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The advertising is absolutely necessary for the forum to survive but there has to be a happy medium.  The site is so slow as a result that it is dysfunctional and pushing posters away.

Allbutbroke replied to A Legend had died
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Quote Originally Posted by chaloots:

Rest in peace Charles Manson

Only a complete idiot would make such a statement, joking or not.
Quote Originally Posted by TheGoldenGoose:

ALLBUTBROKE: You and I disagree all the time when it comes to law enforcement. We are sooo different you and i. My time was the 60's & 70's when COPS used to take hits off our blonts while on concert duty. Just when does this happen anymore? Never because the damm cameras are EVERYWHERE.

Two nights ago in a Simsbury CT bar I pulled up a stool next to a guy named Dan. First time we had met. Now I am 60 and guessing he was about 27. We talked about sports gambling, marijuana, politics, pretty much everything under the sun. Bought each other a few shots and sukked down a few beers. Dan said he had to get rolling. Big day ahead. I asked him what he did for a living. Would you believe patrolman for Great Barrington, MA??? Perhaps there is yet hope for this planet!!!

Ha, glad you met this chap and enjoyed the evening.  There is hope!  Guess we have a couple things in common, I turned 60 last month and we are both passionate about our believes.  Take care of yourself and all the best to you down the road.

Quote Originally Posted by TheGoldenGoose:

UPDATE: $3K to my attorney. Cut my hair down to the neckline. Shaved my goatee down to stubble. Enrolled in a "Anger Management" program. Doing "Community Service" work at a convelesant home. No big deal because my Mom is there anyway. Attorney assures me I will walk. Pretty decent deal considering 1st degree assault. Bottom line is this ordeal was very expensive both financially and emotionally. Court date is 9/7 and I have to wear a sportcoat and white shirt. This attorney is very good so I am following his orders to a T. Only thing is I refuse to wear a tie.

"I will fight no more forever"
*****Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce

All classy moves on your part.  Good luck moving forward.

Quote Originally Posted by TheGoldenGoose:

Cocaine will turn a golden brown over time if not refrigerated.

When kept dry and out of sunlight it lasts forever.

Total loser.  Thread chalked full of losers.
Quote Originally Posted by LRM704:

Personally, I always take the side of our law enforcement. They get the benefit of the doubt until the facts of any particular case is obtained.

I fully support law enforcement and our military  without question.  

First class all the way.

Quote Originally Posted by TheGoldenGoose:

Hey schmuck. WTF is wrong with your reading retention skills? Lawyer did not file a suit. I myself submitted a civilian complaint. As I said earlier lawyer already told me this complaint probably has no legs unless this cop has a history. I swear to God this covers forum grows dumber by the days weeks and years. Now go back to your shoeshine box while your butt buddy tries to justify bad cops running rampant grabbing testicles.

This crap about the complaint probably has no legs unless this cop has a history is total BS.  Any complaint, whether it is the first with no prior history, or the 10th, can result in officer discipline or charges where THERE IS EVIDENCE TO SUBSTANTIATE THE COMPLAINT.  If you have no evidence to substantiate the officer grabbed you by your miniscule nuts, then how can you expect any other finding then unsubstantiated.  Did this occur in the holding cell?  Was there video surveillance?  Did this occur in the bar?  Were there witnesses or again, video surveillance?  If this boils down to your word vs. his/her word, then it is a matter of credibility.  Since you have none, again, you are fuked.  In addition, I don't believe a word about your sexual assault.  Your first post in this thread starts with a huge rant about being the only white boy in the bullpen.   You say nothing about being assaulted.  35 minutes later you post about your iPhone being damaged by the police.  You say nothing about your miniscule nuts getting a boo boo. Nearly 6 hours later you mentioned this supposed assault.  I suggest if this was true, you would have mentioned this occurring much much earlier in the thread and not at 3 am after you were drunk once again.

I hope your conviction and sentencing involves you getting help.  Cheers.

Quote Originally Posted by LRM704:

AllbutBroke,   More than likely Goose will attack his lawyer when his lawsuit is thrown out of court ?

The only thing we know for sure is that it will be a SUCKER PUNCH

Well said   totally agree


Quote Originally Posted by TheGoldenGoose:

Wong. Again. I will walk.
Show me one, just one, covers thread where you don't have your schazzola all the way up law enforcement bunghole. Go ahead. We'll wait.

Yes, you dumb fuk, read post 61 in this very thread.  I state there are absolutely bad cops.

lol.............try dealing in fact vs. assumptions.  You have no clue what you are talking about.  There are absolutely bad cops and I have never suggested otherwise.  You are one tough gangster.  Oh I get it now, your mandate was to get jailed in order to be a fellow inmate's girl. 
You blind side a guy and then whine like a baby about how the police treated you.  lol.  
Quote Originally Posted by MoneySRH:

The 49ers play today. He wouldn't have ended his ignorant thug protest over ignorant thugs dying at the hands of police even if the 49ers did play September 11th. A bunch of ignorant thugs took at knee yesterday. I expect Kap and a few other ignorant thugs to to continue their sickening behavior.  


Thanks and totally agree with your statement.  Just watched him refuse to stand.  Shameful.
Did Kaepernick sit or stand during the anthem, today, on September 11th?  I hope he was classy enough to stand on this day.
Quote Originally Posted by GimmeMoneyNow:

Not sure what I'm being spoonfed or ignorant about, but anyways.....

Yes, we need a police force, and yes, sometimes lethal force is necessary - but only as a last resort. I realize that, I'm not as dumb as I look.
But, some changes need to be made, otherwise we're going to keep having Dallasses and Baton Rouges. Here's what I would propose:

1. Yes, being an officer is dangerous, but it's still a job. Stop treating these a-holes like heroes and deities that are above the law. Coal mining is pretty dangerous work too, but those people signed on for it. They know what the risks are going in, and are willing to accept the hazards. Same thing with a cop.

2. Every single street patrol beat cop has a Dash-Cam and buttonhole Go-Pro constantly on - no exceptions, no excuses. There was a big deal a few years ago that they were "testing" that in L.A., what ever happened to that program? I think it's a perfect time to bring it back.

3. Every shooting is investigated, video is reviewed, and if it's deemed "self-defense", or "last resort", then so be it. But, if, let's say, I don't know, the cop unloads on a guy at a traffic stop that's reaching for his friggin' wallet, then you will be tried by a jury of your peers - just like a "civilian". If you're found guilty, you will then be handed down a punishment - just like a civilian.

Now, let's get the media to put this word out to everybody so we can stop with the murders (both cops and citizens), and riots, etc., etc.....

I absolutely agree police officers must be held accountable for their actions.  But you lose all credibility to suggest there is no such thing as positive interactions with police.  Such a statement is completely mindless and agreeing with the likes of Flutie most definitely ensures you have zero credibility. 

Quote Originally Posted by GimmeMoneyNow:


Nice try......

Just one question, buddy.....

Would there be protests, problems, everything that's going on right now if this wasn't an issue? Because as it is a common practice in America, people gather, protest, and get arrested fighting for their civil rights - for no reason whatsoever.......

BTW - I grew up a white suburban, "privileged", college educated person who now has a good job, married, white picket fence, etc., etc..........


Me, that demographic, I've still had all negative and zero positive dealings with the police. Like I've said ad nauseam:

Maybe somebody, somewhere has had a positive interaction with the police - to this day, I have not had one - doesn't mean there's "decent" cops out there (I'm sure those "Sasquatch Hunters" people have not seen The Abominable Snowman either, but they still believe), I'm just saying I haven't encountered it.....


For an educated person, your ignorance is bliss.  As you describe, you absolutely sound like you have been spoon fed all your life.  You deserve the opportunity to live in a society without law enforcement.  Jump on a plane and give it a try.


Quote Originally Posted by sports_Network:

  Dr. Freud, thank you for such an in-depth analysist, when you talk to Dr; Phil, give him my best regards...

Now there is wisdom..........thank-you !  Perhaps after pablum, Mom will let you play outside.

Quote Originally Posted by GimmeMoneyNow:

Right there.....
Sums up my whole point.

Much like people that get into MMA, or NASCAR, or skydiving, anything with that hint of danger - you've got to have that in your DNA. Same thing with the personality of the police officer. In my entire life on this planet, whether they were friends, acquaintances, strangers, relatives, on duty or off duty, I've never EVER met an officer of the law that wasn't a total and complete f@cking a$$hole.

I'm including examples like a buddy of mine's sister who was married to one, was beaten for years, they had a kid, once the beatings started on the child, she finally wised up and divorced that loser....

Another acquaintance, similar situation with a cop "boyfriend". Luckily she never got married or pregnant by this piece of garbage.

To wrap it up, yes some cops will do good deeds now and then. But there's always going to be that power hungry real life chicken sh!t lurking down in there somewhere like the incredible hulk.....

I feel badly for your parents - you are obviously disappointing and a complete failure.  Your views are dismal and disturbing.  Perhaps mental health treatment may be of some value.

Quote Originally Posted by Slobbasaurus:

As most reasonable people do, I have mixed feelings about cops.  I've been arrested 9 times since I was 15 (not proud of it by any means), but have no convictions.  It got to the point where I knew the DA and judge on a first name basis.  It's absolutely amazing that I don't have a record.  Some cops are genuine @ssholes and others are terrific people.  All of my arrests were drinking related so I own up to my mistakes and no longer drink.

First case:  I was sh!tfaced and I knew I was not ok to drive so I stopped at a diner to grab some food and a coffee.  I passed out at the table and was awoken by a Kearny city police.  Instead of locking me up for public intox, he called my sister and she picked me up and drove my drunk @ss home without an arrest.

Second case:  15 years ago when I was a junior in high school, my buddies and I skipped school to drink beers on the beach.  We were hanging for about 3-4 hours when a town police approached us.  Of course he found our booze and cuffed us all.  None of my friends parents were home but my mom was so he contacted her, and she ended up driving 5 drunk 16 year old kids home from the beach with no arrests.

Third case:  9 years ago at St. Marks Place in NYC, my buddy and I got busted for open containers.  As he was writing us our citations he allowed us to finish our brews.  Still cost both of $55 but I thought that was decent of him.  

There you go Money.  All of my fault but the cops hooked it up.  If we were black, I'm sure things would have went down differently, but being a Guinea in NJ these days is not a bad thing.

May very well be the classiest post I have read on Covers.  Despite altercations with the police, you were decent enough to share the positive experiences you did.  Tip of the hat to you.


Quote Originally Posted by TheBallDontLie:

None. The only people I know that I personally know that have gotten involved with the police are low lifes that probably deserved it. 

Another day, another time for this stuff cement head.

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