NBA Power Rankings: Week 8

By Bryan Power - Covers Expert

The Heat are still No. 1 in our rankings, but another matchup with the Pacers looms on Wednesday. While the Suns are the squad who made the biggest jump this week, moving up five spots. Find out where your favorite team sits in the Week 7 Power Rankings.

NBA Power Rankings

Week 8 Rank Last Week Change Team W-L
Power Rating Team Comments
1 1 same 16-6
-14.5 Miami
If LeBron James doesn't play Wednesday night against Indiana, the Heat may very well be 0-2 head to head with the Pacers, yet still retain the top spot.
2 2 same 19-3
-14.3 Indiana
Maybe they were caught looking ahead to the Heat? Suffered 1st home loss on Monday to the Pistons, but still are leading the league in defense.
3 4 up 1 16-4
-14 Oklahoma City
This is the hottest team in the league right now with wins in 15 of their last 16 games. I was surprised to see they lead the league in rebounding.
4 3 down 1 16-4
-13.8 San Antonio
While the order may change from time to time, we're likely to have the same top four teams for the balance of the season. The Spurs are still #1 in point differential.
5 5 same 18-4
-12.5 Portland
Given how good both OKC and San Antonio have been, it's quite impressive that the Blazers have a better record than both. They also lead the league in scoring.
6 6 same 14-8
-11 L.A. Clippers
Got a much needed 115-92 win over the Spurs Monday, which should boost their confidence. I've long come off the notion that the Clips are finishing with the best record in the West though.
7 7 same 15-7
-10.5 Houston
I would have advised against elevating Kelvin Sampson (yes, THAT Kelvin Sampson) to interim head coach (Kevin McHale dealing with death of his mother) and sure enough he's already made one blunder by inserting an injured James Harden back into the game.
8 8 same 12-10
-9.5 Golden State
I still can't believe that this currently would not be a playoff team. Speaks to how good the Western Conference is right now.
9 9 same 13-8
-8.8 Denver
The Nuggets had won 10 of 13 before losing to the Thunder Tuesday. Still, I see them only competing for only the 8th playoff spot in the West.
10 10 same 10-11
-8 Minnesota
Losing to Boston makes it harder to make a case that the T'wolves are better than their record.
11 11 same 13-9
-7.5 Dallas
Either this team or the Nuggets will not make the playoffs. Getting Brandan Wright back will definitely boost the Mavs in the short-term.
12 17 up 5 12-9
-7.25 Phoenix
Who ever would have thought the Suns could get this high in the rankings? Not me. Yet as of Wednesday they have the league's longest win streak outside of Oklahoma City!
13 12 down 1 9-10
-6 New Orleans
They struggle defensively when taking their act out on the road, allowing an average of 106.4 PPG, one of the worst marks in the league.
14 15 up 1 11-11
-5.5 Atlanta
Have been a friendly team to Over bettors as seven of their last eight games have gone that way. Actually average more PPG on the road than at home.
15 16 up 1 9-11
-5.4 Washington
This team lives and dies with the three-pointer. They are 7-1 SU when the make 40% or better from behind the arc, 3-12 when they don't.
16 13 down 3 10-10
-5.3 Memphis
Recently read an article about how it might be time for the Grizzlies to start over. Only Utah has a worse point differential in the Conference.
17 14 down 3 8-11
-5.2 Chicago
Look for this team to continue to fall further without Derrick Rose. Since December 7, the Bulls are averaging just 79.5 PPG, easily a league worst.
18 18 same 7-13
-5.1 Toronto
Despite their best efforts to tank, the Raptors remain in playoff contention! They are one of four teams in the East with a positive point differential.
19 19 same 10-11
-5 L.A. Lakers
Why did they spend all that money on Kobe Bryant again? Since his return, he's scored less than 10 points three times. That's tied for the 3rd most in any season in his career!
20 20 same 10-12
-4.9 Detroit
After struggling to close games out against Brooklyn and Portland at home, they go out on the road and dominate Indiana on the boards. Go figure.
21 23 up 2 8-13
-4.8 Cleveland
Even with the Nets and Knicks struggling and all the teams tanking in the East, I was seriously doubting the Cavs as a playoff team. But they've played better of late.
22 26 up 4 7-14
-4.7 Brooklyn
OK, I'll go out on a limb here and call for the Nets to end up winning the Atlantic. But they should be ashamed this is not a formality.
23 21 down 2 10-11
-4.6 Charlotte
The Bobcats are last in the league in three-point percentage at 29.7 percent.
24 22 down 2 10-13
-4.5 Boston
Brad Stevens is doing an excellent job and is about to get Rajon Rondo back. Vegas just doesn't really believe in this team though.
25 24 down 1 5-15
-4.4 New York
Only one time all season have the Knicks won back to back games and they have lost 13 of 18 overall.
26 25 down 1 6-13
-2 Sacramento
Making the team's 7-16 SU start look even worse is the fact they have played a home-heavy schedule to this point (15 of 23 games).
27 27 same 6-15
-1 Orlando
Point guard Aaron Afflalo is having a GREAT year. The rest of the team is not as the Magic are averaging just 89.9 PPG the last seven games.
28 29 up 1 4-19
-0.5 Utah
Hey! Utah moves up another spot after that disastrous start as they have won 5 of 11 games since Trey Burke started playing.
29 28 down 1 7-15
0.5 Philadelphia
The 76ers have become just as bad as we thought they'd be as their defense is beyond atrocious, allowing 269 total points the last two games!
30 30 same 5-16
1 Milwaukee
The Bucks have settled in as the league's worst team, but the Sixers will challenge them. Trailed Dallas by 30 plus points entering the fourth quarter Saturday.
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Power Ratings compute offensive and defensive statistics into one number for each team, while accounting for factors like recent performances and strength of schedule. Power Ratings can be used as a baseline for relative spread index to compare current or future match-ups between two teams. The relative spread does not account for non-statistical factors like home-field advantage, recent injuries, game time decisions, rivalries, publicity, and weather.