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ilsp2003 created a topic Zack Greinke
in MLB Betting

WTH is going on ?


Greinke is overrated

Could not strike out the opposite pitcher


WTF !!!


“As everyone knows, I suffer from a very serious case of BS, so I couldn’t do my duty in Vietnam, although it would have been an honor,” said the "president" as his plane landed in Caen, near the site of the Normandy invasion on June 6, 1944.

He is right about that .. BS all over the place

Trump, however, insisted that “brave bone spur sufferers” have played a major role in all U.S. wars, including World War II. He called anyone who doubted that “nasty, fake news people with no compassion for those of us dealing with out-of-control BS.”

According to media reports, Trump properties have also employed undocumented immigrants to perform gardening, maintenance, and groundskeeping work, but in the wake of public attention [link from unapproved source] — some of whom have worked for the resorts for years.

Such restrictions can serve as a disincentive to US job seekers, discouraging them from ever applying in the first place, particularly at a time when unemployment rates in Palm Beach County, Florida, where Mar-a-Lago is located, [link from unapproved source].

There is no public record of Trump properties incurring any penalties related to the H-2 program.

But [link from unapproved source] noted that Mar-a-Lago failed to share postings for 90 open positions with a local nonprofit that helps unemployed Americans find jobs. Meanwhile, the club placed newspaper advertisements asking that applicants for housekeeper jobs have high school diplomas, a highly unusual requirement for such a position.

Mar-a-Lago no longer includes an educational requirement for housekeeping positions — which paid $10.68 an hour for the most recent season — but it does require three months’ prior experience “in luxury hospitality setting” and that candidates be “articulate in English.”


Regulators have frequently caught employers discriminating against American applicants, forcing them to pass grueling physical or academic tests that foreign workers do not have to take, advertising for jobs in newspapers hundreds or thousands of miles from the worksite in order to reduce the chance that anyone will apply, and posting stiffer educational and experience requirements than the job actually requires.

The Trump properties’ US job postings required three or six months’ prior relevant work experience, as well as that the candidate have “no visible tattoos or piercings.” Applicants, who are asked to commit to temporary jobs months in advance, are also asked to “be available to work split-shifts, nights, weekends & holidays” for shifts that could start as early as 7 a.m. or as late as 11 p.m., “7 days per week.”


A yearlong investigation by BuzzFeed News found that in many industries with seasonal staffing needs, [link from unapproved source] because they are seen as more compliant — less likely to quit for another job or to complain about low pay, physically demanding tasks, or difficult schedules. Unlike Americans who commute to their jobs and may have families and other demands on their time, guest workers are often housed on the job site and are therefore able to work longer hours.


The records furnished by the Labor Department include recruitment reports accompanying 19 different H-2 petitions submitted by three different Trump properties: Mar-a-Lago; the Trump National Golf Club in Jupiter, Florida; and the Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey. BuzzFeed News also received several other visa petitions from these Trump properties, but they did not include recruitment reports.

The one US resident who these records indicate was hired got a job at Mar-a-Lago, in 2015, as a [link from unapproved source]. The outcome for two [link from unapproved source] [link from unapproved source] was listed only as “TBD.”

The records released by the Labor Department are heavily redacted and do not identify any applicants by name.

The Trump properties offered the Labor Department a variety of reasons for rejecting the US applicants, including that candidates were “[link from unapproved source]” or did “[link from unapproved source],” or that they [link from unapproved source]. In seven petitions’ recruitment reports, the properties’ representatives said that zero US workers had applied.

Instead of giving jobs to local workers, the Trump properties applied for permission to bring in more than 375 low-wage workers from abroad on short-term visas. All of the requests were approved by the Department of Labor, the records, obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, show.

Since being elected, President Trump has held himself up as a fierce defender of American jobs. He has pressured companies to keep struggling US plants open, enacted tariffs against China, and threatened to close the border with Mexico. Earlier this month, Trump complained about the influx of undocumented immigrants from south of the border. “Our country is full,” he said. “Can’t take you anymore, I’m sorry.”

Yet throughout that time, he has continued a practice — started more than a decade ago — of staffing his high-end resorts with foreign workers. Businesses owned by or bearing the name Trump have sought to hire more than 600 employees through the guest worker program, known as the H-2 visa, since he launched his presidential campaign in June 2015.

Most recently, the Trump Winery in Virginia, which is operated by Eric Trump, applied for 23 of the controversial visas for seasonal workers. Between Mar-a-Lago and three of his Trump National Golf Clubs, Trump’s highest-profile resorts apply for a total of around 100 guest worker visas per year, government records show.

Before getting permission to hire workers from outside the US, employers are required to seek local applicants by advertising the jobs in local newspapers and with government-run job recruitment centers. The ads are placed several months or more before the start date for the job, and employers are not required to advertise online. Records indicate the Trump properties complied with the recruiting rules, and year after year told the Labor Department that “there are not enough US workers to consider and hire.”

Ken Bensinger, Jemery Singer-Vine, Jessica Garrison



Trump often says his resorts have no choice but to hire foreign guest workers — there just aren’t any Americans to take the jobs. But government records show nearly 60 US residents applied for those jobs, and only one was hired.


For years, President Donald Trump has insisted it’s impossible to find Americans to fill seasonal jobs at his hotels, resorts, and wineries, leaving him no choice but to hire foreign guest workers instead.

“You can’t get help,” he has said.

But government records obtained by BuzzFeed News reveal for the first time that at least 58 US workers applied for the temporary jobs as cooks, servers, and housekeepers at Mar-a-Lago and other Trump resorts from early 2014 through mid-2018.

Only one of them appears to have been hired.

Reporter : Do you still love Wikileaks

Trump: Huh Huh I know nothing about Wikileaks . It's not my thing.
I know there is something to do with Julian Assange ..
I don't really have any opinion. I know the Attorney General will be involved in that and he will make a decision.

Back in 2016 Trump said

Wikileaks .. I love Wikileaks
this Wikileaks stuff is unbelievable
It's amazing what's coming out on Wikileaks 

The was no obstruction and none whatsoever and it was a complete and total exoneration
Donald Trump

If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter - George Washington?

American people do not need Barr to summarize the report

Release the full report

Quote Originally Posted by SarasotaSlim:

Quote Originally Posted by ilsp2003:

While this report does not conclude the president committed a crime, it also does not exonerate himSpecial Counsel Robert MuellerThey (special Conusel Team) never even got to the point that you can't indict a sitting president.
Does not exonerate him ?How could he exonerated  ..he was never charge with a crime ..


Asking Russian hackers to hack the DNC is conspiracy(collusion)

Firing the FBI director because of the probe is obstruction

Full report must be released. Barr is a Trump's stooge. 



Quote Originally Posted by sundance:

Tucker Carlson, the smartest guy on TV should have some fun with this one. Can somebody please show me where just a little class comes from the Left?

Sundance you again




Quote Originally Posted by darkhorse12:

Quote Originally Posted by StumpTownStu:

No, it's dead. I'm not cowardly nor a republican. And I love horses. So I checked for vitals. It's dead. Now maybe the democrats wil campaign on politics and not slander.
Having barr do a summery is like having your ex mother-in-law as a judge for your divorce.


You are killing it darkhorse  peace_5



Quote Originally Posted by darkhorse12:

Quote Originally Posted by SarasotaSlim:

Does not exonerate him ?How could he exonerated  ..he was never charge with a crime ..
Didn't trump himself say he was exonerated? If he was never charged then why would he say that?


LOL You beat me to it !!!

While this report does not conclude the president committed a crime, it also does not exonerate him

Special Counsel Robert Mueller

They (special Conusel Team) never even got to the point that you can't indict a sitting president.

Cyclones have turned the ball over 16 times but still lead by 14

Ole Piss Rebels are done LOL
Rebels down 5 at halftime
not over yet 
Ole Miss got embarrassed on the road at Alabama 

21 pts loss
they should be motivated 
Like Ole Miss. 
Tyree's status is a major issue
Just checked OLE Miss Basketball twitter feed  . no injuries report

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