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Doesn't have to be a long statistical analysis. Just post the gut feeling.  "Seahawks have too many injuries" or " Dallas will win because they are pissed off and playing at home" will work!!  Just give us something!!  

One hell of a play by Lockett and Wilson!! Bears really need to answer on the next series!! 

Love how Nagy uses the little might mites in his offense!! 

Bears up by 14 and Trubitsky is gaining in confidence. Looking good for the Bears but a lot of time left!! 


Matt Farrell back for the Irish as far as I can tell...That should help them big time. Might be a big emotional lift...



I love doing moneyline parlays as well. I left out the Celts and took the Pacers. Sixers are trying to take a poop on us...  
Jack Ryan replied to Hawaii // Umass
in College Football
Going with Hawaii plus points on this one!!

"May fortune favor the foolish"     

Finally!! College football is here. Got Tix to Temple and Georgia games in South Bend!!   
Jack Ryan replied to CFL Week 3
in CFL
Jumping on Ottawa!!  Lets Cash this!!   
Jack Ryan replied to New System Testing
in MLB Betting
I Jumped in on KC...May fortune favor the foolish!!  

Like the Under in the KC game! Both teams hitting under 200 in the last 5 games plus both starters have good ERA's.  Great find Mooola!!

Keep it rolling, Moola!!  Loving the congressional cabbage in my account!! 

Lets do this!!!!  
Finally got a win in baseball!! Maybe the over/under is the way to go. Not as fun though... lol   
Tailing you on Baltimore good (Knock On Wood}

This is gonna be fun!!  Time to Rock the Casbah!!

Jack Ryan replied to Wednesday Cat Picks
in NHL Betting
Cashed in the Over!! Easy win!!

Jack Ryan replied to -week 1 wagers-
in College Football
ND should have a crushing running attack plus 2 mobile QB's. Downside is ND plays crappy on the road and chokes in the Red Zone. Texas has a whole new offense just starting out. Also Freshman Center and QB.  ND defense is a complete unknown which makes it a bit of a wild card.

- Irish should have great running game with both QB's,  great RB's and a tough offensive line
- Irish D Line should do well vs a Frosh QB and Frosh Center. Plus I think TX lost 2 other linemen to injury.
- Irish vulnerable at Free Safety since Redfield got the boot. Avery Sebastian or Studstill back there. Studstill is athletic but can be victimized.
- Irish Linebackers athletic but unproven.

- Longhorns pissed off and playing at home.
- Irish have a way of playing down and up to their opponents on the Road
- Brand new offensive system could give ND Defense fits but its the very first game with young QB, etc. Might give TX fits as well!

Jack Ryan replied to *** SUNDAY NFLX ***
in NFL Betting
Houston covering by 21 thus far...Yeahhh Buddy!

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