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Macwestie1 replied to JMHO 7/19/19
in MLB Betting

Quote Originally Posted by KeyElement:

First 5 Innings $229 Blue Jays -165, Stroman/Zimmermann


Good call so far GL cloverKeyElementpeace_5

Funny thing is when I play the Jays against or with them I lose when I stay away they win *sighnew_crazy

Macwestie1 replied to Friday
in MLB Betting

GL clovermarcig peace_5


waiting for early Fall hope to cya then mah manfootball_c1thefootballan_popcorn


Quote Originally Posted by Macwestie1:

Quote Originally Posted by padre16:

It says “legend” under your avatar.“Luuuuuke. Luuuuke.  Feel the Force”You’ll bounce back.
  Tha dfon't mean Diddlysquat it h


oops spellcheck an_timeoutthat so called title "Legend" don't mean nothing when you've been the Legend of Doom lately so hopefully the 2nd half is better  just plugging away an_fightpadre16 mah manpeace_5


Quote Originally Posted by padre16:

It says “legend” under your avatar.“Luuuuuke. Luuuuke.  Feel the Force”You’ll bounce back.


Tha dfon't mean Diddlysquat it h

Macwestie1 replied to 071919 MLB
in MLB Betting

GLclover Perogipeace_5


adding to the equation Short & Sweet: *woof! woof!an_fight

Toronto Blow Jays @ Detroit Pussycats ML+145 * 7:10 PM  

Stroman / Zimmerman


Quote Originally Posted by padre16:

Mac Always “short and sweet”.Ever “long and sour”?


wazuuup mah man Padre peace_5been more Long & Sour then Short & Sweet hehenew_sweating1


Tonight I like Short & Sweet: *woof@ woof!an_fight

Philadelphia Phillies @ Pittsburgh Pirates ML+100 *even * 7:05 PM

J. Arrieta (R) / J. Lyles (R)

Texas Rangers RL+1.5 -105 @ Houston Astros * 8:10 PM

M. Minor (L) / J. Verlander (R) 

Oakland A's Alt RL-1.5 +185 Minnesota Twinkies * 8:10 PM * can the A's win by 2?an_popcorn

C. Bassitt (R) / J. Odorizzio (R)

LA Angels @ Seattle Mariners ML+115 * 10:10 PM

J. Barria (R) / M. Leake (R)

New York Mutts @ San Francisco Giants RL+1.5 -115 * 10:15 PM 

J. DeGrom (R) / T. Beede (R)

GOOD LUCK GENTLEMEN either way >>>> peace_5cloveran_cheers


(272-340) * (44.4%) * (-4.056.00) * YTD * 2018/2019 * MLB * Reg Season

O/U * (21-25-1) * (45.6%)

 1-unit per play unless noted otherwise

(2-7) * Thurs * got my A*S*S kicked new_head_slap


Macwestie1 replied to Baseball today 7/19
in MLB Betting

GLclover Tinfoils peace_5an_cheers

Macwestie1 replied to MLB Friday 7/19
in MLB Betting

GL cloverKillaPickspeace_5

Macwestie1 replied to Friday July 19th MLB
in MLB Betting

Good to see a Class act on a Hot streak stay the course mah man an_cheersGLclover NYSportspeace_5

Macwestie1 replied to MLB 7/18 Thursday
in MLB Betting

BOLclover KillaPicks peace_5

Macwestie1 replied to Useless stat of the day
in MLB Betting

Quote Originally Posted by baseballfanatic:

Owing to the time difference in Australia and assuming that it was a card of night games, one of the two games qualifying from yesterday's Useless Stat Of The Day had actually been completed at the time of yesterday's post with the Twins inexplicably getting hammered by the Mets. The Red Sox held on to win by a run against Toronto, splitting the day 1-1. Good news for my man Macwestie though getting the alternate run line up. Rookie error from baseballfanatic.   Today I have at least gone to the trouble of checking that this game has yet to start.   Useless Stat of the Day:   In the 2019 season, a team coming off a previous win in which they struck out ten times or more and are away dogs in the next game are 60-95 on the season. With an average line of 136 this has equated to being a losing proposition to the tune of -10.8% ROI based on the $100 bettor. These teams have been outscored by an average of 0.66 rpg.   Today, the Cardinals are in this position with Hudson on the bump.   May as well just fade them and cash tickets with the Reds.   How hard is baseball?


Reds are on my radar tonight an_popcorngreat info mah man Baseballthebaseballfanatican_cheers


Rook peace_5

Tinfoils an_cheers

KillaPicks peace_5may the best team prevail tonightan_fight



BOL clovereither way Fellasan_cheers



GL cloverRoboCapperpeace_5


adding to the equation Short & Sweet: an_fight

Washington Nationals @ Atlanta Braves ML+130 * 7:20 PM

 S. Strasburg / Pitching change: K. Wright takes the place of J. Teheran 



(1-2) so far todaynew_head_slap

adding to the equation Short & Sweet: Laying the juice & mixing it up a bit an_fight

St. Louis Cardinals @ Cincinnati Reds ML-125 * 7:10 PM

Detroit Tigers ML+180 @ Cleveland Indians * 7:10 PM * Macs thebaseballthebaseballplay but doable

Oakland A's @ Minnesota Twinkies >>>> OVER 10.5 -115 * 8:10 PM an_horse

Milwaukee Brewers Arizona Diamondbacks ML-115 * 9:40 PM

New York Mutts @ San Francisco Giants >>>> UNDER 7.5 -115 * 9:45 PM 


Macwestie1 replied to 7/18 Bases
in MLB Betting

Quote Originally Posted by OlDirtyBaztid:

Quote Originally Posted by Macwestie1:

GL you OlDirtyBaztid you 
mac attack! what's shakin?! you ready for football season or what? i sure am can't believe the sox squeaked me out a push. boy, not one win since ASB. swept by the royals and the a's. that's just sad.minny -126

I'm stoked for football_c1thefootballFootball mah manpeace_5

This Baseball season has been frustrating to say the least new_head_slap


gee thanks but this Thread was over a month ago heheconfusednew_smoking

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