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Getting revenge against previous same-team losses has been contagious on the Phillies starting pitching staff lately....As well there has been a general team wide lift in morale and optimism...

I see value in a (+1.5) R/L here @ 1.34....

I'm all over it !!

BTW...Cincy very high value today also

Good morning Joe !!!

Long time no talk....Good to see you up and running on all 8...

One Thing about the series that has been a sliver under my fingernail is the possibility of a series "FIX"...
-Anything under 7 games would be a massive loss of revenue and other entertainment revenue...
-then you have Vegas wanting to win it at home...(feel good thing with the shootings...blah blah blah)

A guy needs to REALLY be careful with betting strategies...Keep a close call on referee calls...

I'm liking prop bets and totals...

Good value with Haula, James Neal and Oshie to score...All the other big names will be closely checked....

Goalies are BOTH pissed right off....I'm gonna take a small position on the "under"...

As the series moves on , Capital's big names will get tired and ground down with all the minutes they play...We all know that Vegas has evened out all the playing time...

The ONE thing that I cling to is that NOBODY will be beating Vegas FOUR fukking times !!!

Anyways, have fun with this series Joe and best of luck buddy..

both skinnycat and oilers4eva are fukkin idiots
makes me laugh how ALL the expert talking heads act so mystified about the jets lack of total 60 minute performance....

fact of the matter ???
the elephant in the room that everyone is trying to ignore is HELLEBUYCK !!!!!!!!!

I have NEVER trusted that guy...,.
He needs to let at least one or two VERY BAD GOALS per game to settle into his comfort zone....its a mental thing and a lot of goalies are like that but history tells us that the goaltending is going to make the difference when it comes to winning the Stanley always does...

Yeah , when I played, we used to skate back and slap him on the pads and say "its ok big guy we'll get er back for ya"
but you felt like shoving your stick up you know where....

All VGK needs to do is continue to shut down the shooting lanes and put the pressure on as usual in the "O" zone and Hellebuyck will give up a couple more bad goals...


They will want to wrap up this series QUICKLY !!!!

Pressure is funny stuff.....NO pressure on Vegas...that's for sure...


I'm gonna back Vegas all year long..Gotta love this scrapping team that finds ways to get it done !!! Lotsa potential dollars here before the book catches up and gives em some cred.. I took em at +230 tonight and there tied 1-1 in Dallas with 8 min left in the game. I like thats there is lots of ways to bet em too...GL guys.



Yankees to score first and win game double pays (2.25-1)....

Gonna hit that one HARD !


Hitter friendly stadium.....Hitter friendly umpire.....7.5 total is too squeezed in this one....Yankees and the over with their slightly better bull pen..


Don't like that the Nurk is out but Draymond doesn't perform last game's kind of magic more than one time without the letdown..GS is overpriced..Trail Blazers to sneak the cover..


tough to back the craptors when you don't know how many minutes Casey's gonna give the choke !!! (KL)...KL bitching about all the short minute guys "not stepping up" after he gets 33 minutes!!! I don't get it....Bucks man!!

Good evening everyone..Will do the horrendous math later. Here are tonights calls.

Dodgers score first and win @ 2.12.....500 units

Toronto scores first and wins @ 2.12.....500 units

San Francisco scores first and wins @ 1.83.....700 units

Home run derby was fun..BOLTA
Carrasco got SLAMMED BEHIND THE DOOR when they were handing out BRAINS....What a fucki*g MORON..( I thought he was going to WALK Elsbury) !!!!!
Good Morning...LOL...After all that yesterday, I'm at MINUS <1063.8>

Throwing it ALL on Cleveland

Cleveland WILL NOT bat in the 9th @ 1.98.....250 units

Cleveland (-1.5) AFTER FIRST 5 INNINGS @ 2.84.....250 units

Cleveland (M/L) FIRST 5 innings @ 1.70.....1000 units

Cleveland SCORES FIRST @ 2.00.....250 units

Cleveland WINS THE RACE TO 5 runs @ 2.90.....150 units

Cleveland WINS THE RACE TO 4 runs @ 2.30.....250 units

NYY total runs...UNDER 3.3 @ 1.70.....1000 units

Cleveland Total Runs...OVER 4.0 @ 2.05.....250 units

Cleveland (-1.5) and OVER 7.5 @ 4.40.....300 units

BOTH TEAMS TO SCORE BUT Cleveland WINS @ 1.90.....1000 units

Cleveland SCORES FIRST AND WINS GAME @ 2.55.....300 units

Cleveland WINS 5-3

TOTAL RUNS OVER 7.5 @ 1.96.....250 units

more to come (probably) lol
Nats SCORE FIRST AND WIN THE GAME  @ 1.96.....500 units

Nats (-1.5) and UNDER 7.5 @ 4.60.....300 units

Nats (-1.5) FIRST 5 INNINGS RUN LINE @ 2.60.....500 units

Looks like a good night to beat the books
account MINUS <619,8> units

LAD win the race to 4 runs @ 1.90.....500 units

LAD win the race to 5 runs @ 2.25.....350 units

SD @ LAD OVER 8.0 @ 1.80.....350 units

LAD SCORES FIRST @ 1.94.....600 units

LAD LEADS AFTER 3rd inning @ 2.00.....500 units

LAD LEADS AFTER 5th inning @ 1.75.....800 units

3 innings TOTAL RUNS....UNDER 2.5 @ 1.83.....300 units

This game result makes me or breaks me.....C'mon Dodgers !!!!!

Atlanta (M/L)  @ 2.48.....250 units

Atl @ CWS total runs....UNDER 7.5 @ 1.80.....400 units

ONE-RUN-GAME @ 2.80.....150 units

Atlanta (M/L) and UNDER 7.5 @ 4.20.....250 units

Atlanta SCORES FIRST and WINS @ 3.20.....250 units

Atlanta (+1.5) and UNDER 7.5 @ 2.60.....400 units

Atlanta WINS RACE TO 2 runs @ 2.00.....400 units

NEITHER team SCORES 5 RUNS @ 2.20.....200 units

TIED AFTER 2 innings @ 2.35.....400 units

TIED AFTER 3 innings @ 3.30.....400 units

Atlanta SCORES FIRST @ 1.83.....600 units

Atlanta (-1.5) AFTER FIRST 5 INNINGS @ 4.20.....250 units

CWS BAT IN THE 9th @ 1.96.....500 units

More to come
Good morning..Giants pulled me outta the ditch last night in a BIG way !!! Account sits at PLUS 643.2

Originally , I was gonna jump all over Toronto but have changed my mind...

Detroit @ Toronto...YES Toronto WILL BAT IN THE 9th @ 2.12.....250 units

Detroit SCORES FIRST @ 1.73.....500 units

Detroit LEADS AFTER 3 INNINGS @ 2.90.....250 units

Detroit WINS THE RACE TO 2 runs @ 2.00.....150 units

Detroit (+1.5) and UNDER 10.5 @ 3.30.....250 units

More in a bit.....BOL
Here we go again

Arizona @ San Francisco OVER 7.5 @ 1.98.....350 units

SF and OVER 7.5 @ 3.20.....350 units

Both teams to score and SF WINS @ 1.85.....350 units

SF (-1.5) and OVER 7.5 @ 4.00.....350 units

SF leading after 5 innings and go on to WIN @ 2.20.....500 units

That's all Im gonna do for tonight

Thanks capskip and BOL

Padres (m/l) @ 2.65.....250 units

Padres (+1.5) and UNDER 8.5.....250 units

Game tied after the third inning @ 3.50.....250 units

Game tied after the 5th inning @ 5.20.....250 units

Padres score first @ 1.83.....600 units

Padres win the race to 2 runs scored @ 2.00.....350 units

Both teams to score but Padres WIN @ 2.70.....400 units

Padres TO SCORE FIRST AND WIN @ 3.05.....250 units

D-Backs and Giants next
Good morning..     PLUS 784.7 units

Cubs (-1.5) and OVER 7.5 @ 2.90.....400 units

Cubs lead after first 5 innings and WIN @ 2.02.....400 units

Cubs (M/L) and OVER7.5 @ 2.60.....400 units

Cubs (-1.5) @ 2.00.....500 units

More later.....BOLTA
Hi everyone, Account sits at PLUS  1280.7   ...Nice to be back in black again..whew..

Padres @ Dodgers.....Highest scoring half (innings 6+)..@ 2.50.....150 units

7 innings total runs (UNDER 5.5) @ 2.08.....150 units

First 5 innings total runs (UNDER 4.5) @ 1.76.....400 units

SD first 5 innings (M/L) @ 2.12.....200 units

First score happens in 2nd inning @ 3.80.....150 units

Lead after the 3rd inning (TIE) @ 3.30.....150 units

Lead after the 2nd inning (TIE) @ 2.40.....400 units

Padres WIN THE RACE TO 2 RUNS @ 1.90.....400 units

Padres WIUN THE RACE TO 3 RUNS  @ 2.10.....200 units