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The Marc Lawrence Playbook is an absolute requirement.  Been using it for 15+ years.

Hello Covers Help,

I run an annual private NFL office pool on this site, we are entering our 19th year.  The Covers NFL home page lists week one lines, however after I created the office pool and went to "make picks" it told me no games were available.  Join date and start date of the contest are today 5/28/19.  My question is - when can I expect game lines to be available to pick in my private NFL office pool?  Not counting preseason - regular season only.



Quote Originally Posted by DoctorSuccess:

Injured players returning, favorable schedules, and completely overlooked by the betting public, these two clubs will fatten your wallet this fall.

Completely agree on Atlanta.  Cincy is much more of a situational spot pick for me, but getting more than a TD in week 1 at Seattle has me interested.
I am leery of playing anything beyond WK1 before seeing a single snap, but I agree.  Early money appears to be on the Jets in their season opener.  I found Bills +3.5 at a couple of shops and made an investment on it.

Keep 'em coming Doc   
Quote Originally Posted by LeagueCapper:

Could be, couldn’t be. I don’t follow who the money is on nor do I pay much attention to it

Couldn't agree more.  The fastest way to lose money on sports betting is to pay attention to what everyone else is doing.
Donny / donshow / DavidStone...whatever your name is you are clearly unbalanced and obsessed with LC, and obviously lost a lot of money on the Rams and are still sore about it. 

As far as math and algorithms and all of that, you should understand that there are a lot of consistently successful cappers, professional or otherwise, that do not rely solely on "systems".  They also do not have to "beat the closing line" to be considered a good capper.  That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard. 

As far as I'm concerned. the closing line is whatever it says it is on my betting ticket.


That's a helluva take on the early game.  Nicely done sir.
omb1 created a topic Chiefs margin of victory
in NFL Betting
Chiefs average margin of victory at home this year is exactly 14 points.  Over six games, 32.66 scored versus 18.66 given up.

I'm really looking for a reason to play the Chargers tonight but the above stat is unavoidable.

GL to all  
I don't subscribe to any of the Covers "Experts" so I have no idea what his newsletter record is.

Doing OK on my own, 25-15-1 YTD but I do refer to the playbook from time to time for his situational trends which are pretty solid.
I preface this by saying that the Playbook is published over two months before the season starts so you get what you get...


His "Point Spread Power Play" record is 1-13 through week six, which is the worst I've seen in 15 years of using his Playbook.

His Week Seven picks are as follows:

LA Chargers
NY Jets
San Francisco

GL to anyone that follows or fades...

Way too early to be sweating this game man.  
Eagles may have more talent on the field but they are in serious disarray.

I will wait for this to go to 3.5 and take the short week divisional home dog Giants.
My two cents - the Rams are exactly what they appear to be.  A juggernaut on both sides of the ball.  I am happily laying the 6.5 points.

Vikings off a bad loss yes you should expect a rebound - but not on a short THNF road trip to maybe the most complete team in the league.

Don't overthink it.  Rams -6.5 
IMO the Giants and KC are unknowns at this point, at least as far as playing money lines on them.

Dropping the hammer on the KC / PIT under at 53.
5-1 last week although I did not post anything on this forum so take that for what it is worth...but you can look up my record at "Our Gang's 18th Annual Football Pool" under NFL private office pools.

I play a 10 pick maximum every week, these are my early leans:

Ravens +1
Vikings +2
Saints -10
Chargers -7.5
Eagles -3
Rams -13
Patriots -1
Dolphins / Jets OVER 44
Chiefs / Steelers UNDER 52.5
Lions / 49ers UNDER 48

Especially liking the Rams and the KC / PIT Under.  Will probably play 5-7 picks of the above listed.  The Ravens play is my least certain since they haven't played a real game yet LOL.

GL to all.

omb1 replied to Same old Darnold
in NFL Betting
A football game last 60 minutes.  Darnold is the goods.  Don't forget - Peyton Manning went 3-13 his first season.
23-29-2 YTD hoping scrub week gets us back to .500 or better...


Baltimore 5-0 L5

Arizona, NY Giants 4-0 L4

Seattle 11-1 L12


LA Rams 0-5 L5

New Orleans 0-4 L4

Oakland 1-10 L11

Atlanta, Buffalo 1-8 L9


Minnesota 5-1 OVER L6

Carolina 0-6 UNDER L6

Jacksonville 0-5 UNDER L5

Washington 0-4 UNDER L4

Atlanta 2-9 UNDER L11

Cincinnati, Indianapolis 1-6 UNDER L7

Chicago, Cleveland, NY Jets, Philadelphia 0-3 UNDER L3
Up to 20 players in the $110 entry pool.  Expecting 60+

Up to 4 players in the $500 winner take all pool. Expecting 10.

Reposting.  Come join the best NFL office pools on Covers!

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