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this is a little old, but not a bad place to start
romo was right.  KC defense was tired.  the clock is basically meaningless.  why not use a timeout to get some rest. 
yeah.  i'd like to see ot.  this is quite entertaining.  Kc needs to kick it here.  not much good can happen by running more plays.
NE jumps offsides to stop the clock.  these mistakes are crazy.
i think he did 
dee ford.  did he just cost his team the game because he can't line up onsides? 
patriots call a timeout to give the refs time to review a play where the receiver doesn't catch the ball
a lot of bets in play on this drive
well, this will be interesting
yeah, NE has 3rd and long in their own territory without that phantom roughing the passer call.  the offense hasn't been great today.  if they miss it, they punt.  instead, they get a TD and the lead.

obviously, that brutal call in NO cost them the game. 

the refs in the nfl are trash and have been for a while but today is a particularly bad day
refs are making a mess of these games today
i used to think this was kind of crazy when i saw people say this but if foles gets wins over chicago and NO on the road, or even just plays well in this one and they lose, i don't see how you can let him go. 
Quote Originally Posted by packersbackers:

apparently so, but this ain't rocket science.  i think i'm going to go to bed with a little less hope for humanity than i had when i woke up this morning.

When i was a kid, reading the newspaper comic pages with my breakfast was always something that made me smile in the covers main forums is my daily morning comic pages...times change but the humor remains 

yeah, that's the best way to approach it.  find the humor. 

ok, i tried, but i'm going to have to leave it here.  for anyone who still has hope, or at least a few years left in high school, don't sleep on those math classes. 
Quote Originally Posted by The_Closer:

If your down 15 points with 2 minutes left you kick the field goal because its the higher percentage play. You leave the lower percentage conversion to the last attempt. I took Dallas and I wish they had your logic but I've never seen your logic used.

read the thread or just the article in post 31. 

and then someone please kill me. 
Quote Originally Posted by Umalahokan:

Best part is OP taking Dallas but pretending to be on Rams.


ok, this one is dumb enough for a response but i don't really know how to respond to it other than to note how it is differently dumb than the others. 
Quote Originally Posted by packersbackers:

CD...the mains have completely changed...if you really think anyone here is capable of engaging you in any form of an intellectual discussion, you are sadly mistaken...that ship left the dock in the many many years ago.

apparently so, but this ain't rocket science. 

i think i'm going to go to bed with a little less hope for humanity than i had when i woke up this morning. 
Quote Originally Posted by holtnt:

Are you really serious . You don't go for two on the first touchdown. If you don't make it your down by two scores (9) points. You kick and make it a one score game. You still have a chance to go for two and tie the game if you score again.



Thank you for explaining that to the original poster.

Well stated, Sir!!!

ok, one more.

but he didn't explain why it's better to know you need two scores with less time to make it up than it is knowing you need two scores with more time to make it up.  unless i missed that explanation somewhere in this shitshow. 
Quote Originally Posted by Gabbo:

Bah, what makes you think that if you miss the 2 pointer on the first attempt means that you automatically make it on the second TD?

If you miss the 2 pointer on the second TD, you have less than 30 secs to get the ball back and score again.

If you miss the 2 pointer on the first TD. you still have 5 minutes left to score 10 points.

This is why you have to go for 2 on the first TD. Only people bad at math (or are chicken) kick the XP on the first TD.

it's fascinating to me that people don't understand such a basic point.  and they gamble, which is kind of scary.  how do people gamble when they don't understand the most basic math and clock management principles?

anyway, it's been explained as simply as it can be.  if someone says something particularly interesting or really stupid, even more stupid than what we already have on record, i will respond after this. 

otherwise, for people who want to understand basic math and clock management, it's here in the posts and the article i linked. 
i don't expect any of you who are set on your opinion because "all coaches do it" (again, they don't) to understand this, but maybe this will help.
Quote Originally Posted by apec:

I had Dallas as well. AND at 7.5. I was hoping and praying, BUT of coarse I understand why they didn’t.  

Some people just shouldn’t wager on sports.


is it the people who understand math, time, numbers etc who shouldn't bet on sports or the people who are certain the way most coaches do it but can't articulate a reason why who shouldn't bet on sports?

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