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Quote Originally Posted by UHQB:

I hate to crash your party but Oregon will be in the Final Four. +8.5 is a gift today. Virginia is the biggest fraud team from the ACC.

It's possible they cover. Oregon doesn't have the depth or experience to win this thing straight up. I can see some early foul trouble for Okaru and Wooten. The Virginia bigs will body those kids up and draw fouls. Virginia has better, more skilled, and more experienced bigs. That is a huge difference in this game. Early foul trouble for Okoru or Wooten and night..night Ducks. I'm sure Virginia is quite aware of this.

Also, Virginia will deny Pritchard the ball. The secondary scorers for Oregon are horrendous as it is, let alone against Virginia defense. an_roll_laugh


There are some live dogs today and tomorrow but Oregon ain't one of them.


Quote Originally Posted by PAPAWFRANK:

zags get revenge i feel


I am a firm believer in the revenge factor, but this is the NCAA tournament!!!!an_shake


Thanks duce. Best of luck to you as well.an_cheers


Florida State +6.5


Gonzaga will be lucky to win this game, let alone cover a 7-8 pt spread. FSU is too big. They have the size to hit those contested threes. The deciding factor in this game will be who can get to the rim and draw contact. Admittedly, FSU is not very good at this. I've seen some sparks in Mann and think he will step up. Gonzaga will  have a hard time penetrating. Hachemori will look pretty average in this game as he'll have a 6'7" defender on him at all times.


FSU is comfortable in a half-court game. Gonzaga will try to speed them up. Which team will crack? They are both gonna crack which is why you want the points here.


Purdue/Tenn under 147


I can see these two teams coming out tight. They'll figure things out by the 2nd half but this thing should still go under.


Virginia -7


The show is over for Oregon here. There is not enough scoring outside of Pritchard for them to hang around in this one. Oregon thrives on easy buckets off turnovers and defensive breakdowns for alley-opps. Not happening here. Virginia sucks the life outta these chumps.


Bradley +19.5


Bradley has the two leading shot-blockers in school history on this team. They will gobble up anything on the inside. The biggest concern is Michigan St. getting super star calls, but I don't see that happening. Bradley will be able to score enough to hang in this low-scoring affair. Nate Kanel is an absolute sniper. He will hit some big shots and is the type of player that allows you to maybe pull off a big upset if he's getting open looks. Decent free throw shooting and rebounding as well.


Oregon +1.5


The Oregon shotblocking should win them this game. Oregon can probably get a few turnovers with their press. Those two things will be the difference. Also, Oregon will get a few easy buckets on the fast break and some alley-oops.


St. Mary's +5.5


This team has the right pieces to hang with Nova. They defend well and are efficient. That slow-pace makes St Mary's a good value play.  They need to avoid giving Nova an early lead. Nova showed that they can't maintain any sort of lead in their last game. That Black forward crashing the boards will be a big difference-maker for Mary's. He should be able to guard Pascal. Catching pts in a game like this is huge.


Washington +3


I'm not in love with this play because Washington is a bit of a stupid team. Still, the defensive pressure they bring will probably cause some issues for Utah St. I doubt Utah St saw anything like that in their regular season. Washington should be able to force some turnovers and get some easy buckets.


UNC -25


UNC should be covering this by the half. Iona and that conference were a complete joke. Iona is small and dependent on wide-open three's. If UNC pounds it on the inside, shoots a decent percentage, and defends the three, then they'll win this by 40.




St Bonnies -1 and under 120


I like this pick the most. Bonnies is good at getting to the line. More importantly, they're hitting their free throws at the line. That is crucial when playing a hard-nosed defense like St Louis. This goes under too. They held Rhodie to 50-something points. They can do the same to St Louis.


Harvard +4.5


Didn't research this too much. Just seems like a lot of points that could come in handy.


Houston -4.5


Houston will make Cincy pay for their bone-head mistakes. They're too good on the boards. I think they'll frustrate Cincy and may win by a large margin.


Michigan +1


All things point to Michigan in this one. Izzo just won his 600th. Michigan lost the two previous meetings. Michigan had two easy rounds while Mich St. had to grind against Wisky yesterday.

slikstiks99 created a topic Friday Picks with Write-ups
in College Basketball

Marquette -4


Marquette just played St. Johns and whooped them. That team is very similar to Seton Hall. Those teams lose their identity when they face elite defense. Seton Hall does have the ability to beat good teams but it it rare. Seton Hall is firmly in the tournmanent and now it's time for them to exit stage left.


Iowa State -2


Iowa State just got warmed up against a physical Baylor team. That performance tells me they're ready for K-State. These teams split in the regular season, neither team holding home-court. Iowa State will have a slight advantage in the crowd. I think they can shoot a high percentage and get to the rim and draw fouls to beat K-state.


Xavier +6.5


Xavier has quality bigs. That is a weakness of Nova. Xavier slows this thing down and bangs on the inside with success. Xavier's role players have really developed and it's an insult to give them this many points.


Kansas -10.5


I think the honeymoon is over for WVU. Kansas is playing in Kansas City. They'll get all the calls and Kansas will put this away in the first half.


Wichita St. +2


Temple is too reliant on the three. Wichita State defends well and will not surrender clean looks. Wichita State has just enought talent and heart to grind out the small upset here. They are built for high-stakes, closely-contested, defensive games. Temple is not.


Nebraska +8 and under 127


I'll bite on this. May be a trap if Nebraska is tired. Wisconsin like to play a slow place so all those points may come in handy. Nebraska should be able to contain Ethan Happ considering they just handled Bruno Fernando. Nebraska has three quality seniors. I think this win may put them into the dance. That would give them wins over Iowa, Nebraska, and Maryland. If not they're on the bubble with this win.


Quote Originally Posted by BIGDTITLE:

who's the chick in your avi?


Monica Belucci. an_cheers


Indiana St -2 (Top play)


My gut was on Indiana State based on general momentum in conference play. Then I looked at the numbers and became more confident. They have the advantage in  FT percentage that may very well decide the game. They also have a significant advantage in 3 pt shooting. Valpo has a not-so significant injury at guard, but the guy averaged 30 min per game. This will make the other guards tired who happen to be less experienced. Indiana State will grind this thing out for the win, but it may be close. I'd still bet it at -3.5 without a doubt though.


Iowa/Wisky over 140


Iowa is in shambles but can still score the basketball. I see lot's of fouling and three pointers. I just don't think we'll see that 60 pt first half necessary to bust this bet. Both teams are tourney bound. Should be free-flowing despite a Wisky senior night.


Illinois/Indiana over 141


Illinois likes to get up and down. They should be able to force the issue here and make Indiana play a more up-tempo game. This will probably be close at the end. That extra 5-6 points should put this thing over if it's not already.


UCLA/Colo over 149


UCLA is a stupid team that plays like a chicken with its head cut off. They huck up threes and concede open looks from three. Colorado will hit those open looks all night. UCLA has shot a better percentage as of late. I can see these teams blowing up the second half to push this over. Could be a little tight in the first half though.


My thoughts exactly.


Also, McClung and that other guard seem to be playing together now. Before, they were fighting each other to possess the ball and over-dribbling.


G-town should be confident after taking it to St. Johns on the road. I'm a bit worried about them getting eaten up on the inside again by that Hankins. They better front him or bring the double team.


G-town should cruise here.an_cheers

slikstiks99 replied to Bowl Game Wagers
in College Football

Cuse actually gonna shiit this down their leg? I've seen enough. They were 1/7 on 3rd down to start the game........with their starting quarter back.


The coach is a bonehead.


Some of these coaches are bad at math and just can't do the numbers...........an_wink

slikstiks99 replied to Bet Cuse Now!!!!!!
in College Football

Syracuse has played horrible and put themselves in bad situations all night.


They are finally starting to pull their heads out their asses. Think they are about to pull away here. But I may have spoken too soon. They are back to shooting themselves in the foot.

slikstiks99 created a topic Bet Cuse Now!!!!!!
in College Football

If you can get -4.5 take it!!!!! Gonna get ugly here soon. That ejection was huge. Cuse has the momentum!!!!


WVU kicker must've seen a nice pair. Just missed the extra point.an_cheers


You gotta be kidding.


For one, why are you even running a play there rather than taking a free timeout and letting the quarter end. And then he does that. An absolute killer to both Cuse -3 and the under. Seriously, Fugh that kid and the stupid coach. Inexcusable.


This game is a total layup for them. Look at the crowd! It's all orange. Hard to mess this up. But this coach and QB tandem might find a way.


Goddamn, I'm pissed. angry


Auburn - 3 -125


Auburn has the better defense. Purdue will be able to score some points here but not enough. The speed of Auburn defense should have Purdue a little off balance. This should cause a couple turnovers to swing the game. Also, Stidham's ability to run the football will be an advantage. Auburn run-game is down, but run defense and defense in general is the weakness of this Purdue team. Purdue was inconsistent this year and wasn't able to generate momentum playing away from home. Auburn is the play but not as strong as the others.


Syracuse -3

Syracuse should've been +3 with Grier playing. They have the better defense, and with Grier out, it's a no-brainer. They should come up with a few turnovers to put this thing away in the 2nd or 3rd qtr. Some people are saying trap. I don't see it. Syracuse defense is too solid and running game are too solid. I like the way Cuse finished the season too. They walked into BC on senior day and shlacked them. That's not easy to do though AJ Dillon left that one early but still.


Iowa State +3 -125

I've been waiting all year for the right spot to fade Wazzu. They are the most overrated team in the country. The Pac 12 was weak to begin with, but they were the beneficiary of a perfect storm of scheduling. Also, that team should've lost to Cal.


Iowa State is solid on both sides of the ball. They are far better at scoring than Wazzu and have better play makers. QB might be a wash, but ISU may have the advantage  as Wazzu played in the cupcake Pac 12. They haven't faced pressure like ISU can bring outside of Washington who they lost to.


Quote Originally Posted by gambleholic63:

I have been watching this game and thought it was funny how they just talked about the LT players not even going out of the hotel during their free time so they could watch more game film.  Sometimes you just can't depend on a bunch of college kids to get drunk and stoned on vacation.



Ha, ain't that the truth.

The house was rocking with the hometown kid. Still can't believe that Hawaii would fold so easily. They gave about 3 backbreaking plays. That 3rd and 18 on the 3 yd line where they allowed the Tech QB to run for 25 was the game. They clearly gave up after that.


Quote Originally Posted by kuddish:

Hawaii needs to decide who they want to play QB. This mix and match stuff every other play is killing your chances. You should be up by 2-3 touchdowns but you keep fucking up yo.


I was just going to say. They had the hometown kid playing at a high level and the place was going nuts.


That is inexcusable, terrible coaching to put the other kid back in...... He throws a pick right away. 14 pt swing right there and Hawaii backer can burn their tickets.angry


Dumped on Hawaii after the ridiculous 4th down run by Tech on their own 30.


Fuk this Hawaii coach. Fuking box.

slikstiks99 replied to NCAA Final Four
in College Basketball



Possible but that big German fella looks like a matchup nightmare for Loyola. I think he'll have a field day.

slikstiks99 created a topic Final Four........
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Mich -5.5. Loyola had a nice run but time is up.


Kansas +5. This seems like a lot of pts for a game that probably comes down to the wire.


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