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Quote Originally Posted by TheSquare:

Great advice sac and it will be taken in and absorbed but on a side topic, I'm guessing that you're using google chrome due to the small font? If so, are you getting that 1 inch text box without emojis when using the new format? Cuz in order for you to type that, I'm sure you had to switch back to the "old thread version.."
Debugging this website has to be a nightmare for the high school senior who's doing this for COVERS as his senior project.


I have the one ince input text box too. Every browser reveals a different and sometimes buggier experience. This site would have been better to buy a shrinkwrapped, white label forum that allows all of the other links and panels to come in. 


I lowered my bet size down to $20, stopped posting and keeping track. Make about 5-8 plays a week, not playing every day. One of the sources of data that fed my system since the juiced balls kicked in is no longer available and not getable from any other source as the main source was a market driver. Bummer.



barneybeans replied to SUNDAY IN GAME
in Soccer
Morning gang. Took USA WWC and Brazil in Copa Am, parlay -105. BOL!
barneybeans replied to *** Fade Em Fast ***
in MLB Betting
CWS, everyone on GIO, tread softly... And as usual (peas)
barneybeans replied to Vidal ML
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Chile and UN 2.5 is +230... just sayin'

BOL Andrew 
barneybeans replied to JMHO -7/03/19
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Quote Originally Posted by JEG53:

So Key how you doing?
Not answering my post this week,Barney was asking about you.
You must mean my father.

BOL Key 
barneybeans replied to The balls ARE different
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ManCity, you are challenged mathematically. Sorry bro but hitting your -110 bets is drastically different when you go from 52% to 58% Get a spreadsheet.
This only happens when I try to quote you. Since I cannot quote you Covers-Team in post 11 I am here to say that the issue for reporting abuse is not fixed. and in trying to submit this there is another error message stating, "error in replying to thread"
This only happens when I try to quote you. Since I cannot quote you Covers-Team in post 11 I am here to say that the issue for reporting abuse is not fixed.
I am logged in but get an error stating I need to log in
barneybeans created a topic Profile page not working - error
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Description: An application error occurred on the server. The current custom error settings for this application prevent the details of the application error from being viewed remotely (for security reasons). It could, however, be viewed by browsers running on the local server machine. 

Details: To enable the details of this specific error message to be viewable on remote machines, please create a tag within a "web.config" configuration file located in the root directory of the current web application. This tag should then have its "mode" attribute set to "Off".

Notes: The current error page you are seeing can be replaced by a custom error page by modifying the "defaultRedirect" attribute of the application's configuration tag to point to a custom error page URL.


Quote Originally Posted by yanks21x:

have used this website on so many devices and most work so bad taking forever to load... any tricks or this site is just junk?


Here try to view this post:


Closing browsers does not fix the problem - try reporting an abusive post.


Quote Originally Posted by Covers-Team:

Quote Originally Posted by ProfessorMJ:

I'm experiencing the same problem as Barney. I suppose I was graded as a high-risk user too? Why? What can I do to change that? Thanks a lot for the insight!
Sorry this is happening to you too. General we would recommend closing the browser tab and opening a new one. We ask anyone who is experiencing the same issue to try the above workaround for now until the system's scroing process improves. Thank you for your patience.
The problem is it doesn't always display a captcha. I just posted fine and 3 minutes later got crushed on this captcha error. This is probably a bug and not a "scoring process" issue. Just my 2 cents. I have seen this complaint a lot over the past two weeks here on Covers. Google probably doesn't know what they're doing with technology is probably a better answer.

barneybeans replied to NECESITO COMBINADAS
in MLB Betting

Combinadas casa nunca ganan por eso pagan tanto. Cuantos equipos?

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Quote Originally Posted by weeble5672:

wiseguy, dcgmt, dtown Adding...Brewers (Houser/Mahle) -111Rays Team Total Over 5.5 (Eshelman/Stanek) -101
Like MIL tonight, BOL Weebs clover

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RIP Tyler thebaseball

barneybeans created a topic MLB SUN 6/30
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Bookkeeping later, don't tail me:

CLE/BAL O10.5 -105 4U
MIA (LISTED)  +127 3U
OAK (HEANEY)  +123 2U

One more to come based on line movement...



Quote Originally Posted by DiamondJack:

Copa AmericaBrazil v ParaguayCan Brazil destroy Paraguay? sure they won 3-0 the last time they met. However that was the only time in 5 head to head games that they won. Looking back in 2015 & 2011 It was Paraguay that knocked out Brazil in back to back Copa Americas. The odds here are ridiculous so I'm forced to back the underdog.15. Paraguay +2  @ 1.94/-106 (Marathon) 1 Unit
Nobody in their right mind bets against Brazil at home in COPA America. Gusty yet profitable call. Glad to see you on Venezuela.

barneybeans replied to COPA AMERICA 2019
in Soccer

I would play Colombia more if I did not have a +950 on hoisting the copa future. But I'm a homer so I'm going to make a 4U on the young players and new coach who really have a good deal of momentum and what I think is the clear 2nd place team in this tourney, I've thought that since before the tourney began and have been waiting for Brazil to stumble and get knocked out due to a fluke or bad call, bad luck or just not having a good day. That was almost last night.



To Advance -165 4U



Venezuela line has not moved much - my pending 2U was supposed to be an early partial buy in case the line moved away from me but it really hasn't moved all that much except for a little midweek bump and then back down. Although I am still going to wait and do 1U now and 2U later (Argentina money should be flowing in later on, right?) I'm not posting it that way, just putting it all in here and now. 


VEN +.5 +145 3U (2U above pending)

VEN +560 2U

To Advance +275 2U



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