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Wisky total looks to be right where it should.....

 USC over 7? It looks enticing when you consider they've only won less than 7 once in the past 10 years (that being LY), but I'm not sure they aren't starting a slide. They keep getting top recruits but not many are panning out or being developed. Still, they can win a few games on their talent alone but may lose some on coaching.

 Stanford over also looks enticing. They have a tough first half (tough schedule overall) but are certainly capable of coming out 3-3 or 4-2. Shaw has proven to be one of the best coaches in CFB so I wouldn't bet against them getting 7 wins.

 Penn St. has 5 home gimmies so it really comes down to the roadies.

 GLTY bro
 Hempstead.........about 50 years ago.

 The problem with Colorado is they have no gimmies on their schedule.........every game is losable. I wouldn't expect them to go 0-12 but I have a hard time finding more than 2-3 wins, much less 5. Honestly, I'd play under 4.5 before over.
Quote Originally Posted by Mickey992:

I agree with you Northwestern will probably give then a run for their money but in a weak Pac 12 I could see Stanford getting 7 wins especially given Shaws past history 

 In a weak Pac-12, maybe. But other than tOSU & perhaps Colorado (both roadies), they have a tough an OOC schedule of NW, at UCF, & ND.........lots of losable games. But if they can get through the first half 3-3 they have a good shot at 7+ wins.

We had the infamous "Nisqually Quake" up here about 20 years ago........same thing......rolling for about 30-40 seconds. I was working alone at a remote VZ site at the time, about 100 miles from the epicenter.......thought I was trippin.
Quote Originally Posted by searchwarrant:

I have Vertigo 24/7 the last 4 weeks. People all around me jumped up and headed for the door. I just sat there. Felt nothing. Wanna talk about real fear....
Went through that about 3 years ago & it sucks. It was only severe for about 5-6 weeks but I'm still only about 95% recovered. It was bizarre.....came on in a matter of a couple hours.
Quote Originally Posted by Bridge1:

BWS- peace_5 

Moore is awesome! kid needs the heisman hype to get goin but he's def got all the dynamite he needs. I don't usually play Heisman but couple long shots I'm looking at for fun money...  

Tate Martell on VI at 300-1 ... will have a few duckets if/when my books show it ... total wildcard but plenty of games in the coastal for him to go Johnny Football 2.0 on and opportunity for the stats and W's with that great O & D support cast ... would only help if they stun UF week 1 and get THE U 3.0 spotlight on them early since he'd be a great hype man for all that ... but don't even think that's a must win, end of the day it's gotta be impressive and big showdown win vs Trevor Lawrence right before a heisman vote and that Clem D is tough but last year's, it is not. Anyway should know by week 3 if I lost my $10. 

Jacob Eason - 60-1... PAC heisman winner is a tall order when you're not at USC but Wash is not coming out of nowhere and they get a shot to take Oregon's spotlight in a revenge homer then get a probably high ranked Utah D to show off against at home 2 weeks later off a bye... top 3 WR's return plus hunter bryant at TE plenty of targets... Gaskin gone so team really gotta rely on this big boy... Not sure if ther'll be a really strong champ game opponent from the south to boost the heisman hype but maybe lighting up Utah twice in one year would be helpful..  

Best of luck buddy!

I like this too, even if it's a bit of a homer call for me. He was throwing all last year to the same WR's while sitting out. They actually have a nice stable of RB's including Ahmed, who averaged 5.8ypc on 100+ carries.....about 1 more ypc than Gaskin........& a great OL.  But like you say, he's a longer shot due to being on the west coast. One below avg game & he'll probably be written off.
Great stuff BA........thanks for your hard work.

Quote Originally Posted by QBUN:

Just ordered the BIBLE of CFB..



 It's available in supermarkets........picked it up about a week ago.
Quote Originally Posted by ILoveCover88:

Living in America is a trap. Land of the Free is their trap line to get suckers to come.

Perhaps you could give all the suckers an alternative so they won't keep lining up to come here.
Yep........north of Seattle. As I said, I'm not much of an IPA fan but I do like the Elysian Mens Room & Space Dust. They have it on tap at my club now.
 It's a bit more volatile than Coors light.

Quote Originally Posted by Slobbasaurus:

2-3 pints of Smirnoff a day at the height of my alcoholism. I didnt even like it. But it was the only decent vodka that came in plastic bottles to hide around the house without making the clanking noises that you get with bottles. Those were dark days for me.  Unfortunately I cant drink like a normal person anymore. I crossed that line. First drink and I cant stop. Sucks guys, but it's better than drinking myself to death. Enjoy your booze fellas. I miss it sometimes

 You're doing what's right for you. I went 7 months dry after my first marriage & just over 3 years while trying to rescue my 2nd. My 2nd ex now has been sober for about 15 years & I'm happy for her. These days I pick & choose my spots. Like many, I can't see stopping once I get started, so I just abstain. Some weeks I may just have a beer or two........others are a bit more colorful. I never cared for scotch or bourbon whiskey, so my go-to is usually some VO or Crown. My preferred is tequila. I usually keep some anejo handy (DJ/DJ1942, Clase many more now than even 10 years ago) for when I watch a good game.

 Getting old is not for the weak. My body just doesn't handle hangovers like it used to, & I certainly don't go with the "hair of the dog" routine anymore. On average, I have one "rough" night a week. Volume on those nights? 5-6 beers & 5-10 shots....... careful with "Space Dust". I'm not much of an IPA fan but that is tasty & potent. an_wink

 Disneyland.......I've heard what they're charging for that experience nowadays.
 Golf at Pebble Beach........sure I'd like to, but it's $600+ just for the round of golf when it's all said & done.
 Damn.......tough enough to find good blow these days. Now this?
 I've "met" quite a few "famous" people, but getting to talk to a few is cool. Pat Travers played a show at a small bar near my home town about 15-20 years ago & stuck around for about an hour afterwards. Had a good conversation with him for about 5 minutes.........great guy. Met Kevin Calabro & Detlef Schrempf at the airport in Palm Springs (different times) while waiting for a flight. Good guys.....not afraid to talk some golf with a stranger.
 Funny story about meeting Larry King. I was at a Seattle Mariners game in the Kingdome back in the 80's & got to sit in a corp. suite. Larry King was in town for some event & was there to throw out the first pitch. During the game I snuck out into a stairwell to have a smoke & someone came by & shut the door on me........locked out. The only place I could get back in was climbing up a flight. I was ushered over to an elevator, got in & it was just me & Larry, while waiting for some other guy to get in. I just said "hey, love your work Mr. King.....welcome to Seattle". He was gracious, said "thanks, love being here, beautiful with the Mariners?" Said I wasn't, we talked about a couple of the players, then invited him to our suite for a drink. He politely declined & said maybe next time...........good guy. It would've been great, after being gone for about 1/2 hour, to walk back into our suite with Larry
THEMUGG replied to Projected Cut Line?
in Pro Golf
 Tough call.........right now there are 40 players at +1 (current cut as AJ said) or +2, & another 15 at +3. With little/no wind it's hard to see it jumping to +3.
Quote Originally Posted by OlDirtyBaztid:

russia is pissed and is setting up to make their own spin off, pointing their finger at everyone but themselves. 

[link from unapproved source]
It'll be interesting to see their version (if we get to) of what happened. I met some artists from Russia when a Cirque du Soleil show was here many years ago. Very nice people, & even they acknowledged the lack of honest info available to them back in their home countries. It's not like we get total transparency here in the states but it's much harder to cover it up, especially now.
THEMUGG created a topic HBO series "Chernobyl"
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 Just watched the 5th & final episode which aired tonight............FANTASTIC!

 We all heard about this when it happened back in 1986 but I really never explored it. This series was a great book you can't put down. I would highly recommend watching this.

  It makes me sad to think what the human race is capable of.
Quote Originally Posted by DoubleUp4Life:

I work with people in their 20's , they've replaced you're welcome and Thank You with "NO PROBLEM OR NO WORRIES " ...

NO SHET it's NO PROBLEM, Just do your job and use the Manners you were taught as a TODDLER

 YES...........NOT A PROBLEM.

 I got this one............Steve Miller in "Space Cowboy".....

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