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I'm glad to hear he got a job driving Uber.  You may recall some 500+ pages ago that many of us here (myself included) suggested a number of prudent moves (betting online to get the lowest juice, keeping his job, getting a job in Vegas if he insisted on the move, waiting until football season to start betting since he claimed that was his best sport, flat betting, etc.) to help him on his way.  

All of those suggestions were ignored, and I think that's what really turned a lot of people against this guy - he asked for advice but would always ignore it.

Now he has finally gotten a job, although probably just a part-time one.  It's good to see that, though is it too late?  Let us hope not.
Quote Originally Posted by Ravensfan2k3:

Apples and Oranges...go check Baltimore's ATS record as a dog............let alone +9.5 dog since Flacco came aboard
Flacco has never been that big of a dog in his career

He's never played for such a bad team in his career either though.  They have been shocking this season.
Mama's Fish House in Paia, Maui.
Generally speaking, if you have sufficient policy limits and there is coverage and no exclusion then the insurance company will cover the costs of defense and the settlement payout and the tortfeasor won't be on the hook for any of it.  
So he's down to the felt now, right?  I can't believe he lasted this long.  Why he didn't take the good advice he got from many and just wait until football season is beyond me.  
Where would CG be now if he'd been playing flat bets with an offshore book with reduced juice?  Oh wait, reduced juice doesn't matter because you want C-notes in your hand immediately.  

Steve Stevens here baby we'll be rolling out our new Quadruple Platinum Wagering EquityBuilder Fund next week - absolute blowout winner.

What a great idea, giving touts the opportunity to basically run their own mutual funds with other people's money.  I wonder if there is a special "Buy the Hook" fund that Stevens will be pimping.
KennyWoo replied to Vegas and taxes
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Quote Originally Posted by 666LES:

Go to Vegas Forum and look up thread Baseball Limits.The Banking Act of 1991/Bank Secrecy Act,Getting CDed and IRS are all cited. Short answer is:if your payoff is less then 300-1 they don't withhold anything because there is no tax. Do not cite anything posted by poseur Bling.

False.  They don't withhold because they don't have to, just like you don't have to withhold when you pay a plumber $75 to fix a running faucet.  But you still have to pay taxes on your net winnings.  The concept of "income" includes all income.  Lottery winnings, sports winnings, wages, capital gains, windfalls, game show prizes, etc., etc. are all income.  Some have different tax rates (capital gains, for instance) and some have deferment rules (1031 exchanges) but income is income.  You get to net your gambling losses against your gambling winnings though.  
Never marry a 9 or a 10.  Keeping one is almost impossible.  
I honestly don't think there will ever be another fight with this much hype from here on out.  Boxing is basically dead.  This is the last big one.  So I'd go with the fight - there's a Derby every year.
That depends, am I eating it along side a HUGE salad and some tall boys?
If this was all a hoax it was a tremendous hoax and I tip my hat to the guy.
So is he down to his case money?
So I come back to catch up on the thread and CG is banned?  
Quote Originally Posted by scalabrine:


I like the fact that the plays is the under.  When you bet the under, you start the game off winning.

-Steve Stevens
Quote Originally Posted by Drizle:

I assume taking a day off is out of the question.....

I literally laughed out loud when I read this.
Quote Originally Posted by collegegambler:



I'm not arguing with playing Wisconsin at +5 but to say the wrong team is favored is utterly insane.  Kentucky is dynamite and 38-0.
Quote Originally Posted by Theone324:

CG explain this master plan you speak of in your last video?  You are losing your behind and I don't think $150 baseball bets are going to pay the bills.. I'd wager that the majority of the people in this thread who are trying to offer advice know 10x more about capping than you ever will.

$150 bets will not pay the bills.  There is actually no prudent betting strategy with this bankroll that will allow him to pay his bills while avoiding the variance that leads to "gambler's ruin."  

His only options are to get a job or to play a couple "bombs" that might get him up to a workable bankroll.  From there he could grind.

The problem is, he won't grind regardless.  (He should have been grinding from the get-go.)
Just watched one of your videos.  Truer words were never spoken than when you said that you don't make fun of someone losing a family member.  

It sounds like you had a great relationship with your grandfather and all those visits surely meant as much to him as they did to you.

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