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Addition by subtraction getting rid of Headley. Gleyber will get the call and, hopefully, they look at a reunion with Eduardo Nunez. If not, Andujar would be nice (although he lacks on the defensive end). So much to look forward to with this team. The only downside is stacking those right handed bats.

And don't even start getting me giddy with a potential trade for a SP and the possible conversion of Chad Green and emergence of Chance Adams. 


But as for Ozuna...great get by the Cardinals. Stud player. And the fact they didn't have to give up Kelly or Flaherty is even better. Contract-wise, far better bang for your buck than Stanton in terms of all the tools. Cardinals are an organization that teams should take notes from. Very well run an_clap


Giancarlo Stanton, Dee Gordon, Marcel Ozuna...Not a single Top 100 prospect in return. Pathetic. I hope nobody goes to their games and they're forced to move the team. Such a joke.


On a side note...what the fuckkk has this site come to? Geesh. I have to make sure I'm not a robot every time I post?


Quote Originally Posted by undermysac:

Small Park, big swing.Much better hitter than Judge, will Boone drop Aaron in the lineup? He killed them 2H of the season with all those strikeouts.Will both guys enter the HR contest and f*ck up their swings againGood addition for the Bronx Bombers.

Aaron Judge in September...

.311 BA
1.352 OPS (Highest of any month by 0.185)
15 Homers (Highest of any month by 5)
32 RBIs (Highest of any month by 7)
.889 SLG (Highest of any month by 0.139)


I think it's safe to say he found himself after taking some time off with the shoulder injury he got surgery for this offseason.

Nova was fantastic with the Pirates last year. Another pitcher turned around by Searage. 

Can't go based off Spring but Tanaka is always an injury concern but a stud when he does take the mound. But Pineda lives or dies whether his slider is on. Sabathia is in the rotation still. Severino, Green, Mitchell and Cessa are all question marks as well. Our rotation sucks but our offense should be better than last year. Just have to stay in games for the bullpen to take over. I do fear that Betances' workload could show this season, though. He faltered towards the end of last year. Big concern in my eyes.
Looks like he caught a break and doesn't need it and should be good to go. Definitely a scare for Sawx fans, though.

Good to talk to you guys as well but this return is most likely short lived with no more news to report. The site seems to be working more smoothly than it did during the offseason last year when they were adding everything in the world to crash this site down before I could finish a thought.

Can't wait for the season to start, though. Very pumped to see what the Yankees do. They're not supposed to be all that good but they may be able to surprise everyone. They'll definitely be competitive.
"Considerable soreness" in his elbow will lead to a visit to Dr. Andrews for a second opinion, which is never good. 

Nobody can fill his shoes in that rotation but with the addition of Sale and moving everyone else up a spot, they should be fine. Porcello (their best pitcher in 2016), Pomeranz, Rodriguez, Wright and Owens could form a deeper rotation than most teams in baseball even without Price.

Oh yea...that offense is pretty good, too.
It saves less than 15 seconds a game which is useless given that anything can happen on those 4 pitches. Sure...95% of the time it's clean...but that 5% is why it's important. Gary Sanchez hit an intentional ball to the warning track last year. Miggy turned one into a go-ahead single once in extras.

The two most time consuming things in the game are 2-3 pitching changes an inning for matchups and pesky base runners with all the throw overs and you can't eliminate either of those aspects unless you want to make the game less mental which would hurt the integrity of the game, imo.
Between him and R.A. Dickey...Braves have two prime mid-season trade candidates if their NL East track record proceeds them and they're out of it.
Quote Originally Posted by TheGoldenGoose:

Just because I don't Post doesn't mean I haven't been watching.

On the other hand...this is the first time I've checked this forum since last offseason. Got annoyed writing and having the website crash on me after submitting it and having to write it all again.


Yankees stole Chris Carter and Gary Sanchez almost homered off an attempted intentional ball last season. There are my hot takes.
Let me start off by saying this is purely speculation but he tweeted "I have decided to retire young. Thanks for the cheese. Catch ya's later."

He also followed Shane, Triple H, Stephanie and Becky Lynch on Twitter today and history has shown that guys do tat so they can direct message one another. So expect those to be some rumors that surface if he is, indeed, retired from the UFC.

AJ has 2 wins against Jericho. Does it matter that he lost the night before? Jericho lost to Fandango at WM so, by your logic, Jericho shouldn't even be wrestling anymore. Not to mention he pinned Jericho to win the match (essentially making it 3-2 in favor of AJ over Jericho). AJ is such a great talent and has obviously gotten over with fans faster than WWE ever could have imagined. I don't understand giving him the push over Ambrose, though. If you're going to do face on face then you might as well go Ambrose unless you're saving him for a full on Roman heel turn (Ambrose is supposed to feud with Jericho next). Personally, I think AJ deserves it. You could turn him into a 6 move guys like Cena and I'd be fine with it because those 6 moves are incredible.

I also can't see how you can't like the others in the main event. Kevin Owens deserves it based on trash talking ability alone let alone his in ring ability is great. They're just not pushing him yet because they have an unfinished story with Zayn which I find awesome because they really make it seem like their history is real as they go at it at the sight of each other. And Cesaro has always been deserving but they've always kept him down and now that he's healthy again, he can get back into the swing of things (no pun intended...ok, maybe a little one).

As for Corbin, I don't watch much of NXT but I've seen the Takeover events and seeing the video montages before his matches I definitely think he can be a great heel. I see what you're saying based off his look but the difference between him and the Ministry is that he does everything on his own (obviously). He's a ruthless and dirty character which may be a good sign that they may continue to push passed the PG bar a bit (Devon also said b*tch a few times during the Enzo segment).

I can't wait to see more of Enzo and Cass and I hope those promos become a regularity on Raw and the crowds get into it as much as the post-WM European crowd did. 

As for Raw…I loved that. I loved the beginning with Vince and the crowd singing his theme. However, letting Shane run Raw (even for a night) after all the build up and after the loss kinda made everything pointless. But if that means more Shane then I really don’t care.


I’m wondering if the Wyatts turned face last night or what? Obviously attacking the League of Nations would indicate that but I wonder if this is just a heel on heel feud or an official face turn. The crowd was awesome during the beat down, though.


Apollo Crews is awesome. End of story.


When I see Baron Corbin, I see a dark heel in him like DDP when he debuted as the stalker of Taker’s wife. I think he could be that kind of character. Having him in a feud with Ziggler to start works for him.


I understand not keeping the title on Ryder but I just HATE Miz. He’s confident but I feel like he’s horrible on the mic. And I get them repaying Miz because he does so much for them outside of the ring but damn…I just can’t stand him. Cool spot to bring back Maryese but Miz winning actually made that worse.


Charlotte seemed genuine in her promo, so I won’t hate on it too much, but it was still pretty brutal. Don’t stop a sing with the crowd who is clearly trying to bring on Bailey. So disappointed that she didn’t get the call up. I understand a Natty v Charlotte (Hart v Flair) storyline but it was a perfect time to call up Bailey. The crowd woulda started the whole “Heyyyyyy, Heyy Bailey, ooh, ahh. I wanna knooooooow, if you’ll be my girl” chant that the European crowd came up with.


I geeked out when Enzo and Cass debuted. Perfect feud to start them off with, imo, with the Dudleys. Enzo is Road Dogg and Cass is Billy Gunn and I love that. They could be faces or heels and still have the crowd do their promos for them and that’s so awesome about those kind of characters. And a sidenote…Bubba’s reactions the entire time were classic.


Happy to see Cesaro back and ecstatic to see AJ Styles get a title shot so quickly but I’m also confused by it because if Reigns is supposed to be a face, AJ Styles being his first opponent is NOT going to help that push. But if Reigns is playing a rebel character then I guess it doesn’t matter.


I agree with Sosa. The street fight was brutal and Lesnar suplexed himself onto the chairs. Really? That had so much potential and nothing happened.


With that said...I really loved WM. The ladder match was amazing, as was the women's match and the new title is really cool, imo, and I'm so happy they moved passed the "Divas" crap. The League of Nationals v New Day match was brutal but everything the League of Nations does is brutal. I understand putting them over for given it wasn’t a title match and New Day won on Raw the next night and it was all repayed to us with HBK, Foley and Austin. Nostalgic moments like that is what I live for. And let me just say that Rusev sold the Stunner better than anyone since The Rock. Woods did a good job as well.


I also agree with Scal about Reigns. The reaction immediately after he won wasn’t bad at all. Once he celebrated you could hear more boos but it could have been worse. The Raw crowd was a lot harder on him but I really liked his promo on Raw. At first I was wondering what the hell he was doing but then he said “I’m not a bad guy…..and I’m not a good guy. I’m THE guy.” I can totally go with that rebel persona for him.


The Rock’s promo was great. His shots on the Wyatts were awesome but I loved Bray’s promo as well. I thought the 6 second win was corny but I got hyped when he said he was ready for a WM MATCH because that was never expected. I also have to say that Cena got a huge pop as well. He got the Kurt Angle treatment and the crowd singing “John Cena Suuuuuucks” to his theme song seemed to be more out of respect.


I can’t say the Shane v Taker match was great but it was all made worth it when he jumped off the cage (as to a lesser extent when he did coast to coast). I loved that. That’s really all I wanted to see happen.

spocsstocks -- It's free so...

kapono & Scal -- Good luck on your plays. I'm avoiding all lines and this thread from now on to avoid spoilers and just plan to enjoy the event and hope for the best.

Updated Lines (initial ruling/end of broadcast):

Triple H +450/+700
Reigns -750/-1500

Undertaker -540/-1050
Shane +360/+550
Now this is more like it. A lot can change from now until tomorrow but even with the speculation, it just doesn't make sense for Taker to have 2 WM losses.

Lesnar -600/-1200
Ambrose +400/+600
Value in Ambrose as there could be a Wyatt interference angle and lay him out even though I feel like that would come after the match.

Charlotte -400
Sasha +290
Becky +950
Value in Sasha because of the Snoop Dogg connection I eluded to but I still think they give Charlotte the nod and then have her lose to Sasha next time out.

New Day -135/-120
League of Nations -105/-120
I think New Day wins. They've been great for WWE and they deserve to be put over here and I wonder if this will be a 4 on 3 or if New Day will find another partner but, given it's WM, it'll probably be a nice surprise and get them the win.

IC Title Ladder Match
Zach Ryder -500
Sami Zayn +450
Kevin Owens +950
Dolph Ziggler +2350
The Mizz +4000
Sin Cara +50000
Stardust +7500
I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that there is a line error here but Ryder IS the first choice here and usually they list these matches from favorite to biggest underdog so this is definitely interesting, especially since Ryder wasn't even supposed to be in this match and only was added after Neville went down.

AJ Styles +400/+600
Jericho -600/-1200
I think the reminder on Raw where Jericho faced Fandango and lost to him at WM a few years ago and how big of a joke that turned out to be is an indicator of how willing Jericho is to put someone over but I think he'll actually be repayed here and beat AJ. I definitely see value in AJ but I think they'll give Jericho a win here. And in no way am I comparing AJ to Fandango but I think they'll repay Jericho for that embarrassing loss. 

Andre The Giant Battle Royal (must compete for action)
Braun Stroman +200
Mark Henry +500
Bray Wyatt +550
Randy Orton +700
Everyone else is +1000 or higher. The original plan was to have Braun win this and have him get a push and face Lesnar at SS but last I heard was that those plans changed and he wasn't getting the push anymore. With that said...I still think he wins because it makes the most sense unless they have him concede to Bray.

US Title
Kalisto -270
Ryback +190
Already talked about this one.

Team Total Divas -185
B.A.D. & Blonde +140
Arguably the stupidest thing here. I get that BAD&B has Lana now but the only way they win is if they immediately plan to turn Eva Marie as a heel and screw them. I mean...Emma, Summer, Naomi and Tamina? It's a joke. Outside of that, there's no reason to have them lose.

The Usos -1500
Dudley Boyz +700
Didn't watch Takerover but I plan to.

As for Ryback...he's been winning squash matches so I think they're trying to rebrand him by branding him the same was as they started and I think he wins here but, as I said, whatever they're doing with him right now is confusing to me.

Eva Marie is HATED by everyone because WWE is so high on her because of her looks so she's had everything handed to her. Private lessons and everything. I've heard that she's terrible in the ring and the crowds always boo her with the exception of one crowd who chanted "she got better" at her at one event a while ago.

My friend gave me a theory for the Shane/Taker match and that Sting denied rumors that he was officially retired and said that he still wants to have a match with Taker. He's obviously going to be at WM since he's being inducted and his entire WWE storyline is facing The Authority so maybe he helps Shane, sticks it to The Authority and sets up the match with him and Taker at WM next year. The crowd would go NUTS if it suddenly got black and then they heard "CAW"
Quote Originally Posted by scalabrine:

And to your question, that was the one line I never saw move towards the favorite like other wrestling lines do as results get leaked.

Taker stayed a huge favorite the entire way.

Perhaps Spark could add something but I remember the wrestling sites saying that putting Lesnar over wasn't official until about 1/2 hour before the match which is an example of the best possible job of keeping a wrestling script a secret.

I can't remember anything about when things became official but in regards to Lesnar winning, from what I've heard, Undertaker had said that if he loses his streak, he wants it against the "baddest guy" and that was Lesnar. Taker is a big fighting fan and Taker had that scripted altercation with Lesnar after one of Lesnar's fights that was supposed to lead to a match down the line but it didn't go as planned because Lesnar had just lost the title and was beat up so they kinda scratched that. So if that's the case, I don't think he could lose to Shane. But, like I said, what's another loss at this point? It doesn't hurt his legacy. He's still The Undertaker.
Oh yea...and I definitely think Sasha wins now that Snoop is officially being inducted. Maybe have him counter Flair as he tries to help Charlotte win.
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