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HoustonSports replied to Heritage sports
in NBA Betting

Heritage has a mirror site (for future reference)

[link from unapproved source]

HoustonSports replied to Summer League Nets -2
in NBA Betting
Get real or get lost
HoustonSports replied to Zack Greinke
in MLB Betting
Thanks, I needed a good laugh
Heat index will be around 101 at first pitch. Humidity in the low 40's
HoustonSports replied to Tuesday Plays
in Soccer
Quote Originally Posted by CodyBanks:

Houston   Thought they were gonna punish us there when I saw the 6 mins stoppage time. Nice start to the day

That is a lot of stoppage time for sure but I had faith that the score would stay right where it was at
HoustonSports replied to Tuesday Plays
in Soccer
HoustonSports replied to 39-15
in MLB Betting
Quote Originally Posted by ScoooobyDoooo:

great first half for sure. Same here. Havent had tp pay the book in 2 plus months, collected a bit here and there but not paying ever is a win indeed lol....question....did you start posting like, literally from 1-, 2-0 and so on, on here, or did you come on, say ya know, 17-3 and then start posting from there? I dont recall seeing your early posts...just a big record. Well done. And best of luck in the sec half
He started from scratch; 0-0. His first play/post of the season was the White Sox +1.5 on May 7th
HoustonSports replied to 14-60
in MLB Betting
If you are going to post a record then post an accurate record of your plays that were posted on covers
HoustonSports replied to 37-12
in MLB Betting
Quote Originally Posted by limitlessAAA:

Horrible pick lol.
Spend some time in the PB junior. Hopefully when you get out you can act like a mature adult as opposed to a pre pubescent child
HoustonSports replied to 14-60
in MLB Betting

To the op - either post an accurate record or no record at all. By accurate record I mean a record of POSTED plays here at covers.

However, stop posting a blatantly b/s record (good or bad)

Best of luck today

HoustonSports replied to 11-60
in MLB Betting
To the op. The real question is, what is your record of actual picks posted here on covers ??

Anything else is irrelevant 

Best of luck tonight
HoustonSports replied to Sharp action on the CHI-SOCKS
in MLB Betting

Vig, do yourself a favor and don't respond to the negativity. The haters just want attention through their hatred. Ignore them

Best of luck tonight

HoustonSports replied to Phillies pitching?
in MLB Betting
Quote Originally Posted by hillardoh1:

Im getting diffrent names starting for the phillies . Whos starting tonight for the philllies nola or pivetta?

What does your book say ?
HoustonSports replied to MUTE Joe Buck
in MLB Betting
You mean people are actually watching this exhibition game ?
HoustonSports replied to Eurobasket 2019 day 2
Quote Originally Posted by Dalshim:

I get the "slow down the tempo" But what's the point when youre bad? 

Who gives a how good or bad it is as long as you are winning money. That is the ONLY thing that matters
HoustonSports replied to LAD starting lineups
in MLB Betting
Quote Originally Posted by MIZARD:

You should never judge a man based on the color of his skin but by his actions.an_cheers

This is not going to end good 
Quote Originally Posted by FeltonsFollies:

Thanks for correction... 6.23 in day games is what i meant

Winless at home... Its early just havong my coffee!
Makes more sense
Quote Originally Posted by RoboCapper:

This he's referring to Sale's daytime starts.
His post clearly states that he is referring to Sales era at Fenway. It says absolutely zero about his daytime era
Quote Originally Posted by FeltonsFollies:

Yanks, Red Sox, Indians parlays will flood the market today. 

As we all know its never that easy. 1 of them will lose to blow them up.

Indians did their job last night so I feel it will be Yanks or Red Sox turn today.

Sale bad #s at home 6+ era leaning White Sox. They gave Boston 2 tough games already this series.

Sales era at home is a 3.79. It is not 6+

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