Four money-making New Year's Resolutions for the sports bettor

Jan 3, 2018 |

It’s 2018 and with it comes a bunch of hollow New Year’s Resolutions that won’t make it two weeks. Instead of hitting the gym or swearing less around the kids, why not try some resolutions that will actually make you some money?

Here are some New Year’s Resolutions for the sports bettor as we celebrate 2018:

Resolution No. 1: Manage your money

If you’re serious about your sports betting, you should be working with a money management system. Even if you’re only betting $10 and $20 bucks a game, setting parameters for your plays is the key turning out long-terms profits.

You should never bet more than 5 percent of your bankroll on a single game, with the size of your wager depending on how confident you are in your pick. If you’re sure a team is going to cover the spread, fire away with a full 5 percent play. If you’re on the fence about your pick, wager less – like 2 or 3 percent of your bankroll.

Save your biggest bets for your best bets. It’s pretty simple.

Resolution No. 2: Resist the chase

Even the most planned and well-handicapped plays can go sideways on bettors, and when that happens there is a knee-jerk urge to chase those losses - often times wagering well over our limits on a last-minute pick to make up for lost money.

When the books get the best of you – and face it, they will – take a step back and breathe. Why would you make a big bet on a game you barely handicapped? The next time the itch to chase your losses comes along, do what you have to not to scratch it: go for a run, knit a sweater, throw your phone in the lake.

Resolution No. 3: Try something new

We all love to bet pro football and basketball. Not only are these the most popular sports with nightly TV action, but they’re easier to handicap thanks to wall-to-wall media coverage. However, due to that popularity, the lines for the NFL and NBA are among the tightest in the industry with little value for bettors.

In 2018, venture out of your comfort zone and try betting on something different. The best betting value is often hiding in the least-bet markets, such as the WNBA, CFL, and mid-major college hoops. If you can dedicate your time to researching and following these fringe leagues, you can easily spot weaknesses in the opening odds and get an edge over the bookies.

Resolution No. 4: Don’t bet the Browns

Ahhh, we’ve all been there, holding a ticket on the Cleveland Browns and hoping that today is the day the worst franchise in sports suddenly shows up to play. If you didn’t learn your lesson from that poor decision, here’s a reminder. Don’t bet the Browns. Ever.

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