How to bet teasers

Sep 5, 2018 |

Teaser betting involves tying two or more different pointspread or total wagers together but instead of the posted spread/total, bettors are given a certain point difference on the spread/total and the juice/vig (cost of making a bet) is adjusted.

Like parlay betting, all bets involved with the teaser must win in order to pay out. The more bets that are teased together, the larger the potential payout. However, with each bet added to the teaser the chances of winning become smaller.

For example, Team A is a 7-point favorite in its football game and Team B is a 10-point favorite in its football game. A $100 two-team 6-point teaser would allow you to bet Team A at -1 and Team B at -4 for a payout of $90.91, however, both bets must cover those adjusted pointspreads to win the teaser.

Reverse teasers (also known as pleasers) are structured a similar way, however, instead of subtracting six points from the pointspreads in our example you would add them, making the spread for Team A -13 and the spread for Team B -16. A $100 two-team 6-point reverse teaser would payout at 10/1 ($1,000) if both Team A and Team covered those adjusted pointspreads.

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