NHL Power Rankings: Week 5

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The San Jose Sharks are the big fish in our Power Rankings as they keep rolling and keep scoring. The surprising Avs move up five spots to No. 2, while the Pens drop down to No. 4.

NHL Power Rankings

Week 5 Rank Last Week Change Team W-L
Power Rating Team Comments
1 2 move up in rankings1 10-1-0-1
-208 It's time to give the Sharks their due. These guys are regular season warriors. The playoffs...not so much.
2 7 move up in rankings5 10-1-0-0
-204 Here's another 'give credit where credit is due' situation. The Avs are for real. At least for now.
3 5 move up in rankings2 6-1-1-1
-199 Surprise, surprise, the Blues are currently ranked second in the league in goals per game, averaging just under four.
4 1 move down in rankings3 7-4-0-0
-197 Something is lacking in the Penguins effort right now and it includes their star players.
5 4 move down in rankings1 9-3-0-0
-195 Credit the Ducks for bouncing back from a pair of ugly losses to knock off the Senators and Blue Jackets in back-to-back games.
6 3 move down in rankings3 6-2-1-2
-191 The Blackhawks are far from invincible, as we witnessed in a pair of losses to the Lightning and Wild last week.
7 6 move down in rankings1 8-4-0-0
-187 After a slow start, the Kings have gotten rolling with seven wins in their last nine games.
8 11 move up in rankings3 8-4-0-0
-184 Friday's loss in Columbus stung, but it made Saturday's convincing win over the Penguins that much sweeter.
9 9 no change in rankings 7-3-0-0
-181 The Bruins saw their four-game winning streak grind to a halt in a surprising home loss to the Devils on Saturday.
10 12 move up in rankings2 7-3-1-1
-178 It's been a while since I've had the 'Yotes ranked this high. I like the fight they show on a nightly basis.
11 16 move up in rankings5 8-4-0-1
-175 The Canucks have righted the ship with three-straight wins. Now comes the dreaded first game back home following a long, successful road trip.
12 10 move down in rankings2 6-5-0-0
-170 The Habs had a lot going for them before dropping three of their last four games.
13 8 move down in rankings5 6-4-1-1
-167 Talk about a tough stretch. The Wings have dropped four games in a row, scoring only five goals in the process.
14 17 move up in rankings3 6-3-1-2
-165 Minnesota finally appears to be putting it together on the heels of a three-game winning streak.
15 14 move down in rankings1 8-3-0-0
-161 Loaded with talent, the Lightning are finally living up to expectations. It remains to be seen whether they can keep it up.
16 13 move down in rankings3 4-5-1-1
-160 Inconsistency has plagued the Sens in the early going - a far cry from last season.
17 19 move up in rankings2 6-5-0-1
-156 Saturday's blowout loss to the Blues notwithstanding, the Preds have been playing some of their best hockey of the young season lately.
18 15 move down in rankings3 5-6-0-0
-153 Ovie is on pace for a career year, but the rest of the Caps have been a mixed bag to put it mildly.
19 18 move down in rankings1 5-6-0-0
-148 The Jackets have scored 15 goals in going 3-1 over their last four contests.
20 20 no change in rankings 4-4-1-2
-144 This ranking might be a little lofty for the 'Canes, especially with Cam Ward sidelined.
21 21 no change in rankings 4-4-1-2
-140 Long Island hasn't been kind to the Isles this season. They're just 2-5 on home ice.
22 23 move up in rankings1 5-6-1-1
-136 You can at least see the wheels in motion as the Jets have recorded at least a point in four of their last six games.
23 22 move down in rankings1 4-5-0-1
-131 While they've enjoyed a few outbursts in the first month of the season, there's not a lot to get excited about in Dallas right now.
24 24 no change in rankings 5-4-1-1
-127 Just when it looked like the Flames were about to go in the tank, they step up with a dominating 5-2 win over the Caps.
25 25 no change in rankings 2-5-1-3
-123 Perhaps Saturday's win over the Bruins in Beantown will be of the galvanizing variety.
26 26 no change in rankings 3-6-0-0
-118 The Blueshirts will FINALLY make their home debut on Monday night against the Habs.
27 29 move up in rankings2 3-7-0-0
-114 It took a while, but the Flyers finally have their first winning streak of the season.
28 28 no change in rankings 3-8-1-1
-109 The learning process continues in Edmonton but patience is wearing thin.
29 27 move down in rankings2 3-7-0-2
-101 At least the Panthers have shown some fight, forcing a shootout in three of their last four games.
30 30 no change in rankings 2-10-1-0
106 The rebuild is well underway with the Sabres dealing Thomas Vanek to Long Island on Sunday.
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