NBA Power Rankings: Week 23

By Bryan Power - Covers Expert

The San Antonio Spurs maintain the top spot in this week's Power Rankings thanks to their 18 game winning streak. Portland is moving up with four straight wins.

NBA Power Rankings

Week 24 Rank Last Week Change Team W-L
Power Rating Team Comments
1 1 same 58-16
-14 San Antonio
The amazing Spurs have extended their win streak to 18 games (going into Wednesday) and most of them haven't been close. They're winning by an average of 16.5 points per game!
2 2 same 53-22
-13.9 L.A. Clippers
What the Spurs have done has effectively overshadowed the Clippers going 16-2 their last 18 games. This is easily the best team in franchise history.
3 3 same 51-22
-13.8 Miami
If they were to finish first in the Eastern Conference, the Heat would be a shoo-in for the NBA Finals, no? Their last three wins have come by an average of 21 PPG.
4 4 same 54-19
-13.7 Oklahoma City
Kevin Durant continues to score at least 25 points in every game and the Thunder will be favored to snap San Antonio's win streak Thursday night.
5 5 same 49-24
-12 Houston
With three starters, one of them Dwight Howard, battling injuries/illness, I just don't see the Rockets moving higher than fourth in the West.
6 6 same 52-23
-11.5 Indiana
They beat Miami last Wednesday. But have since lost three in a row to finish March with a losing record while barely averaging 80 PPG. They are 3-19 ATS their last 22 games!
7 7 same 46-28
-11 Golden State
Despite dressing only 10 players, the Warriors solidified their playoff position by winning in Dallas Tuesday night.
8 10 up 2 49-27
-9.5 Portland
Four straight wins have the Blazers moving back up in the rankings as a healthy LaMarcus Aldridge is back and contributing.
9 8 down 1 40-33
-9.1 Brooklyn
The last time a team with 10 or fewer wins on January 1st made the playoffs was nearly 30 years ago. By winning 30 of 42, the Nets have pulled off the feat.
10 9 down 1 42-32
-9 Chicago
Along with the Nets, the Bulls figure to be a tough out in the second round for either Miami or Indiana as they've won 20 of their past 25 conference games.
11 11 same 44-30
-8.5 Memphis
The Grizzlies have won nine straight games against sub-.500 foes. The problem is that there just aren't many sub-.500 teams in the Western Conference.
12 14 up 2 42-32
-8.4 Toronto
Kyle Lowry missing any extended time would be a killer, especially if the Raptors wind up playing Brooklyn in the first round.
13 12 down 1 44-31
-8.2 Dallas
If the Mavs do not make the playoffs, they will probably point to a seven-game stretch that has seen them lose three times in overtime.
14 13 down 1 44-30
-8.2 Phoenix
When you're competing for a playoff spot, you simply cannot get blown out by the Lakers. Yet that's what happened to the Suns on Sunday.
15 15 same 36-37
-8.1 Minnesota
Officially eliminated from the playoffs, the T'wolves are left to wonder what could have been. I truly believe this team would be a tougher first round opponent than either the Mavs or Suns.
16 16 same 38-36
-7 Washington
One more win here ends the third longest playoff drought in the league.
17 17 same 36-38
-5.5 Charlotte
The Bobcats have won 11 of their last 13 at home and they play very good defense. Don't laugh, but this could be a bad first round matchup for Indiana!
18 19 up 1 32-43
-5.3 New York
TV networks are desperate for the Knicks to overtake the Hawks for the final playoff spot in the Eastern Conference.
19 21 up 2 32-42
-4.5 New Orleans
This will be the third straight year they have improved their winning percentage. The same cannot be said for their nickname.
20 18 down 2 32-41
-4 Atlanta
They have lost 20 of their last 27 games, yet somehow the Hawks are still a playoff team. Is this not the story of the franchise for the last decade?
21 20 down 1 32-42
-3.9 Denver
Ten straight years in the playoffs for the Nuggets was actually the league's second longest streak. It's now over.
22 22 same 26-48
-3.7 Sacramento
I wish Boogie Cousins played on a better team. Yet I think "better teams" don't share my sentiment.
23 24 up 1 30-45
-3.5 Cleveland
I've never bought the Cavs as a serious playoff contender since, oh, the first week of the season. So don't get too excited about Kyrie Irving's return.
24 27 up 3 23-51
-3 Boston
The Celtics kick off what just might be the worst bottom six teams in any year in recent NBA memory.
25 23 down 2 27-47
-3 Detroit
The Pistons should be flat out embarrassed. How do you lose to Philadelphia by 26 points? Firing Mo Cheeks did nothing as the team is 6-18 since.
26 25 down 1 25-49
0.5 L.A. Lakers
"I didn't know I made my first eight shots," Nick Young said after losing to Portland Tuesday night. Ladies and gents, these are your Los Angeles Lakers!
27 26 down 1 23-52
1 Utah
The Jazz won two games in March - against Orlando and Philadelphia - and just shot less than 30 percent against the Knicks on unguarded attempts!
28 28 same 21-53
1.2 Orlando
They did win twice over the last week, but the question is why? If you're going to tank, then TANK!
29 29 same 14-60
1.5 Milwaukee
Philadelphia's win over the weekend practically ensures the Bucks will finish with the league's worst record. Milwaukee would have to win twice just to tie them. That's not happening.
30 30 same 16-58
3 Philadelphia
After all that losing, a team projected for 16.5 wins before the season now has 16. Let the drama continue.
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Power Ratings compute offensive and defensive statistics into one number for each team, while accounting for factors like recent performances and strength of schedule. Power Ratings can be used as a baseline for relative spread index to compare current or future match-ups between two teams. The relative spread does not account for non-statistical factors like home-field advantage, recent injuries, game time decisions, rivalries, publicity, and weather.