NBA Power Rankings: Week 6

By Bryan Power - Covers Expert

The Top 3 remains unchanged this week with the Heat still claiming the top spot, while the red-hot Blazers make a jump into the Top 5 after knocking off the Eastern Conference leading Pacers. Find out where your favorite team sits in the Week 6 power rankings.

NBA Power Rankings

Week 6 Rank Last Week Change Team W-L
Power Rating Team Comments
1 1 same 11-3
-14.5 Miami
Their 10-game win streak ended Tuesday night (to Detroit?!), but they were playing without Dwyane Wade and shot a season low 43.9% from the floor.
2 2 same 13-1
-14 San Antonio
Tim Duncan became the oldest player in league history to record a 20-20 game (points-rebounds) when he went for 23-21 against Atlanta Monday. He even hit the game winner!
3 3 same 13-1
-13.8 Indiana
Lost for just the 2nd time all season Monday as they were caught in the second night of back to backs, in Portland. Have yet to suffer B2B ATS losses this year.
4 5 up 1 9-3
-13 Oklahoma City
Quietly, the Thunder have won eight in a row. But three of those wins have come by two points or less.
5 8 up 3 13-2
-12.5 Portland
This is the league's biggest surprise and they proved themselves to be legit with the win over Indiana. Have won 13 of 14 overall, including 7 straight at home.
6 4 down 2 10-5
-12 L.A. Clippers
They slip a bit this week, but only because Portland is playing so well and did what the Clips couldn't do - beat Indiana.
7 6 down 1 9-6
-11.5 Golden State
In Tuesday's miracle comeback win over Toronto, the Warriors scored 42 fourth quarter points. It was the 7th largest comeback in NBA history.
8 7 down 1 10-5
-10 Houston
The Rockets are stuck in somewhat of a no-mans land as they aren't in the same class as the top contenders, but are also better than everybody else.
9 11 up 2 7-6
-8.8 Denver
How wild is this? After a "rocky" start that saw them drop down to #21 in the rankings, the Nuggets are now ranked higher than they were at the start of the season!
10 9 down 1 8-8
-8 Minnesota
A point differential of +4.1 PPG (entering Weds) indicates they are better than their 9-10 SU record. Unfortunately, they have the Spurs & Heat on deck.
11 10 down 1 9-6
-7.8 Dallas
Five straight ATS losses as they get set to embark on a four-game road trip. They are only 2-6 SU away from home thus far.
12 16 up 4 6-8
-7.25 New Orleans
What a win Monday in Chicago as the Pelicans prevailed in 3 OT's despite missing Anthony Davis. Unfortunately, they are only the 10th best team in the West!
13 13 same 6-7
-7 Chicago
How bad is the East compared to the West? The Rose-less Bulls are still my third-highest ranked team from the East and just lost to the Cavs.
14 12 down 2 7-7
-6.5 Memphis
It's official. All five teams in the Southwest Division are ranked higher than the top team in the Atlantic Division.
15 18 up 3 6-8
-6 Washington
After that bad start, Randy Wittman's job seems safe and so too are the Wizards' playoff hopes as they are .500 for the 1st time since being 2-2 in 2009-10.
16 14 down 2 8-7
-5.5 Atlanta
You know who benefits from the East being so bad? You guessed it - the perpetually mediocre Hawks, who are nowhere near the bottom - or the top.
17 17 same 6-8
-5.3 Toronto
The good news is that they led the Warriors by 27 in Oakland with 5 minutes to go in the third quarter. The bad news is what happened next.
18 22 up 4 7-7
-5 Phoenix
While the Suns have cooled off a bit, it's their early season work and a win over Portland that get them up this high. That and the fact the bottom of the league is so bad.
19 21 up 2 7-8
-4.8 L.A. Lakers
Kobe Bryant is coming back, but in a loaded Western Conference, I don't see that mattering at all.
20 15 down 5 6-8
-4.5 Detroit
Weird fact: There has been only one Pistons game all season (Nov 1 at Memphis) where the SU winner didn't also cover the pointspread.
21 25 up 4 7-8
-3 Charlotte
A team "put together" by Michael Jordan is actually ranked this high and would be in the playoffs (if they started today)? Ladies and gentleman, YOUR 2013-14 Eastern Conference!
22 24 up 2 6-10
-2.9 Boston
It's official. The 8-12 Celtics are officially the worst first place team in the history of sports!
23 23 same 4-9
-2.8 Sacramento
Having lost five in a row and playing without Demarcus Cousins, the Kings are one of the few Western Conference teams to match the East's ineptitude.
24 20 down 4 3-10
-2.7 New York
The Knicks have lost nine in a row, yet somehow are only three games back in the Atlantic and ranked higher than SIX other teams here.
25 27 up 2 4-10
-2.6 Cleveland
Any time a team near the bottom of the rankings moves up its usually because the other teams are just stinking more at the time. Cavs have the third worst point differential in the league.
26 19 down 7 4-10
-2.5 Brooklyn
When all is said and done, Jason Kidd might go down as the worst coaching hire ever.
27 26 down 1 5-9
-2 Orlando
Unlike the Suns, the Magic have begun to tumble as Tuesday's 1-pt 2OT loss in Philadelphia was their third in a row.
28 28 same 6-9
-1.8 Philadelphia
NBA Futures alert: It's only early December and the Sixers are almost halfway to their projected 16.5 win total.
29 30 up 1 2-14
-1.5 Utah
The Jazz escape the basement thanks to three wins in the last four games.
30 29 down 1 2-11
-1 Milwaukee
That leaves the last spot for Milwaukee. Two of the Bucks three wins this year came against Boston, who of course leads the Atlantic.
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Power Ratings compute offensive and defensive statistics into one number for each team, while accounting for factors like recent performances and strength of schedule. Power Ratings can be used as a baseline for relative spread index to compare current or future match-ups between two teams. The relative spread does not account for non-statistical factors like home-field advantage, recent injuries, game time decisions, rivalries, publicity, and weather.