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"behind"...….I forgot about the Covers ban on bad words.


Said Yamamoto after the game, "It was very frustrating and it just kind of stinks that I couldn't give the team the best chance to win. Just going out there and letting home runs happen, it's one of those things that I am more ticked off at myself more than anything right now."

I appreciate when an athlete that has failed me acknowledges his failure and kicks his own behind because of it.  Jordan, you are forgiven.  Well, almost.  I'm going to harbor a few bitter thoughts about your performance for one more day and then I'll let it go.

The Marlins' Jordan Yamamoto walked the opposing pitcher to begin an inning and the bet was lost right there, basically (the next batter homered).  The walk to Buehler was inexcusable.
Under 4.5 at even money in the 1st 5 for me. 
MrBator replied to Sat 7/20. Struggling!
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Quote Originally Posted by Unclebenelli:

It’s hot and humid and Boone has his guys swinging from their Anus.

He has them what?  

Quote Originally Posted by hart31:

A's on the road not so good 

19-6 their last 25 on the road. 

The Oakland A's lost last night and that means it's time for them to win.  Why?  Because this team hasn't lost two games in a row in six weeks!  Wait, what?  Yes, since dropping a doubleheader in Texas on June 8th, the A's have gone a perfect 9-0 following a loss.  Furthermore, after beginning the season a horrible 5-15 on the road, these guys turned that completely around and have gone 19-7 since.  They haven't lost a road series in two months. 

The Twins are a strong 29-17 at home, but all that winning basically happened between April 26th and June 15th when they went 18-6 at Target Field.  Since then?  Just 7-6.  The Twins had won seven times in a row at home after losing at home to the same team the day before, but in another sign of their decline, they followed up a 3-2 loss to the Mets on Tuesday night with a pitiful 14-4 defeat on Wednesday afternoon. 

The Twins had a sparkling 47-22 record a month ago but have been an average team since, going 12-13.  Over that same period of time the A's have quietly gone 19-6. Makes you wonder why the home team is favored tonight. Well, they do have All-Star Jake Odorizzi starting for them, but Jake hasn't been doing his best work lately, posting an ugly 6.46 ERA over his last 5 starts.  His ERA was a sparkling 1.92 before that.  Now it's 3.06.

I also like the A's -1.5 +180 on the reverse runline.  Following Oakland's last five losses, they have bounced back to win by scores of 4-2, 7-3, 7-2, 7-2, and 7-4.

MrBator replied to Dodgers Friday
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Since April 26th, the Dodgers have returned to L.A. from five road trips and gone 5-0 at Dodger Stadium, outscoring their opponents 32-17.  They covered the -1.5 in four of those wins.
MrBator replied to Chitownjake 7-17
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The Twins are 8-1 at home this season after losing at home to the same team the day before.  They've outscored their opponents 50-23 in those 8 wins.  They covered the runline in 6 of them.  They are 7-0 in this role since April 17th.

Quote Originally Posted by t6rider:

Why did you throw tomorrow’s game on this? You would of already won over $15,000 and you could of done whatever you wanted tomorrow. Now you have to pay again to hedge. 

Quote Originally Posted by Maddies_Daddy:

I love fading you thanks for all your help. I mean it in a respectful way. Some people try to find great cappers. I find bad ones and fade them. Sounds mean and rude but trust me I’m so happy your here.

Really, you're so happy?  Because the first thought I had after reading your dumb post was about what a deeply unhappy person you must be to throw out an unmerited insult like that. Your implication that you're winning money by fading others doesn't ring true.  You don't sound like someone who is thriving in any way. What's the matter with you? If you don't want to answer, that's okay.  You could just as well GTFOH.

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Quote Originally Posted by StumpTownStu:

Says the guy who only makes these observations after games and whose own name is a testament to how full of sh*t he is. You're like an obese man giving diet advice. Even if you actually knew what you were talking about, one look at you and you lose all credibility.

  When the hammer meets the nail.
The worst team in the NBA is not the Phoenix Suns. That distinction is currently shared by the Bulls and the Cavaliers. The Suns are currently a covering machine.
On Friday, the 28th.
Quote Originally Posted by aireent777:

There's no such thing as a horrible pick. It's either we had the right one or the wrong one.

I appreciate that, but I think I gotta agree with Moneybags9. The decision to go forward with a play on the Magic after learning that Vucevic was taking the night off was a horrible one.
Quote Originally Posted by swanbomb:

Now we can call it. All good, Bator. Get em next time. Hope to see you post more. peace_5

I called it at 47-31. I spare myself as much agony as I can.
That was an unpleasant hour of basketball. The Spurs swished 10 of their 15 three-point attempts. Open shots are easy shots.
Quote Originally Posted by LineKiller28:

 let me give my opinion on the Orlando Magic 2018/19 squad:

This team is NEVER to be trusted, they are terrible at the 3 ball and defending the 3 ball, so if the other team is hot, Orl falls behind quick and cannot go tit for tat.

LineKiller28 called it.   
The Spurs and Magic have been taking turns destroying each other over the last two seasons. It looks like the tradition continues. 

Aaron Gordon gets paid over $21 million per season? For what??
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