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ty, yeah. I couldn't decide and the Fed/Nadal match over looked good, but didn't hit. So I went with who I thought would win, but Fed looks good. Nole just took the first, so hoping that stat they showed whoever wins the 1st set has a great record holds true, at least to the tune of 4 games for Mr. Djoker!
from 5Dimes betting contest and picked Nole -3.5. The way Roger is moving has me very worried. He looks like Roger of 5-10 years ago.
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I appreciate the fact you post every day. These people keeping an eye on your record are pathetic. You have been and will be one of the best and honest cappers on here. I have followed you for years and do not let these small people affect you one bit. Keep up the good work
Quote Originally Posted by seladones89:

Papa I’m using 20$ as 1 unit just curious what is 1U for you?

You never ask a man how big his unit is
hurt forearm it looked like. He's out. Sorry about your prop
Quote Originally Posted by PapaShango:

You literally just contradicted yourself.  Why would he opt-in with a team he felt didn't handle his injury in his best interest?  He could just opt out and get the max from any team he wants.  

Well he doesn't have to get care from their doctor's. My thinking is he would let them pay for him 31 million while he is rehabbing and they get nothing for it essentially.
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Tigers are making Justin Bieber look like Cy Young. Let's hope they can scratch something across.
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Quote Originally Posted by alangrrbs:

I have to say...Never had a problem with them.  Do my deposits and payouts with bitcoin.  The only thing they do on the payouts is send you an email asking for you to confirm your login, password, pin, along with the bitcoin address and the exact amount you requested.  Send it back and it always gets processed.

Had an issue with the way a bet was graded last week with the controversial Formula 1 race...They ruled mine a loser, I argued it a winner...the next day they reversed it in my favor.  

Maybe I'm the exception, but they're my favorite.

I agree, they are one of the best out there. It's just when you get bad service, you remember those more than the 5 times you get good service. The people yesterday just treated me like Tony used to treat people. I guess some are still carrying on his legacy. GL on your bets.
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Quote Originally Posted by Slowbalt:

To add to my statement earlier is if you have never cashed out with them and they are giving you this treatment wait until you start winning with them because that's when the fun really begins. 

5Dimes has started cashing my losing bets before the match ends for over unders and when I win they are starting to take 4-5 hours to grade bets in the same league. 

Hey I have found the same treatment. You can do If win bets off wagers, but still it should never take 45-60 minutes + to grade a baseball game. A prop or something like that I understand. I don't like how they take no responsibility for their live wagering. If there is an error, they always say it's 3rd party etc. When I am up, it seems like all this stuff arises, when I am down, wagers seem to be graded in minutes.
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rain it says, but also it's like 8:30 over there and they posted the day is over.
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The reason it's not on tv is because they were scared of it getting rained out so they moved it to a court where I guess they don't have cameras. They talked about it on the Mannarino match
I don't follow all the contract BS, so maybe someone can help me with why he would opt-out of his contract. He will most likely be out all next year and part of the next. Why not opt-in, get paid by the Warriors, who many feel maybe didn't handle his injury in his best interest. I think it's like $31,000,000 he can opt to get paid next year while rehabbing...
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has zero morning tee time matchups. I call them and they say they won't be offering any and get chitty with me for pressing them on why. Poor service.
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Quote Originally Posted by X-Files:


That's a good line. Is it from a "local"? 


Pinnacle has over 5.5 +116

Sport888 has over 5.5 +112

Betway over 5.5 +100

Bodog has over 5 -120

PlayNow has over 5 -133

SIA no line posted 

BetDSI no line posted at:

It was over 5.5+120 on 5Dimes before it went off the board. -110 for over 5 seems about right.
Quote Originally Posted by undermysac:

How long till scripty visits the penalty box?

2 days? 

That will be June 10th, 6/10, 6+10=16, this will be the number of completely useless threads created by this poster by said date

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what's Tuesday and Wednesday's Mega and powerball numbers. Thanks

Great linescore prediction

Don't feel bad about crying, there were people audibly crying throughout and a lady at the end who was sobbing. I got teary-eyed I admit it, it was a good movie.
hit 2+ million last night. He got a challenge Thursday, but came out on top
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