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6-5 YTD Record

I want to be brief and concise in this post:

This is a rivalry game that the Giants, no matter how bad you think they are, no matter how old and inept you think Eli is, no matter that ODB is long gone, come to play for.

They will play and they will play hard. There is no if, ands or buts about it.

The Giants were ATROCIOUS last year, suffering through one of the most embarrassing season’s in franchise history, and true to form played the Cowboys tough in week 2 in a 13-20 loss and lost on the final play 35-36 on one of the best catches (and throws) you’ll ever see in the back of the end zone in week 17. While they covered neither, you can see a 7.5 pt spread in those games gets you there. You have it here.

And on that fact ALONE, 7.5 is too high a spread to lay to them against Dallas of ALL teams. That extra half is ULTRA juicy and will disappear in September.


If you choose not to believe me or think it’s too soon to put in a Play of the Year in Week 1 (I am making this bet the DAY the lines came out for Week 1 for a reason) you will get a number that is worse later OR will ultimately end up not profiting because of all your anxiety about putting in a bet this early.

I have a lifetime of watching the Giants and Cowboys. While you were soiling your Huggies I was capping this rivalry.

Listen to people who know their team and are GIFTING you extra money regardless of your fears:

GIANTS +7.5 Over Cowboys
  • After hosting the Kansas City Chiefs on September 15, the Raiders won’t play another game at the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum until November 3. That’s right, they’ll go six weeks between true “home” tilts.

Raiders have the toughest schedule in the NFL this season, based on opponents win percentage in 2018.

Redskins have the easiest. 

But then you take a closer look: 

Raiders - 0.539, 8.6 wins

Redskins - 0.469, 7.5 wins

Quote Originally Posted by packersbackers:

Locked in:

Harden to win MVP +150

Pure hedge on the amount spent on Giannis wagers...i dont like how the media are spinning Hardens offensive #s this past week despite his team losing...that 61pt effort will be fresh in the voters minds  angry

Wow. Ok. 

AND for the record, the Raps did it all with Leonard’s “load management” schedule (only 57 games played).

Articles have been written on getting “FULL Leonard” in the playoffs where b2b’s are not an issue. Hence the Raps are better than their record and can have a leg up on the Bucks when Leonard puts it in 6th gear.
Papa you have any general commentary on Nunes vs. Holm??
Perfectly encapsulates why I stopped betting the NBA on a nightly basis
10 wins? I’ll book your action.


If one jumps out at me it’s UCF over under 10. I’d go under.

Bama 11 

Clemson 11 

UGA 10½ 

Oklahoma 10½ 

UCF 10 

Ohio State 10 

Wash 10

ND 9½ 

Texas 9½ 

Michigan 9½ 

Oregon 9½ 

Florida 9 

LSU 9 

Miami 8½ 

Boise 8½ 

USC 8½ 

Wazzou 8½ 

Wisconsin 8½

Penn St 8½

Miss St 8 

Auburn 8 

Texas A&M 7½

Drew Lock will be VERY interesting....he could completely bomb. Like a Hackenberg bomb.

I’d love to see who takes him.
will be no higher than 8? I can’t see the books opening this at 7.5 for such a public team.

With the Browns no longer pushovers, do we pound the under??? You can only plug these holes for so long with guys that “step up” week after week. Over the long-term that regresses and the team is what it is.

I honestly think the line should be reversed to +4 for the Lakers.
papa do you have a lean on Mickey Gall’s next fight? This Diego guy he’s fighting looks way over the hill.
Balling - I’m more about the futures market in the NBA now.

Night to night it is too much stress and aggravation. Not enjoyable. College market is much more stable.
Quote Originally Posted by smacksmiter:

Hate to say it but I have to agree...

This usually is the kiss of death so I will apologize in advance...

If you agree you did your homework.

The line is BEGGING you to take the typically public St John’s team. Was shocked to see 4.
3. Shamorie Ponds is a mess

St. John's fans know this: Their recent struggles (5-7 in their last 12 games after starting the season 12-0, losing their first to Seton Hall),
can be directly attributed to Shamorie Pond's downfall of late. 

That recent downfall is as follows:

Ponds, the Big East Preseason Player of the Year, has hit a major funk, averaging just 12.2 points, 3.5 assists and 1.2 steals over the past four games. The 6-foot-1 guard is shooting just 28.8 percent from the field in that stretch and hasn’t hit a 3-pointer in the past two games, the first time he has failed to convert from deep in consecutive games this year.

This should be the time of year Ponds is dropping 30 in all-important games, scoring late clutch baskets and he literally is playing his worst ball of the past two years, serving as a liability at the most crucial time. Again +4 when he's missing late shots is a good thing.

4. We are uncharacteristically fading the all-important Double Revenge Angle

Seton Hall won a controversial game earlier this year and an OT game in the final match-up last year.

While I love revenge angles, there's a time to jump on board and a time to leave this angle wavering in the wind. This time around we don't have to win in what is destined to be a back and forth game that goes to the wire, with 2 baskets in our back pocket, forcing St. John's to win by 5. That's too much.

This line also looks like the books are begging you to take the Johnnies in a revenge spot in a spread I though would be closer to 6.

That's more than enough to take the Hall here:

Seton Hall + 4 over St. John's 

3 units

2019 Record: 6-3 Up About +37 Units

This is just like the Indiana Purdue game with a similar spread but a better spot.

With Indiana, you don't know if they'll spit the bit and get crushed in a lifeless loss. I can promise you that will not happen with Seton Hall here.

The reasons to back the Hall are as follows:

1. Favorable Line

You cannot give points in this rivalry (of red-headed stepchild nature, Jersey's Seton Hall in the shadow of NYC's St. John's). 

Seton Hall played them tooth and nail in the last match-up and won by 2 on a three at the buzzer.

Prior to that, they won in OT Q MSG the year prior where the largest lead was 6 by SH, a game with 20+ lead changes.

Every point in valuable in such a match-up particularly when the stakes are this high.

2. How high are the stakes?

Not so high for St. John's as they are going dancing regardless. For Seton Hall, it's a near must win as they would have to go 3-0 in their final 3 games to be assured a tournament selection, assuming they don't win the conference tournament. The three left are all very challenging in Georgetown, Marquette and Villanova. 

If Seton Hall loses here they have a losing conference record and will have to make up a lot of ground to be smiled on by the committee. Win this game and build momentum for the home stretch. I say SH leaves it all out on the floor, kitchen sink throw included,  making +4 points VERY attractive.

2. Seton Hall loves playing @ MSG

2-1 SU in their last three at St. John's in MSG.

9-3 SU in their last 12 @ MSG including the thriller over Kentucky by one earlier this year.

This reminds me a bit of 2004 Pistons beatinmg the Shaq and Kobe Lakers a series I did call  as well as playing the Pistons to win the title at +1000 before the playoffs started.

don’t like this comparison.

That Laker team had Shaq and Kobe feuding, and they signed numerous over the hill players (Malone Horace Payton) to get them all a ring on the way out in a cake walk and they ran into a defensive stalwart.

I guess the feud is similar and could apply to Durant being on the outs with Green and company but it was nowhere near what Shaq and Kobe were doing.

Assuming this is a mild sprain and nothing more (a hopeful assumption at the moment)...

IMAGINE the offer Nike will offer Zion after they now have the optic of being responsible for his injury in the public’s eye.

Imagine the bargaining power Zion will have in that deal after this debacle.

Imagine the bidding war from other show companies (Puma) who will drive up the price now that Nike is vulnerable.

Funny how these things work. This shoe contract, already enormous, just went that much higher after this.
Quote Originally Posted by D00bies:

like this bet. clippers are some scrubs. wouldnt be surprised if they go on a losing streak.

Aaaaaaannd now BetOnline just yanked it from the site.

Must have been taking on too much action for an outstanding price to the buyer...

Well, hope ya got in guys!


Bk Geezer

Yes Geezer I saw that one too. Another good find. Ya just have to search high and low on BetOnline and OFTEN (because they pull bets all the time) and you find some real gems...
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