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Can anyone tell me what it takes to be blacklisted from Western Union? I keep my withdrawals under $1000, and only have requested 4 payouts this year. Am i close to being blacklisted? If so i will cut down on my withdrawals, but I just don"t know??
HateChalk replied to DOWN BUT NOT OUT
in NHL Betting
Hoping and praying the Hawks win tonight, so I can come back and dump all my Hawk $$$ ( to win West and Cup) on L.A. Hoping and expecting L.A to be a dog in Chicago.
HateChalk replied to Against Phil Mickelson
in Pro Golf
It's real nice, I don't even have to sweat out the weekend!
HateChalk replied to Take a look at 5dimes
in Nascar
Forget it-5d changed the line
HateChalk created a topic Take a look at 5dimes
in Nascar

top 18 drivers to win Southern 500 +1100

bottom 25 to win -1700

what are the chance this slips through the cracks?

HateChalk created a topic Against Phil Mickelson
in Pro Golf

I think he is a little hurt, and not the same player he was in years past. I am going "ALL-IN" in my Head to Head bets against Phil Mickelson!  Thoughts??

HateChalk replied to March Stackness
in College Basketball
Frank-Any thoughts on the total?? thanks
HateChalk created a topic MLB Season Win totals
in Props & Futures
I went with the Minn Twins Under 70.5 (+110).Thoughts?
HateChalk created a topic MLB Season Win Totals
in MLB Betting

I went with the Minn. Twins Under 70.5 (+110) Thoughts?

HateChalk replied to Auburn -8.5
in College Football
I am interested in knowing why you took +8.5. Don't you think all the $$ will be on Florida?

Quote Originally Posted by mlbwiz:

Hi COVERS family, I am a longtime lurker and first time follower and I am here to provide insight and my own humble opinion and I hope you respect and find decisive agreement with my analysis. I only wager on MLB because it eliminates any odds/advantage the house has with spreads. It avoids a lot of the theories about fixed games and all that jazz. I hit at a very, very high % with MLB and I have my strongest play in my 10 years of wagering and I figure why not try to help out other hardworking citizens vs their books. The goal is to crush the books and what better way to give out my largest play ever made in the MLB. Im am wagering $4,000 on this play tomorrow and I have the most confidence I have ever made on a wager. I believe the boston Redsox are as close to a LOCK tomorrow, if such exists. I don't believe in guaranteed games, locks and all that hocus pocus. I believe the Redsox are determined to win their 1st world series at Fenway Park. I believe they take game 5 in St Louis and win Game 6 in Boston. I believe they are in Wainwright's head and have his pitched tipped off and have a great scouting report on him. They drilled him in Game 1 and I cant see any changes that can miraculously save him a week later seeing him. Lester has been lights out and will strike out these cards for the cancer that struck him and many others. This is MLB stand up for cancer and the Boston Redsox will get that parade they deserve for all the survivors, victims, and police officers for that horrific tragedy on The Boston Marathon. I believe its destiny for the Boston Redsox and Lester has been dominant in the playoffs..I am absolutely hammering the Boston Redsox tomorrow and in Game 6 and I hope you join me. I hit at an unbelievable rate with MLB, hence the reason its the only sport I wager on... HAMMER REDSOX FOR GAME 5 OF THE WORLD SERIES AND BEST OF LUCK!!!

Please !!

Do you really think Lester will strike out the Cards for the cancer that struck out him and others? Do you think that MLB stand up for cancer has anything to do with this game. Explain how the tragedy at the Boston Marathon is relevant. Well, you have a 50% chance of being right, no matter how you come to tyour decision. As a Red Sox fan good luck!

HateChalk replied to Week 9 Money
in College Football


Please ignore MLMaster-you are giving him more attention that he deserves. Thank-you for the informative posts, you are a "Must" read!

HateChalk created a topic New York Knicks Under 50.5
in NBA Betting

I see this as the best NBA Season Total bet. I think the New York will regress from last season, also the conference has gotten a little harder. Thoughts?



Thanks for the write up. I am about to take a strong stand on the New York Knicks Under 50.5. Any more thoughts on the Knicks? Thanks

HateChalk replied to Week 6 Money
in College Football

Wahoo- Please help me !  What is the meaning of life??



I am not even going to start on my thought of betting teasers. BUT-Sports betting 101, which most of us learned in the first grade, teaches "NEVER" cross 0 with a tease. Good luck!

HateChalk replied to Seattle at Houston
in NFL Betting
To early in the season to be talking letdowns ( IMHO). Hawks are out to show the world that they are the best team in the NFL. Hawks -3 !!
HateChalk created a topic Who will win the NL Central?
in MLB Betting
I bought the Pirates at the start of the season. Due you think i should "save with the Cards?? Thanks
I bet him! Good Luck! Also 5dimes has him at + money to be under 5 1/2 ! I think thats great value.
I am in Lewiston ( Dirty Lew!!) Maine right now! The city is a dump!! I will  catch the show. Don't know anything about these matches. Please give me a few  ideas on what to bet. Just need a little action to make the show more interesting. Thanks

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