NBA Power Rankings: Week 4

By Bryan Power - Covers Expert

There's a shakeup in the Top 5 with the Spurs leaping over the Pacers and the Clippers and Warriors among the NBA elite. Find out where your favorite team sits in the Week 4 power rankings.

NBA Power Rankings

Week 4 Rank Last Week Change Team W-L
Power Rating Team Comments
1 1 same 5-3
-14 Miami
With all the attention being paid to other teams, the Heat have used six different starting lineups in 11 games, yet are still 8-3 with the league's third-best scoring differential. Thank you very much.
2 3 up 1 7-1
-13.5 San Antonio
The Spurs move up one spot this week thanks to seven straight wins while Indiana had that bad loss to Chicago. Their last four wins have come by nearly 20 PPG.
3 2 down 1 8-0
-13.3 Indiana
Yes, they were the league's last unbeaten, but the schedule has been quite favorable and will continue to be so for the remainder of the month.
4 5 up 1 5-3
-12.6 L.A. Clippers
I'm still not coming off my opinion that the Clippers should finish with the best record in the West. However, they've yet to win a game scoring less than 107 points.
5 6 up 1 5-3
-12.5 Golden State
I've only been doing these Power Rankings for the last two years, but I'm pretty sure this is as high as anyone has ever had the Warriors.
6 4 down 2 5-1
-12.4 Oklahoma City
As you can see, it's really close between the No. 4 and No. 6 teams, but the Thunder get ranked below the Clips and Warriors thanks to losses to both of those teams last week.
7 7 same 5-3
-10.5 Houston
Isn't Dwight Howard supposed to improve your team defensively? And to think the Rockets are about to trade Omar Asik. Harden and Lin can't guard anybody, which will cost them in the playoffs.
8 8 same 3-3
-10 Chicago
The Bulls don't drop for a third straight week thanks to that big win over Indiana. Quietly, Derrick Rose is starting to look better and the team has won five straight.
9 9 same 5-3
-9.5 Minnesota
Easily the best five-loss team in the league right now, the T-Wolves are top five in scoring differential and third in the league in points per game.
10 10 same 5-3
-9 Dallas
The Mavs have yet to lose at home where they are averaging 110 points per game.
11 13 up 2 5-2
-8.5 Portland
This has been the league's most pleasant surprise as they not only are tied with San Antonio for the longest active win streak in the league, but they handed the Spurs their only loss as well.
12 12 same 3-4
-8 Memphis
After an ugly start, things are beginning to look a little better as the Grizz are now back over .500. Their two best defensive performances of the season came in the last two games.
13 11 down 2 2-4
-7.5 Brooklyn
I questioned how impactful a bunch of old guys could possibly be in a young man's league before the start of the season. Kevin Garnett has been terrible up to this point.
14 14 same 4-3
-6.5 Atlanta
Stop me when you've heard this before. The Hawks beat Charlotte, Orlando, Philadelphia and New York, then got clobbered by Miami.
15 16 up 1 2-5
-6 Detroit
Got a much needed win at home over the Knicks. I have serious concerns about this team's ability to make shots, but in a weak Eastern Conference, they're fine.
16 18 up 2 2-4
-5.75 New York
This is just not a good team. Last year was only Carmelo Anthony's second time winning a playoff series. I don't see that number changing after this year.
17 17 same 3-5
-5.6 New Orleans
The Pelicans have been a real Jekyll-and-Hyde team as they've lost twice to Phoenix, are the only team to lose to Utah, but also put up 135 points (on 60 percent shooting) against Philadelphia.
18 21 up 3 2-4
-5.5 Denver
The early-season results were ugly with first-year head coach Brian Shaw trying to integrate a new style of play into a roster that doesn't fit said style of play. But the worst may have passed.
19 15 down 4 3-5
-5.25 Toronto
Playing good defense and two of their last three losses came in overtime. The Raptors should be able to compete for a playoff spot all year long.
20 19 down 1 3-5
-5 Cleveland
Could Mike Brown be fired before the All-Star break in back-to-back seasons? Probably not, but his style and this team aren't meshing so far.
21 20 down 1 2-5
-4.9 Washington
Shades of the Cavaliers, a players-only meeting was held. Considering Bradley Beal didn't punch John Wall and they responded with a win over Minnesota, the Wiz's went smoother.
22 25 up 3 5-2
-4.5 Phoenix
I really have no choice but to continue to move up a Suns team that has gone 7-2-1 ATS at the betting window and whose five losses have come by a combined 16 points.
23 24 up 1 4-5
-4.3 L.A. Lakers
Soon Kobe Bryant will be back and we will see if the Lakers can make the playoffs.
24 23 down 1 4-4
-4.1 Boston
Brad Stevens is finding out that unlike at Butler, you can't win NBA games scoring in the 80s consistently.
25 26 up 1 3-5
-3.5 Orlando
Believe it or not, but the Magic actually still have a positive point differential (+0.2 per game). I would expect that to change after a game with the Heat.
26 29 up 3 3-4
-2.5 Charlotte
Make no mistake about it. The Bobcats didn't really do anything to deserve moving up this week. The other teams are just that bad.
27 28 up 1 1-5
-2 Sacramento
Really, the Kings record should be a lot better given that they've played the majority of games at home.
28 22 down 6 2-4
-1.8 Milwaukee
One of the bigger drops this week, the Bucks have lost five in a row (by nearly 15 PPG) and have the East's worst scoring differential (-8.3 PPG) overall. A very banged-up team right now.
29 27 down 2 4-4
-1.5 Philadelphia
Yes, they have five wins. But they are just horrible defensively. We're talking about allowing nearly 110 points per game.
30 30 same 0-8
-1 Utah
Second to last in scoring and worst in assist to turnover ratio. Last in the power rankings. John Stockton isn't walking through that door.
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Power Ratings compute offensive and defensive statistics into one number for each team, while accounting for factors like recent performances and strength of schedule. Power Ratings can be used as a baseline for relative spread index to compare current or future match-ups between two teams. The relative spread does not account for non-statistical factors like home-field advantage, recent injuries, game time decisions, rivalries, publicity, and weather.