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UnderDogs1979 replied to How to cancel the pick
in Streak Survivor
Quit bitching because its free!

UnderDogs1979 replied to Survivor got a lot harder
in Streak Survivor
Just keep picking the biggest road favourites possible.  A -130 road team is worth around -160 at home so that's a solid long term strategy.

UnderDogs1979 replied to Lippsman Split Finals 2019
in NHL Betting
Let’s go Blues!
UnderDogs1979 created a topic Milwaukee to sweep +800
in NBA Betting
Bucks are 1.36 game 1 and about the same for game 2 =

1.85 for winning first two games.

Bucks won't be a big dog on the road if they are -6.5 at home.

Bucks probably even $ for game 3 & 4 =

1.85 x 2 x 2 = 7.40ish for sweeping and letting it ride 4x, or taking +800 now!

Lots of hedge value if Bucks go up 2 games...

UnderDogs1979 replied to Raptors +6 & Raptors ML Game 1
in NBA Betting
No way Raptors win a game in Milwaukee!

I can see a sweep by Bucks at +800.

Bucks are around -275 for games 1 and 2...

Game 3 maybe even $ at Toronto and the same for game 4...

Possibility to hedge some if they take a 2-0 series lead back to Toronto.

UnderDogs1979 replied to Raptors/76ers Game 4 Pick
in NBA Betting
Philly -1.5

Maybe we both hit!

Let's try this again...

All 3 games go to overtime!

60-1 odds.

I found the Biff almanac and it says to parlay the 3 games going to overtime at 60-1 odds!!!

UnderDogs1979 created a topic Keep Fading KC!
in MLB Betting
Indians -1.5


Over 7.5


UnderDogs1979 replied to Who's sitting?
in NHL Betting
Quote Originally Posted by Lippsman:

This would be a great day to take every Dog of +130 or more

The pre lippsman split special!

UnderDogs1979 replied to Bob Coles Final Game Tonight
in NHL Betting
Quote Originally Posted by Polar_Bear:

He was never the Habs announcer aside from the odd time the Leafs weren't playing on HNIC so that pretty much summizes your knowledge of the man but hey to each his own. 

I never said he is the Habs announcer. BIG difference between Canadian and Canadien. Maybe you should go to your local library and pick up a book.

Don't try and say my comment was ambiguous after the fact because your English sucks.

How does Columbus approach the game in Ottawa?

A win could avoid a first round match with Tampa, but they still could face Washington.

If Columbus rests the best players, Ottawa certainly could have value so not too sure on Torts approach?!

UnderDogs1979 replied to Bob Coles Final Game Tonight
in NHL Betting
Most overrated Canadian sports broadcaster.

Great voice, can't argue there.

Way over the hill and too old school.

And the "oohh baby" just sounded so wrong for too many obvious reasons, yet people just put this guy and his one liners on a pedestal way too long.

Habs are out and so is he, its about bloody time.

UnderDogs1979 replied to 4-1-19 puck picks
in NHL Betting
I knew it was a joke when I saw Tampa -275!

You have no choice but to parlay these just in case. LOL

Quote Originally Posted by Lippsman:

Oh some huge dogs hit yesterday.  I would love to hear the conversation between Babcock and Dubas, after losing to the Rags at home. 

All but one team is on a B2B today.  Be very careful and watch Weebs goaltending thread

No alerts today, but something to watch out for today is scoring.  This late in the year on B2B's that D has a problem.  Take a real hard look at the overs.  GS could be a great play, as TT overs


Philadelphia at Washington 12:30 pm  NBC
Arizona at N.Y. Islanders 3:00 pm
Montreal at Carolina 7:00 pm
Colorado at Chicago 8:00 pm  (Turnaround game) NBCS
Columbus at Vancouver 10:00 pm

I would prefer to hear the conversation after losing 6-2 in Ottawa.

Bishop has a 3+ game shutout streak, thats a brick wall alert!

UnderDogs1979 replied to Leafs -1.5
in NHL Betting
Quote Originally Posted by Polar_Bear:

I see a tight game with Crawford being in good form.


Hawks +210

Minnesota -1.5

   Maybe you can get a push!

UnderDogs1979 created a topic Jazz @ Raptors
in NBA Betting
Jazz money line +115


Jazz -4.5 (Utah has won all of their 18 games by 5 or more points!)


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