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Got a few that most people already ARE familiar with.
Smoke on the water, Pearl Jams Jeremy [pretty sad]

Filters "Hey man nice shot" most think was about Kurt Cobain.
But was actually about a fellow by the name of Robert Budd Dwyer. The State Treasurer was convicted of excepting bribes.
And while maintaining his innocence held a live news conference.


Rejoice Oh young man in thy Youth"

Ecclesiastes  11:9
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Thank you for the great introduction into some of these bands.
I'll delve further into Tame Impala,Wand,and All them Witches.
 Festival sounds awesome. 
Was going to start a separate topic on this but decided not two.
Best rock year. No denying late 60s early 70s are the best for me but what year did these favorite albums debut?

Mine would be the year 1972.And as Biscuiteater stated earlier, there was such an abundance of music during that time, it was the coolest,and was taken for granted rather easily .

Just scratching the surface of that year 1972
Black Sabbath vol 4 and one of my favorite Sabbath tunes Snowblind.
Blue Oyster Cults Debut Album. Still there best
Stones Exile on Main Street
Uriah Heep Not one but two albums Demons and Wizards and perhaps there best,Magicians Birthday.
Pink Floyd Obscured by Clouds and one year later Dark Side of the Moon
Lou Reed Transformer
Frank Zappa Grand Wazoo one year later there finest Overnite Sensation
Allman Brothers Eat a Peach
Alice Cooper Schools Out
Neil Young Harvest
Bowie Ziggy Stardust..Sorry have to include this album.Helped me get laid so many times.
Captain Beyond
Deep Purple *****Made in Japan***** Yeah 5 stars
Rory Gallagher. Live. Greatest Guitarist of all time.[Just ask Jimmy Hendrix]
Yes Close to the edge
List goes on and on...but my favorite album of 1972 although I didnt catch on till around 74....Machine Head

and on that note...drop Mic ...Good night everybody
Sheeeet...Forgot good ol' Dexter.Serial killer good guy? Guy gives me the chills. One season in.
Succession 4 episodes in . See other post

Deadwood. All time favorite. Short lived.
Sopranos of the 1800s.

Breaking Bad Your not gonna believe this, but haven't seen it.
Likely going to be near the top of  watch list.

Six feet under Old show. May find it if you look hard. Clever twists

Godless Have not seen it . Western. Criminal Frank Griffin and his gang. Violent. My kind of show. 

Game of Thrones Not much to be said .Waiting...Waiting ..Waiting

Sopranos So far my Co Favorite of all time. Watched it twice

The Wire  Peoples choice. Watched 3 or 4 episodes . Deserves more.

True Detective Love  Love  Love  Two  mini series .The first one with Woody Harrelson  was great. September release?

Fargo  Although the movie was outstanding. The series with Billy Bob Thorton was masterful. Three have been out. Fourth on the way.

Boardwalk Empire . Ill have to sit down and watch this. .Just scanned over several times 

Band of Brothers Seen it . Priceless.1st episode To see Lt Sobel [David Schimmer] get absolutely buried by his company is worth watching.Jimmy Fallon gets a small part in Episode 5 Directed by Tom Hanks.

Barry.   Ahhh... Fonzies in this. Any good?

The leftovers  No clue. Sci-Fi    End of Days?

Handmades tale Dont have Hulu,but hear its very good.

Billions No info

Brotherhood No info

Some day I will watch some of these. If youve seen any or have a comment on them please chime in.

The Chi
. Started watching maybe 4 episodes. ok

Ray Donovan. Have not seen any. Heard it was great.
Superb acting and story lines Im told. Plan on watching

The Deuce. Dont no much about it but looks ok.

Shamless  So far behind. And has been so long since Ive watched. Should just start over. Oh...Excellent 

American Horror Watched season premiere  last week.
Kind of reminded me of the new version of Outer Limits
which I also didnt like. Heard last season was good.

Maniac Jonah Hill in a serious role?Have to take a peek.

Carnivale Crazy show. Slow but worthwhile .In one season so far.

Westworld  Cleaned up at the emmys. Gave it a try last year. Did not hold my interest. Loved the movie with Yul Brenner

Have not seen it yet but plan on watching when I have the time.
Im under the impression it only ran for 3 seasons
Quote Originally Posted by TexanGambler:

Life lives matter!  Why do we need guns, drugs and cigarettes? I hate wasting money to some losers for insurance. I believe that cancer is a punishment for someone. I believe that killers and suicides can't go to heaven. I believe that you can't go to heaven without heart because of the organ donation. I believe that auto/health insurance and cable television business people are stealing money from customers for commercials, sponsors and personal lavishes. What else???

Wow. I am surprised you even have internet service.
I picture you living in a place similar to the unabomber.

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Never saw 10-1 on Rams anywhere in Vegas.
I did play them at 8-1. 
Goff will be fine. He just continues to improve
 I think a lot of you keep looking at the 5 games Goffplayed in 2016 as opposed to the 17 games he played in 2017 in which statistically, was the most efficient QB in the league.

2017 --- 2016
TDs: 28 vs 5
INT percentage: 1.5 vs 3.4
Sacks: 25 vs 26
YPG: 253.6 vs 155.6
Rating: 100.5 vs 63.6

This is his only his 3rd year in the league. Those 2017 stats were good enough for comeback player of the year.

If you can sleep without any discomfort you are fortunate.
I dont know your age but if you are young enough, 45-55 years of age,and assuming you have had the tear x-rayed,if the tear is small enough and you qualify for arthroscopic surgery,and have some type of insurance I would absolutely get it done sooner then later.
Exercise can be the right remedy but you also risk tearing it further.
 3 months for minor surgery to fix a small tear as opposed to open surgery and 18 months recovery.

Not to scare you but I know people that have 25% use of one of there arms now because of the degenerative muscle loss they have experienced from not having any procedure.

Sorry to short if your young and it only requires arthro get it done.   Just my 2 cents. Good luck
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Not really because most lines had Viking favored
That play is going to the league office for sure..It will be reviewed, and that clown ref will surly be set straight. 
Personally he should be fined,for a call like that.
I saw it. Worthless animals. Wish we could just put them in tiny cages
and give nothing grubs to eat.
Wonder how many have jobs...Answer ? ZERO
Biloxi is nice. Try to spend a few days between there and New Orleans. Only a couple hours apart.
Usually stay at the Hard Rock. I haven't been there in a couple of months. I was not aware they had sportsbetting yet.
On further review

Yes .Something to cover that melon.

Also noticed on Weather Channel earlier this morning,there were some million $$ yachts still docked. Doubt they are still there now.
If they are the weather guy noted " It will be interesting to watch  these people try and get them out.


I dedicate this song to the 40% that decided to stick it out with Hurricane Florence. Whether its for the excitement,the feeling you wont be allowed back for a substantial amount of time.[my guess]
or you been warned before and have always pulled threw.
Heres to you .Lots of Luck.And dont forget,oil and plenty a gas for that generator.