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Odds to win the 2018-2019 Stanley Cup Championship
Toronto Maple Leafs Odds Toronto +700
Tampa Bay Lightning Odds Tampa Bay +800
Boston Bruins Odds Boston +900
Nashville Predators Odds Nashville +1000
Winnipeg Jets Odds Winnipeg +1100
Vegas Golden Knights Odds Vegas +1200
Pittsburgh Penguins Odds Pittsburgh +1200
San Jose Sharks Odds San Jose +1200
Washington Capitals Odds Washington +1300
Anaheim Ducks Odds Anaheim +2500
Philadelphia Flyers Odds Philadelphia +2500
Dallas Stars Odds Dallas +2500
Columbus Blue Jackets Odds Columbus +2500
St. Louis Blues Odds St. Louis +2500
Minnesota Wild Odds Minnesota +2500
Los Angeles Kings Odds Los Angeles +2500
Calgary Flames Odds Calgary +2500
Edmonton Oilers Odds Edmonton +2800
Colorado Avalanche Odds Colorado +3500
Chicago Blackhawks Odds Chicago +4000
New Jersey Devils Odds New Jersey +4000
Florida Panthers Odds Florida +4000
Carolina Hurricanes Odds Carolina +5000
Buffalo Sabres Odds Buffalo +6000
New York Rangers Odds NY Rangers +6600
New York Islanders Odds NY Islanders +6600
Montreal Canadiens Odds Montreal +7000
Vancouver Canucks Odds Vancouver +8000
Arizona Coyotes Odds Arizona +10000
Detroit Red Wings Odds Detroit +15000
Ottawa Senators Odds Ottawa +20000

How To Bet on NHL Hockey


This form of betting replaces a pointspread and you are simply betting on a team to win straight up, not by any specified amount. Commonly used in baseball, NHL moneyline bets are an attractive play when betting the underdog due to their big payouts in comparison with betting moneyline favorites.

Negative odd values (-160 for example) are assigned to the favorite, while positive odd values (+180 for example) are usually assigned to the underdog. In this example, if you want to bet the favorite you will have to wager $1.60 for every dollar you want to win. However, if you want to bet the underdog you will win $1.80 for every dollar you wager. If you bet $100 on a -160 favorite and won, you would profit $62.50. If you bet $100 on the +180 favorite, you would profit $180.

Total or Over/Under

A total, also known as the Over/Under, is the expected combined score of both teams in a single game. Bettors must decide if the total number of goals scored in the game by both teams will be higher or lower than the total set. Note: overtime is included in a total.

When the total is 5.5 goals, you are hoping for six or more goals if you bet the Over and for five or less goals if you bet the Under. If the total was an even number such as five and the final score total (including any overtime) lands on five goals, all bets would graded a push and all bets would be refunded.


Also considered to be a spread bet and similar to a runline in baseball, with a puckline a team has to win or not lose by the set spread in order to win the bet or cover. This results in a more level playing field between teams and overall more exciting experience for sports bettors making their NHL picks.


Do you know who will win the upcoming Stanley Cup? With the availability of NHL futures, you can make this bet at any time prior or during the season. Betting on which team will win the Cup, or the Eastern or Western Conferences or even who you think will win the NHL Hart Memorial Trophy (the MVP) are all considered ‘futures bets’.

Futures can be moneyline or total bets and are generally accompanied by positive odds because long term outcomes are difficult to predict and there are so many different possibilities. Odds are constantly updated as the season prolongs, based on the oddsmakers prediction that a team has to win. Many factors come into play such as injuries, roster updates, remaining schedule, mathematical probability to make the playoffs and/or amount of games behind the leading teams.

Tips and Tools

Hockey may not be that attractive to you as a sports bettor but don’t forget that sports gaming is all about winning money!

How To Bet Hockey

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