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There are exceptions in every case but I would say the VAST majority of guys with girls as best friends would sleep with them in a millisecond if the opportunity presented itself. The comment about girls just using guy friends as ego boosters couldn't be more right. That's why you can't wait to long to make a move - eventually she will just see you as a friend and that's it.

You gotta befriend a girl a little bit before asking her but make sure you don't cross the friend line. No calls "just to talk", no picking her up or giving her lifts and no hanging out with her friends. Once you've done all that, your just a friend and nothing more.
Thats a major

Raptors -4.5!!!
ChrisBosh replied to First Trip to Vegas
in Las Vegas
Thanks for all the feedback - ive relayed the info to him, but predictably he doesn't care. He says hes coming no matter what, and we told him were not sacrificing anything because of him. T-Minus 20 days, CANT WAIT
ChrisBosh created a topic First Trip to Vegas
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After years of waiting, missed plans, final exams - Finally we are getting a crew of SEVEN for Vegas this decemeber!

ONE Problem. We have one guy in the group who is 20 and really, really wants in. All of us are either 21 or 22 and obviously aren't going to cancel this trip because of one guy. What is the ID policy in Vegas - do they card in the casino, at the clubs, in the restaurants? What I am asking is it worth it for this guy to come or should he stay home? Anyone have experiences with this? 
Any serious capper knows Phil Steele is a must in CFB. For a guy just trying to get into CBB handicapping, is there a magazine with similar format and content for all division 1 teams?
Keep the updates comin - on the OVER 47
Is this on TV?
I live in Montreal and have been there many times... here is the breakdown

Poker room - very nice section of the casino, all electronic poker, played on mini computers. Cash games and tournaments ranging from 1/2 to no limit. Tournament buy ins change frequently. Also a bad beat jackpot

Blackjack - 15$ minimum table but you will have trouble finding a spot on Saturday night.

Craps - never seen more than 2 tables open

Baccarat, Roulette, Pai Gai Poker, Sic-Bo, War, Keno

Slots 2 full floors of 5Cent to 5 dollar slots.

Montreal Casino has an excellent reputation - nice architecture on an island and very easy to get to. If you got any other questions post em. 

No he was not issued a ticket, im asking if this driver calling the cops (which I dont know if they did) can really result in a ticket.
I was in the car with my friends yesterday and he tried to take a shortcut on a one way street. He wasn't going more than 15 MPH but by chance another vehicle was going the right way. (This was at 7 AM)

The driver freaked out and threatened to call the cops and took his license plate number. What we did was wrong, but can the police really issue us a traffic ticket based on this driver reporting this incident. Isn't this the same as me calling the cops to report that someone burned a stop?
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no Mickey, Noooooooooooo
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Guys like SecondAgain are never going to change their views. IMO it all comes down to Anti-semitism - all the evidence in the world will not convince guys with a certain ideology.

Does Israel have blood on its hands? Of course. But when the enemy will not rest until every citizen of Israel is dead, certain measures need to be taken to protect your people. "The Land" to the Palestinians could not be more irrelevant. It's an excuse to get people to support their cause, when in reality, If every person in the world were to be exterminated, they would jump for joy.

The "blind support"  is more typical anti-Semitic sentiment. When people don't fully comprehend the Palestinians ultimate goal - which is destruction of Israel and it's citizens - they cling to the pictures of dead innocent civilians and carnage of war as "proof" that Israel is just as guilty as the Palestinians.

But ultimately what can be done? Racists, sexists, homophobes and all hate groups will always hate using whatever evidence they can. As long as the loons stay in the minority, I think we are in pretty good hands. To say Israel is as much to blame as the Palestinians is absurd.
This is a very, very weak apology. Blaming the reporters, not knowing what he took, blaming the era - I would not fall for this one.

He should have said this "Wipe my records off the books and only count my remaining 9 years" I think he would have won over a lot of fans.
Ahambone - its not the studying, ive been to study groups, this is for writing term papers and research papers
Cobra - yea these classes are the ones that have nothing to do with my major (Poly Sci) so that what makes it even worse. And yea, I have gotten laid again (people still remember that?)
I go to school in Montreal

I'm in my first year of University and find myself just swamped with work for classes I just can not stand. Research Papers, essays loads and loads of reading... needless to say its much more work than i have ever done my academic life.

Have any of you ever paid essay writing services/other people to do some papers for you? I am struggling internally as to weather or not I should go through with this... I have never cheated through high school or junior college but I fear if I do not do this there is a real possibilty I fail out of school.
Im just looking for advice and experiences of others. Thanks for the replies.
ChrisBosh created a topic Is Pinnacle Down?
in Gaming Industry - US
Havent been able to log on since Monday 6 PM? Anyone know anything about this?
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in College Football
Just took a walk outside... and still feel like an idiot for actually thinking this one was wrapped up. FUCK THE BADGERS
ChrisBosh replied to Wisconsin
in College Football
this one hurts reallllllllllllllllllly bad
Hope this helps

12:00 PM (ET) / 11:00 AM (CT)
YOUNGSTOWN STATE VS. OHIO STATE: channel 439 or 9500 (HD)
AKRON VS. WISCONSIN *: channel 5440 or 9501 (HD)
MAINE VS. IOWA: channel 5441 or 9502 (HD)
WESTERN KENTUCKY VS. INDIANA *: channel 5442 or 9503 (HD)
COASTAL CAROLINA VS. PENN STATE: channel 5443 or 9504 (HD)
7:00 PM (ET) / 6:00 PM (CT)
ChrisBosh replied to Wisconsin
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LOL - no, i dont think its possible to get even more conservative with evridge. I am not gonna lock in any second half bets on this one - this should be a 21 or more point lead right now. Could be a blessing in disguise for Badger backers - either way we were on the right side.

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