NBA Power Rankings: Week 2

By Bryan Power - Covers Expert

The best in the West shake up the top five in the Week 2 rankings. San Antonio and Oklahoma City sit above the Clippers and Rockets, who both drop a few spots. Find out where your favorite team sits in the latest power rankings.

NBA Power Rankings

Week 2 Rank Last Week Change Team W-L
Power Rating Team Comments
1 1 no change in rankings 1-0
-15.0 Miami
Sure they are only 3-2 SU, but they're one of only three Eastern Conference teams outscoring foes by more than five PPG. They also still have LeBron James.
2 5 move up in rankings3 0-0
-13.5 San Antonio
The reigning Western Conference champs move up this week as their lone loss came in a place where they never play well - Portland.
3 7 move up in rankings4 0-0
-13.0 Oklahoma City
Thanks to the (surprise) early return of Russell Westbrook, the Thunder move back up near the top. Those who bet OKC over the 50.5 win total have to be feeling good.
4 4 no change in rankings 1-0
-12.8 Indiana
The league's only remaining unbeaten (4-0 SU) has seen Paul George step up his game, including a phenomenal performance Tuesday night.
5 2 move down in rankings3 0-1
-12.5 L.A. Clippers
OK, so I looked bad calling for the Clippers to have the best record in the West when they lost to the Lakers. Since then, 3-0 while averaging nearly 124 PPG.
6 3 move down in rankings3 0-1
-12.4 Chicago
The Bulls have been a disappointment so far as Derrick Rose has struggled and they're clearly not ready to challenge Miami and Indiana yet.
7 6 move down in rankings1 0-0
-12.0 Houston
Dwight Howard has admittedly looked very good as the team has started 4-1. His second return to L.A. (vs. the Lakers) should go better than the game against the Clippers.
8 8 no change in rankings 0-0
-10.0 Brooklyn
They've beaten Miami, but lost to Cleveland and Orlando. Center Brook Lopez scored 27 points in just 26 minutes against the Jazz Tuesday.
9 9 no change in rankings 0-0
-9.5 Memphis
After allowing triple digits only eight times in the regular season last year, the Grizzlies allowed 100-plus in each of the first three games.
10 10 no change in rankings 0-0
-9.0 Golden State
Good start for the Warriors, who own the league's best point differential (+12.5 PPG) through one week.
11 11 no change in rankings 0-0
-8.5 New York
I didn't like the roster before the year, and like it a lot less now with Tyson Chandler injured. A candidate to drop in these rankings moving forward.
12 13 move up in rankings1 0-0
-7.8 Dallas
Wow! How about all that scoring? They are second in the league at 114.3 PPG and Monta Ellis has looked good (so far).
13 18 move up in rankings5 0-0
-7.5 Detroit
Identified as a sleeper by those I spoke to before the season, it looks like those folks were right about the Pistons. That said, the bench was awful against Indiana.
14 16 move up in rankings2 0-0
-7.0 Minnesota
This team was undefeated before a monster rally came up short Monday in Cleveland. In the first three games, they were averaging nearly 40 PPG in the first quarter.
15 12 move down in rankings3 0-0
-6.5 Denver
The winless Nuggets have not looked good at all. Even worse is that two of the three losses have come at home. Anthony Randolph starts for this team?
16 15 move down in rankings1 0-0
-5.8 Cleveland
Expected to be one of the league's most improved teams, I'm none too impressed. I'm sorry, but a Mike Brown coached team will never be good offensively.
17 17 no change in rankings 0-0
-5.6 Atlanta
The Hawks have scored 100 points in all four games, but the schedule hasn't been challenging. Paul Milsap is an upgrade over Josh Smith.
18 19 move up in rankings1 0-0
-5.5 Portland
Lost at Phoenix, but beat San Antonio (with Tim Duncan)? The win at Denver no longer looks as impressive. Couldn't beat an unrested Rockets team.
19 20 move up in rankings1 0-0
-5.3 Toronto
They have scored between 93 and 97 points in all four games. Tough early schedule with four of the first six games on the road.
20 14 move down in rankings6 0-0
-5.0 Washington
The biggest early season disappointment so far. I knew the initial ranking felt too high. Head coach Randy Wittman could be the first to go.
21 21 no change in rankings 1-0
-4.6 L.A. Lakers
Predictably, they have played much better at home than on the road. The team you saw beat the Clippers is not indicative of what you'll see moving forward.
22 22 no change in rankings 0-0
-4.5 New Orleans
The 3-point shooting has been good, but the 2-point shooting has not (less than 40%?). Anthony Davis does look like he is getting better.
23 24 move up in rankings1 0-0
-4.0 Milwaukee
Only win came against winless Boston in a come from behind effort. Like the Pelicans, this is a team likely doomed to last place in the division.
24 26 move up in rankings2 0-0
-3.5 Sacramento
The Kings have been surprisingly competitive with every game decided by 11 points or less. The problem is that three of those have been losses.
25 23 move down in rankings2 0-0
-2.5 Boston
Only Charlotte and Cleveland are worse in terms of points per 100 possessions. It looks like this season will be as ugly as advertised.
26 25 move down in rankings1 0-0
-2.0 Utah
Needles to say Ty Corbin's tenure will not last as long as Jerry Sloan's did in Utah.
27 27 no change in rankings 0-0
-1.5 Charlotte
Be weary of this team off a road win (0-9 ATS last two seasons). Also 13-32 ATS when playing in the second night of back-to-backs.
28 28 no change in rankings 0-1
-1.4 Orlando
Every team at the bottom of the rankings has been better than I thought so far. But remember the Magic started 2-0 last year. They were 18-62 after that.
29 29 no change in rankings 0-0
-1.2 Phoenix
Only Robert Sarver could potentially screw up tanking.
30 30 no change in rankings 0-0
-1.0 Philadelphia
Projected by the books to win only 16.5 games, the Sixers started 3-0. Then they lost by 20 at home to Golden State. How long do they stay stuck at three wins?
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