NHL Power Rankings: Week 25

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The Boston Bruins have been an unstoppable force and take the No. 1 spot in this week's Power Rankings. Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Kings are making a statement in the West with the playoffs right around the corner and climb to No. 5.

NHL Power Rankings

Week 26 Rank Last Week Change Team W-L
Power Rating Team Comments
1 2 move up in rankings1 52-17-2-4
-203 It's going to be awfully tough to beat the Bruins in a seven-game series come playoff time.
2 1 move down in rankings1 50-17-4-3
-200 We've seen a few cracks in the Blues armor lately, as they've gone an even 3-3 over their last six games.
3 3 no change in rankings 48-22-3-2
-196 No Geno, no problem. The Pens are coming off a big 4-1 win over the Blackhawks on Sunday - their second victory in a row.
4 4 no change in rankings 47-20-2-7
-192 This ranking could be a little optimistic considering the Sharks have lost four of their last five games overall.
5 8 move up in rankings3 44-25-2-4
-187 The Kings are charging hard, winners of six in a row entering the new week.
6 5 move down in rankings1 42-19-7-8
-182 Chicago has avoided the injury bug in recent years, but is getting bit hard right now, with both Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews sidelined.
7 6 move down in rankings1 48-18-2-6
-179 It's been feast-or-famine for the Ducks lately. They'll open a three-game homestand against the Jets on Monday night.
8 9 move up in rankings1 43-26-4-3
-177 The Habs are quietly ascending the rankings, currently enjoying a five-game winning streak.
9 10 move up in rankings1 41-25-3-6
-174 It's time for the Lightning to make their move, with six straight home games on deck.
10 7 move down in rankings3 47-21-3-3
-169 The young Avs seem to have righted the ship once again, reeling off three straight victories - all of the one goal variety.
11 12 move up in rankings1 42-30-2-2
-164 Look out for the Rangers; they're on another tear, picking up six wins in their last seven contests.
12 15 move up in rankings3 35-26-6-8
-161 We'll see if a perfect 2-0 weekend serves to galvanize a Wings squad that is in desperate need of a boost.
13 11 move down in rankings2 39-27-2-6
-158 The Flyers have dropped three of their last four games, but there was no shame in Sunday's shootout loss to the Bruins.
14 13 move down in rankings1 38-26-4-7
-153 The Wild have turned into a Jekyll-and-Hyde team, and that's not a good thing with the playoffs fast approaching.
15 14 move down in rankings1 34-28-3-10
-148 Where have you gone Alex Ovechkin?
16 17 move up in rankings1 36-27-7-5
-145 Do the Coyotes have one last push for the playoffs left in them? They'll play two of three games at home this week.
17 18 move up in rankings1 36-27-6-5
-142 The Stars have been one of the funnest teams to watch in the entire league this season, and we may get to see more of them in the postseason.
18 16 move down in rankings2 36-32-4-4
-138 No team is falling faster than the Leafs right now.
19 20 move up in rankings1 38-30-4-2
-135 Total bettors take note; the 'under' is 7-1 in the Blue Jackets last eight games, a trend that's sure to even out down the stretch.
20 19 move down in rankings1 31-28-5-10
-128 The Devils may still be in the race, but they certainly don't have the look of a playoff team these days.
21 21 no change in rankings 33-32-3-8
-123 Once a playoff fixture, the Preds are left to play out the string here in 2014.
22 24 move up in rankings2 31-29-7-7
-120 The Sens haven't given up on the season, coming off back-to-back critical wins over the Blackhawks and Flames.
23 25 move up in rankings2 31-37-4-3
-116 Calgary has a lot to build on moving forward - this franchise has done a complete 180 in the last year.
24 22 move down in rankings2 34-31-4-7
-112 It's looking more and more like John Tortorella will be 'one-and-done' in Vancouver.
25 23 move down in rankings2 33-33-3-6
-108 The Jets seemed to peak in early February. It's been all downhill since.
26 26 no change in rankings 32-32-7-3
-105 Having the second worst power play in the NHL hasn't helped the Canes cause this season.
27 27 no change in rankings 29-35-5-5
-101 With the pressure off, we're seeing the Isles play some of their best hockey of the season.
28 29 move up in rankings1 26-40-6-3
103 It's going to be another long offseason for a forever-rebuilding Oilers franchise that is running out of options.
29 28 move down in rankings1 27-40-2-6
106 The Panthers have scored a grand total of four goals in their last five losses.
30 30 no change in rankings 20-45-5-4
111 Buffalo picked up only two victories in the entire month of March.
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