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dl36 replied to UTAH...
in Politics
Surprised "conservatives" wouldn't be all over this 
Sara, perhaps you could give us some actual plays that we could profit from and be a legit contributing member of this forum?

Why not suggest some bets and give the rational why and help other profit rather than just sarcastic and petty games and antics?  

Why not be and asset to the forum and others rather than just trying to spin threads and detract from the intelligent conversations of the gamblers here hat are trying to make money?  I don't know why you put so much effort in detracting from that...

Please friend, join us in the political gambling discussion with out the silly games and antics...  
Trump actual did better with the shackles on.
At least that is what the numbers show us

Quote Originally Posted by No_Contest:

The Orange Octopus is losing, accept it deplorables. Lol

It's just baffling how much effort is being put into manufacturing something other than this plain and simple truth
First off, I'm not a Hillary supporter.  So you're already starting off wrong. 

Second trump did not hit a home run with the abortion issue at all.  This was a cupcake question designed for him to simply saying that he is prolife  he does not believe in roe v wade and wants it appeared in a clear and difinitive manner but instead slithered around taking about how it is automatic and states rights. 

Instead he basically showed to the nation that he just saying GOP talking points to try to get elected but does not personally believe or can stand by principles of his own. 

You believe he said he was prolife... did he really or are you displaying to the entire site that there a clear disconnect between what trump actual says and does and what you choose to believe?

Results should be interesting 
Trump is the one that that brought up Temperment in the first debate. Let's not credit Hillary or her camp running a successful strategy when it is trump pulling out his gun and blasting himself in the foot repeatedly. 

The problem is he talked Temperment but then in each debate became unglued and ended up showing to the entire world that he does not have the Temperment to be president.   This was a poor choice of strategy by trump not some media conspiracy or genius ploy by Hillary. 

A presidential debate and a business deal are two completely different things in that Deceptive Donald not just standing up like a man and making a clear difinitive statement about him following the longnstanding American tradition and accepting the results of the election and just saying he will be a good American costed him big time. 

No media spin, no democrat ploy.  Trump was given a cupcake question where all he had to do when asked if he would accept the results is say "yes" and stop talking.  And he failed to do that bigtime.
Quote Originally Posted by lordzud:

My over under on how many women come forward and proclaim "He....sob......he took liberties with me. He reached up my skirt and fondled the holy of holies." is 24. The number now is at 12 and rises daily. 

Over under fondled Trump women is 24. I would bet the over if this bet was out there.  

Personally I would love to see Alec Baldwin play Donald Trump in the movie Donald Trump, Prison Biatch. The movie starts out with The Donald convicted of fondling Miss Teen Georgia of 2008. The little strumpet was only 16 at the time so off he goes to the big house. He is constantly getting his hair disheveled by other inmates. He is goosed about 5 times an hour. He is constantly yelling "Stop it I will sue you." 

Trump ofcourse said that everyone of them were liars. It's like being s little pregnant in my mind.  You either believe that every single woman is lying or that trump is basically a sex offender.  The lock her up slogan seems more and more ironic every day 
Quote Originally Posted by Inyourlife16:

This Soros +500 feels like the "one that got away". They must have offered at +500 and received alarming action on the prop, locked it up and never reopened..........Just leaving it on the board as if to say "Look at what you missed"........Which leads one to ask the obvious question.......who would ever lay -1000 on "no"? The entire bet made no sense.

HRC bringing home the WikiLeaks prop tonight for me. She used the word 3 times in a minute...right before Chris W. used it. Only got it once out of DT though.

General Debate Observation: She had the luxury of mailing it in tonight.......She instead chose to mock and marginalize DT. DT just couldn't get out of his own way tonight. He looked OK early, but then became irritated. Did he gain any new voters tonight? Better question....what undecided voter listens to him say "he may not accept election results" and decides in his favor?

Lastly, tonight was Not about appealing to the general electorate, as their minds won't be swayed. HRC saw it is an opportunity to recruit educated suburban republican women. I have zero idea who Trump was trying to recruit.

BOL as we see this through till the end........

In looking at the odds on the board for the debate soros at +500 had far and away the best payout.  I actually believe that Wallace said it first as one of his scripted questions.  So considering the moderator set the table for wikilinks it was a great bet. 

I agree that Hillary taunted and toyed with trump tonight.   Her made of Chinese steel joke had the audience Laughing while trump rambled on his lame smear rhetoric. 

Trump could have simply done two things in the debate that would have helped him big time.  First was to say he was against abortion and take a solid stance as the prolife candidate with a definitive statement of i would like roe v wade repealed,  like he says over and over that he would like to repeal Obamacare. 

Second was to when asked he would accept the election results, all he had to say was "yes, because i am a good American" rather than looking likena world class douchebag floundering around with this cupcake question.  He just needed to say yes and stfu

But Failed to do so. 

I did notice Hillary kinda go the feminist route. I am not sure if republican feminist haters would bite on this.  But educated republican women just might.  Trump never seems to be recruiting.  Only trying to sway people away from Hillary,  but never sells himself on why you should vote for him. Weird how someone that is supposed to be such a great business man looks so incompetent in marketing 

I was trying to think of the best joke of the election and we got it tonight when the audience roared in laugher to the point of the moderator begging them to stop.

I didn't quite understand the joke but someone explained it to me about Donald trump and his wacky comb over hair being the last person to be complaining about "bad ombrés"

Quote Originally Posted by Inyourlife16:

I want to play this prop bet but it's currently Locked up.....

Will 'George Soros' or 'Soros' be mentioned?

 All wagers have action. Moderator mentions included in the total count.

Yes +500...........

I could see him using it again as means of marginalizing HRC if personal or campaign finance issues come up.

Right now Bovada has it locked up and the other props are worthless IMO.

I wouldn't play this at even money, but if I see this unlocked at +500 then I will have action.

I am 0-1 in debate prop bets. I lost last debate when DT did not mention the wall. BOL

Soros cashed too,  in guessing that bovada locked it up knowing trump would be reduced to trying attack Hillary's character rather than debating issues.  I knew once Trump skirted around the first roe v wade like a slimy politician slithering along on such and easy issue, I knew it was over for him.   Why can't trump simply say that he is against roe v wade and he is the prolife candidate and at least pretend he has some principles that are conservative in nature?
dl36 replied to UTAH...
in Politics
That and trump in his wild crazy machine gun approach attacking and trying shoot at everything and anyone that does not worship him and agree with him,  he blasted Romney who is an important person to the Mormons. 

Mormons are also not anti-immigrant so trump's divicive rhetoric is another turn off.  Mormons have a high moral standard,  like at but student may have to follow a moral code, so trump's actions and choices of personal conduct are revolting and deplorable to people actual moral fiber. 

With that said, although it McMullen makes sense, I would want something closer to +250 or at least +210 or better 

Quote Originally Posted by Skipster:

1. he's run a amateurish campaign.
2. he's getting killed in the polls.
3. these are not opinions that can be debated. these are facts.

It's nice to get some facts on trump rather than propaganda 
Quote Originally Posted by BWS77:

Any props on Trump's made up words?   "Bigly"???

I've heard people say that he said "big league".

You would think that Trump supporters would be claiming victory tonight but instead are reduced to arguing over this as trump went over the deep end because he refused to be a decent American and human being and not a sour grapes poor sport loser when he loses. 

Trump is in full meltdown mode now.  Interrupting both the moderator and Hillary midsetence and is just saying what she is saying is false and calling her a liar rather than debating her and explaining why she is wrong. 

Now He's saying that "nobody has more respect for women then I do".

So trump is trying to sell me that he has more respect for women than I do.  Like I get it that he get stressed and pivots into an angry emotional attack mode,  but why attack and insult me saying that I and the rest of America respect women less than he does?


Looks like wikilinks cashed.  The moderator actually quoted wikilinks and tried to get Hillary to defend it.  But it seemed like Hillary prepped for the wikilinks issue. 

She turned it into a Putin/Russia thing and pinned it to trump who lost his marbles interrupting yelling, "you're the puppet! You're the puppet".  Yet he's standing there looking like the puppet. 

In the end Hillary was laughing as trump got emotional yelling over the moderator. 

dl36 replied to UTAH...
in Politics
I actually find this is intriguing. 

Utah has been GOP/conservative, so Hillary has no business winning there.  This should be an automatic state for the GOP candidate but the problem is it is trump.  Mormons think about the world and issues differently and trump has found multiple ways to completely turn them off. 

Mormons are principled people, so because the GOP and their candidate are not based in principles Utah is up for grabs and Mcullim appears to be offering a conservative option based on principles that Mormons might want
You're probably right.  Trump is so out of touch at this point and because he is in a complete free fall has retreated to the safety of the. Biased media used to protect trump and his supporters from truth and reality. 

Not only does trump and his supporters think that wikilinks is effective even tho reality is showing us something quite different, at this point it is probably all trump has left as nothing constructive or positive he has tried to sell has caught on with the sensible majority of normal middle class americans. 

Not sure.   It just seems like he is invested in trying to create a fantasy that this is a 50/50 bet the actual betting odds based on reality are telling us something much different. 

The fact that zelo himself dmcanr even answer questions about his own thread is telling 
Quote Originally Posted by bookieassassin:

I've got about $750 in bets............Hillary straight up
  *I offered odds of course...........

I just mention....Trump will NOT win......and they lay in on me....."why do you like Hillary so much?!".........
>> "OKEY DOKEY.... .wanna bet ?.....>>  oh helll yea I'll bet ya' !.....Trump is gonna destroy the beotch !!..................
      *same guys wonder why they can't win betting CFB....


Seems so true... you either are a gambler and know what you're doing, making logical and intelligent bets based on good information and reality or...  
you're not that ....

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