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Offset to Draymond Green

jharless replied to Playoff Hump Day Picks
in NBA Betting

For sure, Rockets big Tonite -10

Vandy carrying the flag.

Quoth the Raven, 'Nevermore'. It's Halloween.

Ravens +9

the emotion here sides with the ravens, however this time i think it is a distraction more than an asset. these teams know each other well, and although the degenerate will conclude ravens cannot go 0-2, their season will not be over. pitt +2.5.
jharless replied to Thursday Night Football
in NFL Betting
first post of season ...
i think the emotion will be with GB. they will want to punch SEA in the mouth and quiet the crowd. the impatient want a big SEA win to start the season on a good note. they may get the win, but it wont be big. taking the points, its GB +6.
great post, little voice. i feel you.
i think the weather will keep it close and miami will play hard tonite.
miami +4.
tough loss minny, but you gotta get rid of those metal flake helmets.
FYI, you failed to list 'Intangibles'.
jharless replied to NBA SUNDAY
in NBA Betting
i think a small play today with ORL at home is a smart pick, now a -2.5 spread. good luck to all.
jharless replied to NBA Finals Game 5
in NBA Betting
emotion is the key.

orlando -3.5
all of these other things...trends and statistics, mean very little in the end. i do not pay attention to these things. it is background noise. what matters the most is the emotion of the contest, yet it is brushed aside. is it the logic or illogic?

in worst case, players make wagers based on who is singing the national anthem or the head referee? i do not understand this confusion. to me, this is the extreme illogic.

instead, study who has the most to would seem equally valid as playing like or dislike of joey crawford! (in full disclosure, this has been the magic for me the last three games, and overall, i am 2-2).

the degenerate will not understand this, as he is only interested in the easy score, but emotion is the key! it is the key in all our lives...relationships/business/sports. i will not make a decision or wager unless i feel i have a good understanding of the emotion. sometimes i miscalculate, but i utilize it in a positive manner and move forward to the next game, wiser.

trust me and study, and you will be successful.
Quote Originally Posted by MrBator:




emotion is all there is, mrbator.
trends do not matter, statistics do not matter. only emotion matters.

orlando -2
statistics not important, technicals not important, only emotion important.

study the emotion, not the mathematics.

-orlando covers.
emotion is the key and will be high for both teams game 2. orlando will be sharp both halves. i expect laker decline in the second half.

remember, statistics do not matter, only emotion matters.

orlando +6.5

if magic cover, then total will go over but i do not play totals.

jharless replied to NBA Finals - Gm 1
in NBA Betting
remember bettors, emotion is the key. statistics are not necessary.

the cavs played with no emotion. they were satisfied with giving it to LBJ and running to their spot for a jumper.

i do not know about the total, but look for LA in game 1 tonite.
jharless replied to NBA Finals - Gm 1
in NBA Betting
reg season stats are irrelevant. this is the finals. emotion is the key. the lakers are home. they were there last year and know the deal. it is first time for the magic and they will be sluggish, but will play better 2nd half and make it a game, but lakers still cover.

lakers 1st half -3 HUGE
lakers -6
cavaliers nice first half play. expect they will dominate and win by 20 overall. do not be fooled by the series in orlando. its just how it goes.

this is going one more game.

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