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charlielo55 replied to SB Prediction
in NFL Betting

Gator the square money is on the Pats dude......good luck with your picks, thanks for sharing


Nice track record this season…..congrats League!clover


It really doesn't matter where the line goes Barney, you're on the wrong side tonight. an_beatup

charlielo55 created a topic David Price HaHaHaHaHa
in MLB Betting

This dude is a chump, especially in the playoffs. Big deal, he won one game the other day. Everybody is acting like this series is over already because some scrub hit a 3 run homer in the 7th last night. Give me a break. I'll take LA all day today. 

charlielo55 replied to Pesci's pick in Game 2...
in MLB Betting

Price will get lit up like a Xmas tree tonight. Everybody jumping on the Sox band wagon. Price sux boyzzzz, don't get fooled because he won like one playoff game the other day. 


Time to load up on LA.....thanks Dillyboypeace_5


Bravo, well played PBan_cheers


Quote Originally Posted by packersbackers:

Locked in: Serena ML / Djoker-Rafa Over 3.5 sets...(-120)...max unit wager for me here. Locked in: Ostapenko ML +138...half unit Osta to win 1st set +125...half unit Osta +2.5 games (-110) Over 21.5 games (-125) Osta to win 2-1 sets (+400)...quarter unit Tiebreak in match Yes +225 ...half unit Over 2.5 sets +138...half unit   Still have a juicy future on Djoker alive
Well done.....Good Lord

charlielo55 replied to Final: Game 04
in NBA Betting

Ha ha ha ha ha I guess you didn't get the memo, NBA pays a little respect to the King tonight, absolute no brainer....Cavs by double digits.....dah!!

charlielo55 replied to nba finals
in NBA Betting

Quote Originally Posted by Sportacus:

I haven't been playing since I got money on the series sweep.  Dubs should covered and go over tonight.  Cavs will still try to win this one but the Splash Family will blow it wide open in Q3.  Credit to the Dubs for saving Iggy for these last 2 games.Gsw -4 and over 216BOL
Wrong, no sweep in Cleveland, nobody wants that, especially GSW


Amazing the way everyone just writes off The Knights, because of a couple(one extremely unlucky) losses. They'll show back up tonight, you can bet on that, grab the easy plus money, and it's also a good time to place a series bet on them at +190bigsmile

charlielo55 replied to Sunday Hoops
in NBA Betting

Quote Originally Posted by Hollywood07:

Quote Originally Posted by Beningo88:

Always THE best profile pics on siteGl to you tonight sir
Really, they seem like some 16 yr old kid who lives in their parent's basement and still beats off to the SI bathing suit edition.


Quote Originally Posted by piroozi:

and he's going to lose.....yet again


Quote Originally Posted by blowoutgm:

I guess it was a fix that the Celtics shot lights out- GTFO of here with that crap- I don't like Lebron but he isn't fixing games- if anyone fixes games it will be the refs- even then they can only help sway a game so much
One ref could easily sway any game they wanted.....easily. Like when they swallowed their whistle at the end of the 6ers last game. That was ridiculous. Those guys were all over Embiid under the glass. Call the right call there and The 6ers advance to the next game, plain and home.


You think The Rockets "are running in fumes" that's hilarious. You must not know much about professional athletes bro. They're thoroughbreds, one day rest is like an eternity, and they've had plenty more than that, please. Rockets win easily tonight. 

charlielo55 replied to NONSENSE
in NHL Betting

Quote Originally Posted by Achilles1629:

Very......interesting......The takeaway above is that I guess Nashville is the better team, they are at home and they will win by at least 2 goals? Hmmmm. I think these same reasons above which are all opinion explain the reasons why the public at over 60% likes Nashville too. Only game on tonite between the nhl and nba, game 7......ohhhhh and pair that with the idea that Nashville has experience from last year and just shut out Winnipeg 4-0 on the sounds like a given that Nashville takes this here.....well, we will see. You think it’s all pure so if that’s the case no way the road, inexperienced team can take this right? Can’t wait for this game!


Another fool on the Jets tonight, like taking Lambs to the slaughter.....bwahahahahaha! 


Quote Originally Posted by LB_Dirtbags:

Is most everyone in here Canadian? Seems like anytime Jets play, peeps in this forum start humming.Nashville MLNashville 1P MLNashville -1USA, USA, USA!
Everybody on Covers is on Jets tonight, it's going to be another covers burial. I love to fade it whenever everybody on Covers is on the same side. Preds!!

charlielo55 created a topic NONSENSE
in NHL Betting

I'm not sure what's happeened to the covers NHL thread, but there is such a bunch of bs today with so many cover's pundits talking about this game being fixed tonight in favor of Jets. What a crock of shiit! The best team will win tonight, and it will be Nashville, whether you Canadians or Americnas or whoever you are, like it or not. They're home in game 7, they're a better team, and I see them winning by at least 2 goals. You can take that to the bank! 


I was in the pool! George Costanza.....shrinkage


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