MLB Power Rankings: Week 4

By SEAN MURPHY - My goals are simple: win and make consistent profit.

Thanks to the Brewers hot start they have the best record in baseball and taken over the top spot in our Power Rankings. The Yankees, Rangers and Royals took big leaps forward, while the Tigers and Pirates stumbled.

MLB Power Rankings

Week 6 Rank Last Week Change Team W-L
Power Rating Team Comments
1 6 move up in rankings5 14-5
-202.0 It doesn't look like the Brewers are going to start fading any time soon. They made a statement by taking three of four over the Pirates in Pittsburgh over the weekend.
2 4 move up in rankings2 12-6
-199.0 The Braves haven't lost a series since dropping two of three against the Mets from April 8th to 10th.
3 1 move down in rankings2 11-8
-196.0 St. Louis has been a little uneven out of the gates, but remains within striking distance of the Brew Crew in the N.L. Central, currently sitting three games back.
4 5 move up in rankings1 13-5
-192.0 Soft schedule or not, the A's are once again taking care of business in the A.L. West.
5 2 move down in rankings3 12-7
-190.0 Interestingly enough, the Dodgers have only managed to play .500 ball at home, but enter the new week sporting an 8-3 road mark.
6 14 move up in rankings8 11-8
-186.0 The Yanks have picked up six wins in their last eight games, with the only two losses coming in a four-game series split in St. Petersburg over the weekend.
7 10 move up in rankings3 11-8
-182.0 After dropping three straight games and scoring only three runs in the process, the Giants responded with a 4-3 win over the Padres on Sunday.
8 3 move down in rankings5 9-6
-180.0 The Tigers would probably be a little higher on this list were it not for a number of rain-outs, holding them to a modest 9-6 overall record.
9 7 move down in rankings2 11-8
-177.0 With just four wins in their last 10 games, the Nats' are quickly digging themselves a hole in the N.L. East.
10 16 move up in rankings6 11-8
-172.0 After reeling off five straight wins, the Rangers were put in their place on Sunday, suffering a 16-2 beatdown at the hands of the White Sox.
11 13 move up in rankings2 10-9
-167.0 What a difference a year makes. The Blue Jays aren't exactly dominating the field, but they are hanging around near the top of the A.L. East standings.
12 12 no change in rankings 9-10
-165.0 We've seen signs of the Red Sox turning the corner, as they've notched four wins in their last five contests.
13 21 move up in rankings8 9-8
-160.0 The Royals allowed more than four runs for the first time in seven games on Sunday, losing for the first time in six games in the process.
14 9 move down in rankings5 9-10
-155.0 A six-game stretch against A.L. East foes didn't go so well for the Rays, as they won only twice - both of those victories coming against the Yankees.
15 15 no change in rankings 8-10
-151.0 If there was one positive to take away from the past week, it was that Jered Weaver finally picked up his first win of the season in Detroit on Friday.
16 8 move down in rankings8 8-11
-146.0 The Buccos are already just 1-6 against the division-leading Brewers this season, and enter the new week losers of eight of their last 10 games
17 19 move up in rankings2 8-9
-143.0 The O's are sitting in last place in the A.L. East, but that means little, as they're just two games behind the first place Yankees.
18 11 move down in rankings7 7-11
-141.0 Enthusiasm has quickly diminished in Seattle, as the Mariners have lost six games in a row and eight of their last nine overall.
19 18 move down in rankings1 8-10
-138.0 Cleveland has been miserable inside its own division in the early going, notching only three wins in nine games.
20 22 move up in rankings2 8-10
-136.0 The Reds have gotten rolling, winning four of their last five games to regain some respectability after that brutal start.
21 20 move down in rankings1 10-10
-131.0 Colorado's big names have lived up to expectations thus far, but the schedule is about to toughen up with back-to-back series' against the Giants and Dodgers on deck.
22 25 move up in rankings3 9-9
-127.0 With a 9-9 record in a competitive division, the Twins could probably rank a little higher than this, but how long can the offense keep up its steady production?
23 27 move up in rankings4 9-9
-123.0 With a 9-9 record in a competitive division, the Twins could probably rank a little higher than this, but how long can the offense keep up its steady production?
24 23 move down in rankings1 9-10
-119.0 The week started and ended on positive notes, but in between the White Sox were a mess, losing four games in a row while getting outscored 27-8.
25 24 move down in rankings1 9-10
-115.0 Another year, another strong Padres pitching staff. They currently rank fourth in baseball with a 2.75 staff ERA.
26 17 move down in rankings9 8-10
-111.0 Back-to-back series' losses have the Phillies fading entering the third week of April.
27 26 move down in rankings1 9-10
-106.0 A series sweep of the Mariners has the Marlins on the right track, but a difficult series in Atlanta is up next.
28 29 move up in rankings1 5-12
101.0 It was another miserable week for the Cubbies, as they picked up just one victory in five games.
29 28 move down in rankings1 5-16
105.0 Who could have predicted that the D'Backs would fall so hard, so fast?
30 30 no change in rankings 5-14
110.0 The Astros might as well make themselves comfortable because it looks like they're going to be stuck in the basement for a long time.
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Power Ratings compute offensive and defensive statistics into one number for each team, while accounting for factors like recent performances and strength of schedule. Power Ratings can be used as a baseline for relative moneyline index to compare current or future match-ups between two teams. The relative moneyline does not account for non-statistical factors like home-ice advantage, recent injuries, game time decisions, rivalries, and publicity.