NHL Power Rankings: Week 17

By Dave Cokin - Covers Expert

We had a bit of a shakeup this week, as Washington has crashed the party. A jump for them as they now lead the Metro by 5 points, the most in quite some time for any team in that division. Meanwhile, Boston continues to hang around in the Atlantic, but still can’t make the jump. Plenty of races continue and we’ll see an entertaining stretch here in the NHL!

NHL Power Rankings

Rank Last Week Change Team W-L-OT-SOL (ATS) Power Rating Team Comments
1 1 same 51-21-2-2
-250 Tampa Bay
Another week, another top ranking. They remain the team to beat in the league.
2 2 same 48-16-4-7
-247 Nashville
Nashville looked like they had the division all but locked up. However, they may want to check out the rearview mirror now.
3 3 same 47-17-8-2
-245 Boston
They’ve been right there, just can’t get over the hump to jump Tampa.
4 4 same 48-21-4-3
-243 Vegas
Not that they ever went anywhere, but they’re catching fire once again at the right time.
5 5 same 46-19-8-2
-240 Winnipeg
Winning close games is becoming a norm for the Jets, which is something they’ll certainly need come playoff time.
6 8 up 2 45-24-6-1
-237 Washington
A nice little hot streak has them creating some separation from the pack in the Metro.
7 6 down 1 43-27-4-2
-235 Pittsburgh
The Penguins road record of 15-19-2-2, is a concern that could become an issue come playoff time.
8 7 down 1 45-24-5-2
-233 Toronto
The Maple Leafs are really going to lean on Auston Matthews down the stretch. He’s the spark to this team without a doubt.
9 10 up 1 42-29-1-4
-230 Columbus
The Flyers and Devils are right on their heels for that third spot, but Columbus recent 10 game winning streak has them flying high right now in a playoff spot.
10 9 down 1 44-23-6-3
-227 San Jose
Don’t look now, but San Jose is right there challenging for that top spot in the Pacific.
11 11 same 38-25-6-7
-220 Philadelphia
The Flyers failed to grab 2 all important points in a pair of road overtime losses this past week. Leaving points off the board in this close of a race is something this team just can’t afford to do.
12 12 same 42-24-7-2
-217 Minnesota
Minnesota has grabbed points in 8 of their last 10 overall. They certainly needed all of them with the Avs and Blues right behind.
13 16 up 3 42-28-5-0
-215 St. Louis
After it looked like they bottomed out, they’ve snuck back into the playoff race as the offense has once again found some life.
14 14 same 39-28-4-4
-210 New Jersey
The Devils have knocked off the Lightning and Penguins in back to back games. They’re hanging around and within striking distance.
15 15 same 42-28-6-1
-200 Los Angeles
Los Angeles has fallen into 4th place in the division, which is strange considering they own one of the top defenses in the entire NHL.
16 17 up 1 41-27-7-1
-190 Colorado
Whatever fate holds this team come season’s end, they deserve quite possibly the most credit of any team.
17 13 down 4 38-30-5-3
-185 Dallas
The bottom has officially fallen out.
18 18 same 35-32-5-5
-183 Calgary
If only this team could have figured things out on home ice.
19 19 same 39-24-6-7
-180 Anaheim
Anaheim has a very favorable upcoming schedule that comes at the perfect time as they sit tied for 3rd.
20 20 same 39-28-4-3
-175 Florida
They just caught fire too late. This is not one team you want to see down the stretch.
21 21 same 34-31-8-3
-170 Carolina
They’re that team who has just kind of “been there” this season.
22 23 up 1 34-36-5-1
-160 Edmonton
Edmonton will have their chance to play spoiler, but what a down year for a team with one of the brightest stars in the game.
23 24 up 1 33-35-3-5
-150 NY Rangers
The Rangers called up a few guys from the AHL as they look towards the future.
24 25 up 1 28-37-6-6
-140 Montreal
A consistent bottom feeder in these power rankings, making a jump up a spot is a feel good for them.
25 26 up 1 31-36-8-2
-135 Chicago
For the first time in quite some time, the Blackhawks have taken a back seat in the city of Chicago.
26 22 down 4 31-35-7-3
-130 NY Islanders
This team has just given up, no other way to say it.
27 27 same 26-39-6-5
-125 Arizona
A top picked in next year’s NHL draft is a strong possibility right now.
28 28 same 24-40-10-2
-125 Buffalo
Speaking of the top pick…….
29 29 same 27-38-10-1
-120 Detroit
They’re trying to find the finish line of another horrific season.
30 30 same 27-40-6-3
-110 Vancouver
The young core is starting to form, but this team is still far away from being a legitimate contender.
31 31 same 26-38-4-7
110 Ottawa
Update: Nothing has changed, they are still bad.

Power Ratings compute offensive and defensive statistics into one number for each team, while accounting for factors like recent performances and strength of schedule. Power Ratings can be used as a baseline for relative spread index to compare current or future match-ups between two teams. The relative spread does not account for non-statistical factors like home-field advantage, recent injuries, game time decisions, rivalries, publicity, and weather.