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Mark_The_Narc replied to What Teams are These?
in General Discussion

Tufts Jumbos



The wagyu at blt is real good. Well worth it.

Stay outta Fremont St. Just way too many bums out there. They've tried and tried to improve it but it just isn't working.
Dating myself here but, Bobby Smith from the Spinners was great. 

Dionne Warwick is also very underrated in my opinion. Burt Bacharach really made her and deserves some credit here for her.
GG-Its interesting seeing these no commission mini baccarat games out there. There all o ver LV now. Seem to be quite popular. Personally, I stick to the commission game. 
Place 6 and 8 in craps. Hope for a hot shooter. 

Baccarat is great, but can be very,very streaky. I've seen 10 or more player or banker streaks and martingaling could kill you if your on the wrong side.
5 years on in this thread and still hittable fellas. 
Mark_The_Narc replied to 5dimes want pay
in General Discussion
Tony is stiffing customers even while he's stiff. Impressive to say the least.
Mark_The_Narc replied to ***Friday NCAAF***
in College Football
Rush is without a doubt on a whole other level than 99% of the posters here. Brief, on point and very consistent.
I've been to most of the Caribbean, South America and Europe....the place I enjoy most is Aruba. 

Perfect weather, nice people and pretty affordable. 
Mark_The_Narc replied to World Series ratings
in MLB Betting
Two blue bloods is boring to me. You want a team to root for or against and this series provides two teams that I'd like to see lose.
As much as people talk about society going in the crapper and to hear people on here speak about him with concern or care is a nice trait I gotta say. There are over 8 billion people on this planet and to really give a crap about one individual person speaks pretty well of some of you. 

Guy seems like a prick and personally one less person leaving a carbon footprint is my shallow viewpoint.
He's almost certainly dead at this point. Took his ransom and still killed him. Those were some serious dudes. 

He was only 43. Good business sense, but no damn common sense to not have bodyguards at all times.
Electile Dysfunction Tour is another name I've heard for this.
That was disappointing.
Mark_The_Narc replied to Do you believe in God?
in General Discussion
I've personally seen him. He was a pretty decent player for Providence.
Mark_The_Narc replied to Am I going to jail?
in General Discussion
Let's see here.....adderall, crystal math and most likely sports gambling issues. 

You sir have a bright future ahead of yourself.
25 or 6 to 4 by Chicago is a debated song with its storyline. Apparently, it's not drug related as once believed. Just a reference to when the song starts. For the longest time, I didn't see the connection with "Does anybody really know what time it is" but hey two great songs. 
Think there were about 3 or 4 episodes of twilight zone like that. 

That show gets a lot of mentions on this site. Must be a gamblers thing.

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