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This is probably a stretch getting a straight up definitive answer.  I probably have a better chance of hitting a 10 team parlay with 7 money line dogs, but I've been on this site for 13 years, maybe somebody will shock me.  Prob not, thanks.
Quote Originally Posted by KillaPicks:

i think if the game goes over 8 1/2 innings and the game is postponed, the runline and totals are still counted as action

I believe this man is correct.  So kcity +1.5 is a winner and the over under is graded at 8 = under.  This rule rarely comes into play so few will know about it.  Hell even ticket writers in Reno don't know

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in MLB Betting
I really like your style brother.  Been saying so for 10 years
Quote Originally Posted by SuperSlapem:

Good points but what makes you think any of those not already factored in lines?

What do the winter storms have to do with playing inside a basketball arena? I'm just curious. Was there a flight delay?

The players may have to walk through slushy snow which is a potential liability.  Not physically as these guys are beasts, but they might get their shoes dirty causing them mental anguish and completely throw off their game
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in College Football

Badlands - a quality contributor for over 10 years.  Major props matepeace_5

I have a rock hard boner anticipating your locks.
Im considering going huger than huge myself 
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Quote Originally Posted by bpickin:

And dont forget a parlay going agaisnt all just in case...

What is your personal success rate doing this.  Thanks
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This fool make vince young who scored 8 on wunderlich test look like genius
I think so you picks good pathway but i still not like it what okc make a fack losted money like very bad insult for my mind.  In this case not so worser cuz you winner on other 2 game but i make regret tooken okc and end bad resulr gl
I not like you sick bro mint gov mint baby
Theyll prob kill the queens tonight at the rose garden.
diondimucci replied to 0-15 run, fade this
in NBA Betting
At least you have a nice family to give you comfort.  0-17 not sustainable think how good you feel after you get your next win.  Might become contagious.  
Wow this is almost like printing our own money love it
Im on the dreaded under as well.  Im sure there will likely be a 109.5 yard kickoff return to open the game fml
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Amazing these are the only 2 teams failing to cover ats all other browns losses were ats losses as well
Also detroit hasnt won a division title in nearly a quarter of a century which is hard to fathom. This is a great opportunity with the great aaron rodgers out of the mix
I agree with both.  I would also like to know your opinion on this...  I see this sunday as the beginning of the Minnesota vikings demise.  If they lose to the rams and the lions take care of the bears , then detroit hosts Minn on thanksgiving and a detroit win would give them the division lead based on a season sweep.  The wheels could fall off very quickly for the current 7 - 2 Vikings.  Thanks
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Quote Originally Posted by playing4mylife:

Let's get it!

I love your user name.  Every game is life and death.  I mean it isnt but actually it really is.  
This is brutal some of you guys are arbitrarily modifying. Bators simple 30 / 10 parameters.  I bet bator is feeling like hes talking to autistic children right about now 

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