Latest title odds signify end of an era for Spurs after Leonard-DeRozan swap

Jul 24, 2018 |

We are a week removed from the trade that rocked the NBA World when the San Antonio Spurs sent disgruntled superstar Kawhi Leonard to the Raptors in exchange for face-of-the-franchise DeMar DeRozan. So, now that the dust has settled, we can look at the latest NBA title odds and more importantly, can anyone touch the Warriors?

After a disappointing playoff performance, in which they were yet again sept away by LeBron James and the Cavaliers, the Raptors opened at the Westgate LV Superbook as 40/1 longshots to win the NBA 2018-19 NBA Championship and 8/1 to win the Eastern Conference (even with LeBron now in the West).

But that all changed with the acquisition of Leonard. Especially, now that reports say he is warming to the idea of playing for the Raptors this season. The Superbook adjusted the Raptors, who also acquired guard Danny Green in the deal, to 20/1 to win the title and 4/1 to win the East.

The Spurs meanwhile, well, let’s just say oddsmakers don’t believe DeRozan represents equal value. San Antonio hit the board as 25/1 fringe contenders to win the title but were shifted all the way down to 200/1 after the deal. They moved from 50/1 to 125/1 to win the West. This may be because the Spurs could set the record for most long 2-pointers attempted in a season and all their best players don’t play much defense, but we’ll see.

In the larger scheme of things, none of this really matters however. The Warriors are still a ridiculous 1/2 favorite to win their fourth title in five years. Their closest challengers are the Celtics at 5/1 and the Rockets at 6/1. That’s a big gap.

Here is the complete list of NBA title odds courtesy the Westgate LV Superbook as of July 23, 2018:

Team Opening Odds Current Odds
 Golden State Warriors 5/4 1/2
 Boston Celtics 8/1 5/1
 Houston Rockets 7/2 6/1
 Los Angeles Lakers 20/1 8/1
 Philadelphia 76ers 7/2 14/1
 Toronto Raptors 40/1 20/1
 Oklahoma City Thunder 60/1 40/1
 Utah Jazz 60/1 80/1
 Portland Trail Blazers 80/1 100/1
 New Orleans Pelicans 80/1 100/1
 Minnesota Timberwolves 80/1 100/1
 Milwaukee Bucks 100/1 100/1
 Washington Wizards 100/1 100/1
 Indiana Pacers 100/1 100/1
 Miami Heat 20/1 2001
 San Antonio Spurs 25/1 200/1
 Denver Nuggets 100/1 200/1
 Los Angeles Clippers 100/1 200/1
 Dallas Mavericks 300/1 200/1
 New York Knicks 100/1 300/1
 Charlotte Hornets 300/1 300/1
 Detroit Pistons 300/1 300/1
 Cleveland Cavaliers 30/1 500/1
 Chicago Bulls 300/1 500/1
 Orlando Magic 500/1 500/1
 Memphis Grizzlies 500/1 500/1
 Phoenix Suns 200/1 500/1
 Brooklyn Nets 300/1 1,000/1
 Sacramento Kings 300/1 1,000/1
 Atlanta Hawks 1,000/1 1,000/1


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