!). What the hell is wrong with you morons?

Everyone's gone off their rocker. This entire thread is like an alternate universe. I will not wave a hanky. That's for sure. 

When this whale venture goes belly up, we're not taking you back. I won't allow. Not after this farce of an exit.

And what ya hit a capping rough patch, feel free to sign on and look up my pick for the night. That I can't stop you from doing and it's a prudent course of action for a capper in a pickle. 


Signing OFF

Quote Originally Posted by theclaw:

I will give you credit Scal for some of the best one liners I've ever seen do come up with some beauties.

greatest acheivement is length of his fart noise, funny stuff , I think you should be a comedian not a capper.

I still remember the one something along the lines of a guy fishing around in trash cans for a thrown away winning ticket for taxi money home or some such thing.

Those great write-ups you  do were all great sounding write-ups but the problem was a good number of them your info was incorrect based on history, you were doing the opposite of what history should of taught you, you assumed things work a certain way.... they did not work that way in reality but  you never bother  to look any of it up.

I did point out some of those times in your threads And all of a sudden your angry because I try to help you pointing out a flaw in your thinking.

Unfortunately a big write-up filled with those 1 liners might draw attention and sound good but one liners  don't produce winners.

You'd be a hell of a comedian though.................

I've never claimed to be perfect Claw.

When you hit 70% for an entire year, you're wrong 30% of the time. 

But not just 70% of the time, it came with a hell of a lot more: the gargantuan write-up so thick and juicy with content, I'd even have Sir Mix a Troll singing "Baby got cap".

You had questions? I had answers. You had a rebuttal, I had a defense for that rebuttal. You wanted to be a troll? I put your name in lights and made you....a stahhhhhh.

My Redskins vs. Giants thread had 660 posts before every troll was sent packing.

Now let's look at LC, the tout getting (amazingly) LAUDED for his 'capping'. Here's a sample of that in-depth analysis on full display:

"The series ends tonight. Tor +135 (5x)"

There's some link in his post that I won't click on because I'm afraid it might be from Pornhub with a virus.

That's it. 5 units on a road game ML against the arena closing angle and worse, an end of dynasty angle. One sentence that's a little more than a fragment mumbled in a drunken stupor....for 5 units....on a road ML...

And lo and behold, the Warriors still had a chance to win in the final seconds after making a comeback in as*-out hospital gowns, holding their own bedpans because of multiple catastrophic injuries, and what does LC do? 

Comes back to double down on his original cap (a cap that was 4 words), doubles down on the series bet (even though 2 of the three best players on the team ended up like Paul Sheldon in Misery after Annie Wilkes took a sledge hammer to their lower appendages).

And then conveniently announces he's going tout. To his feet...

And then I read post #435 and I find out he didn't leave when the unit total wasn't up to par, lo and behold, going nice and heavy not once but TWICE after saying the LOADED unit total in the OP was his final post. Interesting. The plot thickens.

And all the while, amazingly, the mods STILL have this thread in the main forum, letting it serve as an advertisement for the #1 rule they've always banned people for violating: using their message board for personal gain to create a following and go tout.

Sinatra had a great song circa 1973 which perfectly encapsulates this entire thread:

It's called "Send in the Clowns" and the last few lines go like this:

Don't you love a farce? (LC's NBA posting charade)
My fault I fear...
I thought that you'd want what I want (top notch write-ups for FREE)
Sorry my dear...(Ok I guess you want to PAY for picks. LOL)

But where are the Clowns...
Send in the Clowns...

Don't bother...they're here (1) the boot-licking lemming bandwagon CONGRATULATING LC for charging for picks in the future and using them to do so as ginny pigs, 2) the mods for allowing free tout advertising breaking the golden posting violation, but further, moving this thread from the PB to the mains at his REQUEST (stunning...truly), and of course, the guest of honor, LC himself with the JC Penny model avatar where a pair of $5.99 Hanes Her Way specials...)


Signing off...
Quote Originally Posted by BWS77:

Just shut up already.   Worry about your own picks.   You've got a hard on for LC because you got boxed for interfering in his thread when he was getting too much attention for your liking.  
You told him to stop posting FOR FREE.  Maybe he just took your advice  

I do worry about my own picks. The problem is he'll be selling his now.

And at one time people cared. Mods even cared.

Now you and others here are actually congratulating him for using covers as a springboard to start a business, which is, the NUMBER ONE RULE you shouldn't violate when posting here both for the site (which the mods not only ignore with this thread but they are clearly in on this touting venture), but the members actually POLICE touts here...

But no more...

Now some here are DM'ing him ADVOCATING for touting.

It's incredible!

And I'll still be here posting for free, with write-ups and being told I'm villain and depraved for seeking ATTENTION (again, from men who's biggest talent is scratching their balls, yes that makes sense).

I have no idea what's going on but I know it's not April Fool's.

Just incredible.

There was a day when touting was SHAMED.

Now it's lauded.

For SHAME. All of you. Every single one of you. You are pathetic. Mods at the top of the list of that patheticness, then BWS, then you rest of you lemming boot-licking lackeys.

Jesus Christ. What an embarrassment to the capping world this thread and site has become.
28,195 posts.

Not a single pick ever sold.

Not a single dollar ever taken.

STILL posting for what will be almost two DECADES with Wagerline posting years included .

What do you get for it? 

Scal’s a whiner!

Get out of here Scal, you’re an attention ***** (as though you make money off attention from belching men who’s greatest achievement is the length of their fart noise).

70% in 2015

65% over 2015 - 2016

Blood sweat tears and posts that would make Shakespeare cry.

What do you get? 

Get out of here! You changed your record! You’re RACIST!


Sometimes I’d go in his threads titled, for example ***Browns vs Jets*** and he’d take the Jets 3x for which he’d have at most a paragraph or two explanation, then he’d have half a dozen other bets with significant unit totals!

Raiders +7 3x
Dolphins Under 24 1x
Niners +200 2x
Bills +3.5 7x

I’m serious! 

So while he had the premiere play of the Jets at 3x, if he won that, the lemmings would say “Great job LC!” even if he bottomed out on the others.


He’d lost the Jets pick but then hit the BILLS pick and the LC lemmings would be there to say “Yeah well he hit his biggest unit pick and he’s UP on the day.” Making sure to rebuff even the slightest criticism. 

Why? I have no idea. He never really engaged with anyone like BegginerBoy and I do here.

So it was all a weekly bait and switch. It’s a masterclass in “Sammy the Pizza Man” switcharoo posting (if you have been around that long to have seen him post.)

But the fawning sycophants would still bend the knee on a weekly basis.

But here’s the best part:

He’d have Jets 3x but for the Bills 7x and he wouldn’t provide a SINGLE POST of explanation of a play that was nearly 2.5x of the play with the thread title!

Huh? I’ve written up TWENTY posts on ONE PLAY (Golden State Game 1 two years ago) and HIT. TWENTY POSTS for a single play. And because I only go by WL record, it was for a single unit!

LC 7X on ONE PLAY in a thread with twenty five units being wagered and nary an eyelash is batted when he doesn’t provide a single word of explanation for it while explaining a 3 unit pick?!

This is a DISGRACE. Through all his equivocating in his post above, he’s going TOUT and worse:

1) Getting patted on the back on the way out when he should be getting pelted with beer bottles while the goons ask him for his PayPal account address, ready to fling money out of a car window going 90 mph.

And even WORSE:

The Mods, by putting this thread BACK in the main forums, and letting it STAY here means they must be in cahoots with this tout venture, which raises all kinds of questions as to why they are mods!? Their credibility is shot folks.



One things for sure, I’ll go another 28,195 and STILL be here loud and proud! For FREE!!! As always.


Signing off

What a world of capping decadence we live in.

When I made my first post, going tout was as bad as being a witch in Salem in the 1600’s.

But at Post #28,193? :

1) Good luck brother!

2) Good shi* LC! Scal’s (the guy who has and always will post free picks, with :::cough cough::: 70% success in 2015), a WHINER!!!

And my favorite:

3) LC’s future tout endeavor is...capitalism at its finest!


Shows you where all the modern day gambling heads are at. Bobbing or on a swivel. Who ever would pay for a capped pick...?

One poster here proudly has the audacity to proclaim his Megalocks $199 tout package, as though purchasing such a hideous thing is too be admired!

LC came back to speak on the game and still no update or clarification on his last post.

The claims of him leaving have been so outrageous, fawning sycophants here would have you believe he’s about to pass away on Everest’s peak while posting remotely.

To quote Simon and Garfunkle, the Sound of Silence...speaks volumes.

And this doesn’t even BEGIN to address the fact the mods moved this from the PB back to the main forum (something they wouldn’t do for me in a BILLION lifetime), that is, they would be knowingly advocating for a poster’s tout venture while simultaneously banning them in the Covers Help section.

What a tangled web we weave.

This is getting dirtier by the minute.

One things for sure, Scalabrine is going NOWHERE until he gets an answer!

It’s not a matter of being a “baby”

It’s the site’s cardinal sin (garnering a devoted following to cash in on after leaving). 

Ask Megalocks and Summa about it. They wrote some of the book on it.

Quote Originally Posted by LeagueCapper:

This series ends tonight.
  1. Raptors +135 (5x) gm 6

Quote Originally Posted by BallingLikeNE:

BB & Scal - arena closing angle game 6?

Wow wow wow. EXCELLENT POINT!!!!!!!!

I REALLY have to double down on this pick has to be Golden State. Can’t fade this angle given its rarity and impact. Thank you Balling. That’s how out of the loop I was!

And BB you didn’t watch a crucial end of dynasty game that had it all????????? Shame shame shame!!!
Quote Originally Posted by RainDrop77:

Scal really isn’t that wrong in this thread as some of you guys are trying to make it seem. He’s actually one of the people LC knew and respected for a while and vice versa, I’m sure he knows what he’s talking about and I’m pretty sure LC is going tout. I would be pretty pissed if I’ve spent several successful years on this forum and had someone support me through it, only to find out that they are going tout after everything. Think about it. The only issue is if LC doesn’t really go tout, I will never want to hear or see anything regarding Scal from there on out haha

Thank you Rain.

And the saga continues doesn’t it...

We all know LC is reading and monitoring every solitary word in this thread as a litmus test for going tout.

He may not. Maybe this thread will get him to say “Now’s not the time. Scalabrine is clearly onto me and exposing me. Another NFL season or two or three of posting for free to let the smoke clear and then I’ll reconsider the tout route.”

One thing is for sure: Like Woodward and Bernstein outing Tricky person and his political operative lackeys, Scal will find your sin out.



(Pours wine on his avatar)

Quote Originally Posted by StumpTownStu:

This thread won't die.

Blame the OP

Quote Originally Posted by kvs23:

100% BWS is correct here.

30 units in 1 pick - so you could win 1 billion units in 1 pick.

His ROI is roughly 7-8% if he is +30 on 300 picks - actually maybe slightly higher.
- that is AMAZING
- I know good syndicates that have crazy volume (to disguise plays) that do ROI's of 0.75-1.50% so an ROI of 7ish% (if that's what LC's is - I am too lazy to calculate exactly but eye-balling the math) - is probably among a top 1% success rate.

Scal - your qualitative insights are legit (I like them) - but your math skills are lacking / way off (same as when you made Polk WS bet b/c you thought odds were right on him at 1k to 1 or whatever price you got lol).

Good luck all.

True win percentage is W-L record, one of the reasons I never used units before this year (and only started using them because of harassment), so you could hold my feet to the fire with the true capping standard, win PERCENTAGE.

And the opportunity cost of what you could be doing with your life in terms of money making and personal advancement instead of aggressively capping 300 games?

300 games...300? To win $3,000? $3,000? I’ve played hands in poker where I’ve won $3K.

If you REALLY capped 300 games like I do (such granular capping it goes right down to telling you how much dirt is under the nails of a an NFL linemen), you would have no life.

Which is why I have about 300 posted plays in my ENTIRE posting tenure on covers or thereabouts. But when I post, people listen, because they get the goods.

Think of all the sunsets he’s missed.

The career goals he could have met.

The women he could have romanced.

The intellectual pursuits he lost out on.

The muscle he could have built.

I miss out on NONE of that and still come here and cap away...for free.

That’s how I know he’s going tout. No one locks themselves in an unlit attic burning the midnight oil to cap 300 games for free...without getting something in return...that is, a following to go tout.

You’ll see. (and Polk was a good bet. I’ve endlessly explained that to you.).
Quote Originally Posted by Prop_Source:

What if he's got cancer and is saying goodbye? Who knows. The reasons for leaving could be almost anything. 

I dont get why some of you (Scalabrine) just jump to your own conclusions for his reasoning (going tout) even though LC has said previously he will never go tout.  

He deserves to be given the benefit of the doubt. Everybody who's been on this forum for 5+ years and doesn't engage in negative banter deserves that at the very least.

Oh Jesus Christ...

This reminds me of Ferris Bueller’s Day off where the entire student body was convinced he had cancer while he danced on a float in a parade after playing hookey for one day

Quote Originally Posted by BWS77:

+30 units is hardly "Mendoza Line"

You could win 30 units in one pick.

In nearly 300 HUNDRED picks, it’s Mendoza line.

(And that’s being kind).
OKC Spurs GAME 6 2016 that is
Interesting conversations in this thread. Enjoyable read.

My opinion is this:

If the Raptors close them out here it will have to be just like OKC over the Spurs in Game 6: 55-31 at the half (i.e., the game is over by halftime). If it is neck and neck, GS just has too much available and is too time-tested to lose this one. Which means this goes 7. We'll see. The halftime score will say it all.
Let’s note something, he hasn’t POSTED consistently for 8 years nor has he been successful for 8 years.

So he’s striking while the iron is hot, per se.

It’s not an “8 year business plan.”

Megalocks and Oddsbuster and IndianCowboy most certainly never had the intention of becoming touts. But the opportunity presented itself.

I’ve had the opportunity. I’ve passed. Several times.
Quote Originally Posted by Prop_Source:


I was speaking in general actually in regards to your statement that paying anyone for picks is "looney".

I dont know if LC is going tout or not and neither do you so stop acting like you know his intentions. Speaking on it a waste of time as LC has never in all these years ever gave that impression anyways.

If he touts, I dont care. If he doesnt tout, I dont care. Neither should you

That statement is the height of all capping irony.

Neither should I care???? Excuse me???

The ONLY thing that matters on a message board, if you post plays, is:

1) If you win, people will follow, and your reward is their thanks. That's it. You share your plays and you lose, you'll be defamed. If you win, you'll be thanked by a nameless faceless mass. There's honor in that in that there's no monetary reward but simply anonymous adulation which is worth, basically nothing.

2) If you win, you do NOT use this message board as a spring board to build up a client base to go tout.

Those have been the two posting dictums since Wagerline.

Again, I have more corroborating evidence. Sometimes life or death in a court depends on corroborating evidence. There is and almost never will be a smoking gun. So corroborating evidence we will use to get to the truth.

I am a CFB, NFL, NBA and CBB and exotics capper and that's it.

I started SOLELY as an NBA capper on Wagerline. 

 I cap the NBA no more (because the game has changed DRASTICALLY with the embracing of 3 point line and my results capping the NBA have suffered because of it, so I've moved to the grass and turf of the NFL and CFB) but I do read the threads in the NBA forum and I will say this definitively:

In all the years I've been on this site, in the NBA forum, LC was either:

1) COMPLETELY nonexistent;

2) Dropped in on a ultra-rare basis for a pick here and there, like any other non-consistent poster without a presence there.

Now, right before the NFL season is coming (his bread and butter), he posts....wait for it....

....wait for it some more....


All completely out of the blue! What a SURPRISE!

That's a win-win for a prospective tout. Why?

Cap well and people will be even MORE interested in your forthcoming NFL picks.

Cap at the Mendoza line, like he did, and you have gotten MASSIVE exposure for the next several months leading up to football. You did't 'lose' per se, but the free advertising is priceless.

Win-Win folks.

This guy is playing you all like a fiddle so hard, I can hear the aluminum strings snap as you reach for your debit card to buy his picks.
Quote Originally Posted by Prop_Source:

If someone is willing to put in the large amount of hours it takes to handicap properly, is consistently profitable and I can fully trust in their decision making, I would be glad to pay for their services.

The amount of time and headache it would save me would be invaluable.

A guy with ten whole posts is advocating to buy a tout's picks, for a guy we don't even know is tout yet.

My god.

Some things never change.

It's called 'corroborating evidence' guys.

It's all here:

1) I'm leaving but I can't tell you why...yet...

2) The slow burn with the Terminator-esque "I'll be back" to give you the reason I'm leaving, making Mr. 10 posts so hot and bothered, he's ready to whip out his credit card to buy picks like its a six-shooter;

3) The back and forth in the thread while LC stays on the sidelines and reads every word of this (you really don't think he's not reading every solitary word of this do you?);

4) The nothing, newbie, no name posters coming in the thread foaming at the mouth to pay for picks, centering everyone's focus back to the point of all this...

LC is using us all as a test run. Don't say you are going tout but simply IMPLY it. See what kind of excitement/backlash it generates.

Good enough response? Tout it is and he announces it after the Finals ends.

Rebellion and banishment screamed from the majority? "Guys I'm not leaving. LC is BACK! But really, I never left!"

See how this works?

He's playing everyone here (except me and one or two others) like a fiddler on a hot tin roof with no shoes on.

And you all are dancing like Bill Bojangles while LC blows into an oversized jug and scrapes a stick up and down across a washboard from behind the barn.

Stump - LOL!

Ken - He’s a system capper. A system is what I call “black box capping” (ie, lots of datamining and programs and excel spreadsheets which spits out a pick). You aren’t actually making a pick, you trust the “system.”

Granted there are some picks where he will put in his two cents and those I’ll give a read but otherwise it is trend-based and system based.

I cap on the opposite end of the spectrum with copious write-ups, involved conversations and debates in the thread, serving as a headmaster of the thread’s content, and psychological aspects of the player’s mindsets intertwined in all this.

No one else caps like this except BeginnerBoy, one of the only capper’s I read.

It won’t always win, but dag nabbit, more often then not, it’s put a stack of flapjacks on my plate up to my nose over the years. And it’s brought home the bacon on each side. As high as stacks of poker chips on the felt.

70% in 2015. 

All picks written up so meticulously that Biblical scribes would quiver at the amount of content.

I’ve yet to see someone seriously approach that percentage over a full year of capping.

But I digress. Sorry for tooting my own horn here.

I’ll never sell a pick and LC still has to come back and tell us what the hell is going on here...
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