How do you bet on golf? Golf betting tips and strategies

Jun 10, 2020 |
How do you bet on golf? Golf betting tips and strategies
Golf betting is growing in popularity beyond the major tournaments like the Masters and U.S. Open. And with weekly events around the globe, golf betting is a year-long sport.
Photo By - USA Today Images
Golf betting is growing in popularity beyond the major tournaments like the Masters and U.S. Open. And with weekly events around the globe, golf betting is a year-long sport.
Photo By - USA Today Images

Golf betting is one of the most popular sports betting markets, outside of the major North American team sports.

Professional circuits such as the PGA Tour offer golf odds almost every week, making golf very much a year-round sport. The biggest events in golf betting are the major PGA tournaments: The Masters, U.S. Open, PGA Championship and British Open Championship.

With more people betting on golf, the ways in which you can wager have exploded. And with tournaments lasting four days, sportsbooks are quick to post updated golf betting odds, offering options far beyond which golfer will top the leaderboard.  

How does golf betting work? 

The most common way to bet on golf is to pick which player will win the tournament. For example, here are the odds to win The Masters.  

Odds to win the Masters 

Rory McIlroy is a +700 favorite to win the 2020 Masters, which means you could win $700 for every $100 wagered if McIlroy won the tournament. According to oddsmakers, he has the best perceived chance of winning based on current form and skill set for the course.

Behind McIlroy in the 2020 Masters odds are Jon Rahm at +1,100 and Justin Thomas, Brooks Koepka and Tiger Woods all at +1,400. If you wanted to bet on Tiger Woods’ odds to win the Masters, you could win $1,400 for every $100 wagered should Tiger go on to win the Green Jacket once again.  


How do you bet on golf odds? 

Picking the outright winner of a tournament is just one of various ways to bet on golf odds. Here are some of the other most popular golf betting markets: 

Odds to win 

As shown in the example above, you can bet on which player will win the tournament. These bets are normally placed before the event begins and are graded on the final leaderboard after four rounds. You can also bet on the outright winner between rounds and during play if sportsbooks offer live golf odds. 

Each-way odds 

Each-way odds allow you to bet on a player to win the tournament but also finish within a certain standing, such as Top 3 or Top 8. An each-way bet is technically two bets with two separate payouts. If a player wins the tournament, they would win both sides of the each-way bet. If they didn’t win but finished third, then just the Top-3 side of the each-way bet would win. 

Head-to-head/Three-way odds 

Rather than bet on one player versus the entire field, you can bet one player versus another in head-to-head golf betting odds. Oddsmakers will set odds on which player will post the higher finishing position and you can pick which player you think will have the better tournament. 

Three-way golf odds simply add a third player to the odds mix and you can bet on which of the three players involved will finish higher at the end of the tournament. 


Round totals 

Oddsmakers will set a projected final score for the round for a player and you can bet on whether the player will finish with an actual score Over or Under that round total.  

For example, Tiger Woods’ Round 1 score total could be 69.5. That means that if you think Woods will finish with a score of 69 or better, you would bet on the Under. If you think Woods will shoot more than 69 in Round 1, then you would bet the Over.  

Golf prop odds 

Betting golf props is one of the fastest-growing markets, with golf odds on everything from hole-to-hole results, odds on a hole-in-one and if a player will make the cut or not. You’ll find the most golf betting props at the major tournaments such as the Masters, U.S. Open, PGA Championship and British Open Championship. 

Golf futures 

Futures odds to win the major tournaments are often open well before the week of the event, such as odds to win the Masters or U.S. Open. Golf betting markets for those big tournaments are taking action months before Round 1 begins. 

Live odds 

Most online or mobile sportsbooks will offer live golf odds as a tournament plays out, constantly adjusting to the results on the course. This includes outright winner odds, odds to win the round and hole-by-hole odds for select players. 


Golf betting tips and strategies

When betting on golf odds, there are a few key factors to consider before placing your wager: 

Current form 

How is that golfer playing heading into the tournament: are they consistently placing inside the Top 10 or are they mired in a slump? 

Course fit 

Depending on the layout, some courses are a good or bad fit for a player’s skill set. If a course has narrow fairways and plenty of bunkers, accuracy is more valuable than distance. 

Course history 

Some players consistently perform well on certain courses and struggle on others. Take a look at a player’s course history and if those trends could continue. 


Wind and rain will change how a course plays and impact the results. Some players can adjust their strategy, and their skill sets aren’t as affected by bad weather compared to others.  


Where can you bet on golf? 

You can bet on golf at most online sportsbooks and casinos. The variety in golf odds varies from book to book. Check our top listings page for the best sportsbooks for golf betting available where you live. 


Golf betting FAQs

A six-shooter bet golf bet requires you to bet one of six players listed, based on which one you think will have the best tournament finish.

An each-way golf bet is technically two bets: one placed on a golfer to win the tournament and another to finish within a certain standing, such as Top 3.

The odds to win the 2020 Masters list Rory McIlroy at +700, followed by Jon Rahm at +1,100 and Tiger Woods, Justin Thomas, and Brooks Koepka at +1,400.

A field bet in golf is offered by sportsbooks when it comes to the outright odds to win the tournament. The top players are listed with individual odds but there is a “field” option that allows you to bet on all players not listed in the odds.


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