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My card didn't work earlier.  Bank said the chip wasn't working for a few hours, should be OK now.....
Mac.....Whats up buddy.  I know you must remember me, ravenzone????  I have not logged on in forever but you know I'm still a degenerate gambler, LOL.  I hope you have been well.  Me?  Great, just busy with wifey and 3 teenage daughters, and bought a new home......anyway buddy I might be back....I'm on the Bungles tonight, nothing huge, just some action.  Hope to hear back my friend.
ravenzone replied to Bengals!!!!!!????
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I'm in the same boat dude, Go Bengals...WHO DEY

That was supposed to continue with fingers were happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!  AGAIN..............GO RAVENS................


Zack............I have been around for quite a while.  It still amazes me that gamblers who should be more focused on banking are more concerned about your profile pic............I dont give a flying F what you look like, but newbies seem to be.  I enjoy your insight and and outlook on games...bottom line!!!  Please do not entertain them.........WTF?  I enjoy your reads............You do however, do quite well with the degenerates..GO RAVENS!!!!.......B
My take is this and of course I am a Ravens fan but also a realist.  Yes Joe made some really bonehead plays last week but lets take just a few of those dropped passes away last week and if they made the FG early.  Different ballgame and result.  These two squads always play a tough game, we all know that.  I think and hope they get their garbage together by Thursday.  Giving the Steelers points here is begging you to take them, looks too easy.  Not so fast.  My heart and money will be on the home team.  I refuse to discuss Ray's been and still is being beat to death...let's move forward with #29 Justin Forsett.  I liked watching him last week as he looked like he was trying out for a starting role with this offense.  Good luck!!!
ravenzone replied to Week 1. Start off strong
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Papa A......Love it and hope you are correct about Baltimore sir.  As mentioned, love Balty at home and for Pitta, Smith, and Jones to have huge seasons if Joe is given the time to set.  We missed Pitta a ton last year, great on 3rd and short across the middle.

Good luck this year 

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I lived north of Seattle a while (US Navy) and went to a game when the Ravens were in town.  I only have M&T Bank stadium to compare but wow, Century Link Field is as loud as they advertise.  The 12th man is there to stay.  I see why they hung a 12th MAN FLAG back in October of 2003.....insanely loud. 

Yes the Ravens lost

I will take the Hawks at home all day long!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ravenzone replied to Green Bay @ Seattle
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It's the most wonderful time of year...........My O's making a pennant run and Football is back..........I love Seattle this week.  As mentioned, yes Aaron Rodgers is no joke but Seattle has too much depth......Great to see some familiar names.  Best of luck this year



Are you sure you weren't at the same happy bar they were in?  Just messin with ya dude

ravenzone created a topic 50 days till kick-off.......
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OK, so the music played during commercial breaks for the All-Star game was the same as during NFL games...............UGH!
50 days until The Super Bowl Champs, the Seattle Seahawks host the Green Bay Packers for the start of the 2014 season (Thursday)................bring it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I miss my excuse to sit on the couch on Thursdays, Sundays, Mondays, and late in the season, Saturdays.............GO RAVENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its quite comical that in EVERY thread....dudes on the losing side cry guilty as well, LOL


ravenzone replied to NFL MONDAY
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Obviously I want the Ravens win but in addition I need a total of 47 or under and I win my pool for the week, a couple hundred bucks....GO RAVENS!!!!!...Best of luck to all
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ravenzone replied to Week 10 shocker
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Ya my gambling experience it happens too many times that the spread looks way off...drawing in the bettors and the fave all know what I mean.....just like Cinci @ Miami in the NFL Thursday........



Pardon my ignorance but why is Mia getting 21 ish?  Is Fl State that good.  I mean they are both 7-0.  Has Mia had a weak schedule?  I am not a big college fan but I was just snooping around.....enlighten me please.  I just put a small wager with a huge ND friend of mine.  I took Navy move??????


Quote Originally Posted by Droford:

Bengals are going to march down the field on the dolphins defense again. 
In retrospect that 92 yard pick 6 might be to worst thing that could have happened for the Dolphins leaving their defense out there so long.

Yeah a pick 6 is always a bad thing????WTH????

ravenzone replied to Worst call in years
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Love the avatar Goose!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And you are correct Sir.....runner advances!!!!!!!!!!!!


HE was correcting the BYE guy......



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