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is that what's going on??? I bet the suns :(
Lvdonkey replied to The Super Bowl
in NFL Betting
Quote Originally Posted by SweetLou15:

I dont see why everyone is so caught up on Bellichek. Seriously, hes been beating up on the jets, dolphins and bills for years, three sad franchises. Since spygate he has a losing playoff record. So two weeks to prepare makes a difference? And Coughlin having two weeks doesnt matter? SB 2007 Coughlin had two weeks and figured out how to hold Brady to 14 points. And genius Bill had single coverage on Plaxico with a 5'7" db on game winning TD? Hmmm. Last year Pats beat jets by 40 points yet lose to them in playoff two weeks later? He wasnt outcoached there either? If Bill was such a genius his D would be ranked 31 either, terrible drafter last few years.

I've seen people mention this a few times, the losing record since spygate.. u guys apparently can't add well

07 2-1
08 0-0
09 0-1
10 0-1
11 2-0
seems to add up to 4-3 to me.
u were sure sweating that balty under :)
woot.. lets go balty + over
Lvdonkey replied to The Pats are overrated
in NFL Betting
Quote Originally Posted by dendogg55:


Those numbers for the Pats have more to do with Brady instead of the D. I agree they deserve more credit but they don't have a better d.

what do the numbers have to do with brady?  They are on the field more, so they should give up more points right?

Last 10 games, Broncos D has been on the field 294 minutes.. New englands has been on field 316 minutes.  So they have been on the field a quarter and half more than the broncos D, yet giving up less points, while getting 16 more turnovers. 

The only stat the pats D is worse in, is yards given up.. yards don't go on the scoreboard.  Hell Denver gave up 40 to buffalo who couldn't find their asses with both hands and a map, the week after they gave up 41 to new england.
Quote Originally Posted by Mikeyboi96:

You my friend are a idiot... so in essence u plan to risk 2500 to win 250?  And you are being commended for making a smart move?  This is all based on NE beating Den right?  THEN WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU not just take NE on the ML and win more, currently I got NE at -750 even so 2250 wins you 300 already???  I don't get it.

you obviously don't get it.. he's assuming the pats are going to beat the broncos, which I think you can assume that, then it's free money with the differences in spread.. if you want to look at it your way...
he's betting 1750 on the new england ml this game, which he's hoping will pay about 1:7 on the overall bet, which is better than the -750 anyway.  If you think this game is pretty much a ML lock, then it's a pretty good bet.  Pretty simple no?
NE is 15th in scoring D.

I agree though, I think they are gonna get Gronked.
Lvdonkey replied to The Pats are overrated
in NFL Betting
Why does everyone think Denver has this good Defense, they give up 3 more points a game than the Pats.  Which imo is pretty terrible since they play a style of offense that can eat clock.
pats will not give tebow all day to heave the ball 50 yards downfield to wide open receivers.  They sacked Tebow 4 times in their previous meeting, while Pitt only pressured him a few times even with blitzes.  Pats gave up some runs last game, but they want the game to be a shootout where tebow will have to throw, having 4 different ways to run the ball doesn't help you when ur down 24 points.  I'm guessing they scheme to roll some coverage to Thomas, and play a lot more zone than Pitt did.
troy was just out of position like he is most of the time
it's gonna be NE -10
lets go pitt
Quote Originally Posted by BayBart:

He did that on every kick. Its obviously not a false start.

they missed the call on every kick.. because it is a false start. 
rutgers gets ball 2nd half

rutgers +3 2nd half for me
Lvdonkey replied to Baylor is done!!
in College Football
sufferin succotash imo
lol that was an awful call
Lvdonkey replied to You guys crack me up
in NFL Betting
so many cry babies every time teams throw a bunch and score points... that's the way the league is now duhhhhh.
Throwing the ball is their offense, it's the pats offense too, and GB.. every time the pats go for it on 4th down up 21, it's whine whine whine.

Nothing classless about any of it.. if it screwed ur bet at some point, then you weren't on the right side.  Teams with good coaches don't go into a prevent and run run run, punt anymore, have to factor that into ur picks.  
I'm kinda liking o20, I think bears score 10... if they don't GB scores 20 on their own from INT's when the bears abandon the run

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