My Greatest Night Of Gambling

Aug 23, 2017 |
My Greatest Night Of Gambling
On a night that looked lost in Atlantic City, Marc Meltzer, with just $200 in his pocket, had the greatest gambling night of his life .
On a night that looked lost in Atlantic City, Marc Meltzer, with just $200 in his pocket, had the greatest gambling night of his life .

The other day I was playing a 3-play (three hands) Double Double Bonus video poker game while waiting for the line to pass at Starbucks. That’s how I roll as a Las Vegas local.

This was prior to receiving my coffee, so I was barely paying attention once I saw the cards that were dealt. The game gave me an Ace and nothing else. I dumped four of the five cards and was expecting that the best hand I would get would be a pair of Aces. I hit draw and went to check out the line at Starbucks. When I looked back, I saw that the game not only gave me four Aces but I had that sweet Double Double Bonus kicker for a win of 2,000 quarters. HOLLA!

The line at Starbucks dissipated, while losing three more hands after the big winner. I cashed out and used my comps for a complimentary Starbucks. This wasn’t my biggest gambling win, or most fun gambling experience, but it got me to thinking of some of the most fun gambling sessions visiting casinos.

Most of my favorite gambling stories can’t be shared in writing, either due to the fact I have to protect others, or they include some NSFW moments. When I look back, it's difficult to believe that my “Greatest Night of Gambling” didn’t take place in Las Vegas.

There have been plenty of great days and nights in Las Vegas, but they all involve more than gambling because there's so much to do. So my “Greatest Night of Gambling” took place over 18 hours and two days in Atlantic City. There were ups, downs and a body flying across a blackjack table.

“Greatest Night Of Gambling”

My friends and I loaded two cars and drove from New York City to Atlantic City for a night in the casinos. One friend was on the hottest streak of his life for most of the night. He was straight fire at almost every table in every casino. It was almost impossible to get him to leave a blackjack table while we hopped around casinos.

On the flip side, I was having one of the worst nights of my life gambling. The night the dice rolled the wrong way at every casino we visited. I couldn’t walk away from a blackjack session with chips for most of the night. I lost my bankroll and then took so much money out of the ATM that I had to take out a cash advance so I could keep gambling with my friends. It was brutal but I left the boardwalk with $200 in my pocket.

This money played a major role later the rest of the trip. The sun was about to rise on a new day when we finally called it quits loaded the cars. I ended up in the car with more degenerate gamblers, which would prove to be a good thing.

We followed our friends on the way out of Atlantic City for about 10 or 15 minutes. In the distance, we saw Borgata off the side of the road.

“Hey, wanna give it one more chance?” Someone said.

Even with just that $200’s in my pocket and little hope, I was game. We ditched our other friends and made a U-turn to visit the Borgata for one last run at the tables. The night couldn’t get much worse for me, plus my friend hoped to build on his profitable evening, night and morning.

We walked up to the blackjack tables and couldn’t find a game with empty chairs for under $50. Four bad hands and I was done for the night. Well, the blackjack session ended up lasting about 30 minutes and in that time, I won back all the money that I’d lost in the other casinos we visited.

The amazing blackjack session was made better when we saw a pro football player on the other side of the pit. A few minutes after noticing the Super Bowl champion, he threw a guy onto a blackjack table. He was protecting a friend that was being bothered by another player at the table. The table flipped and chips flew everywhere and the entire casino went quiet.

After about 20 seconds of silence someone yelled “Borgata” and everyone cheered. The tables resumed play and our session lasted about 10 more minutes before we officially called it a night. The pit boss tried to keep us in the casino by offering complimentary breakfast, but we were exhausted and just wanted to go to sleep.

Had the pit boss offered a room we probably would have had breakfast, took a nap and blew our money when we woke up. Oh well, we headed for the cashier and then the exit. The comeback was the kind of moment that only a gambler can dream of. It was the kind of high that gets people in trouble if they seek it often.

I had an amazing experience but I never want to be in a position where winning matters that much again. I've only taken out a cash advance twice (once for work) since this night of gambling. There have been plenty of fun days and nights gambling since this trip to Atlantic City but nothing tops the highs, lows and celebrity chaos of this night.

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