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NFL Betting > ** We deserve to lose *** > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by Limitlessxp:
never bet against brady 

Very true my friend 

Especially vs team that finds ways to lose all day.... 

lets not forget their game vs 49ers up 17 in NFC championship = loss...

NFL Betting > ** We deserve to lose *** > View Post
Anyone who like myself bet on Atl deserves to lose. 

WFT was I thinking, 5 superbowls, Brady Vs Team that finds way to lose and Matty Melted Ice

Zero points vs D that let 300+ yds against Josh McCown

NFL Betting > NE didn’t cover a game at home yet > View Post
New England hasn't looked same as last year. D: is just atrocious

Atlanta finds ways to lose, I hate betting on them but going with Birds. This is their 2018 Superbowl

College Football > Louisville Over Florida St > View Post
Beat snot out of them last year, Fl St has worse offence, why not take +200 ml, worth shot 

MLB Betting > Astros ship is sunk > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by diondimucci:
If severino pitches g6 he will get lit up like a xmas tree and force a classic g7.  But what if Girardi gets cute and starts Sabathia on short rest in g6

Does it really make difference with way Astros are hitting. I could pitch on 1 days rest and they still wouldn't be able to hit

MLB Betting > Astros ML > View Post
Astro win this one. Forget that Yanks with back against wall business etc. I mean did they intentionally lose 1st 2 so they could be in this position.

I say too much pressure on Yanks. If they go down in this game, doubts will creep in.

Houston has their number.

NFL Betting > Just Flip Coin From Now On > View Post
Cheers boys

the Coin

NFL Betting > Just Flip Coin From Now On > View Post
I just flipped the coin and it said Giants 2nd half too. Bet it to the house

NFL Betting > The Giants are your EX GF > View Post
hahaha that's awesome analysis 

NFL Betting > Giants anybody? > View Post

I'm rooting for you. 

NFL Betting > Just Flip Coin From Now On > View Post
Just flip a coin from now on. No rhyme or reason to NFL. 

Giants on road, no receivers against arguably best D in NFL and they are up 14...How the hell do you cap this?

I didn't even bet on this game
But from now on I'm just flipping coin.

NFL Betting > Roberto Aguayo keep your phone on > View Post
How do you sign Folk after the Agueyo disaster.
Replace one loser with another ??

College Football > TEXAS LONGHORNS -4 .. fb record 10-7 ($ +3,290) > View Post

Be careful those wide open offences give Texas a lot of trouble
Example: Maryland.

ISU is that type of team. 

I also don't believe in must win game giving team any more advantage. If anything lots teams sink under pressure


NFL Betting > Dallas getting dominated > View Post
Dallas getting dominated. 

Line, receivers, QB... 
you name it, there are getting killed.

College Football > UCLA biggest wanna be bunch in College football > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by davemsh:
UCLA is so soft...Mora needs to go....

Couldn't agree more. Mora has talent, is doing next to nothing with it!

Gotta give it up David Shah, 3rd string in there and you find way to put up 51 pts!

College Football > Is USC an over rated pile of horse Schit or what? > View Post
Worst coach is Clay Helton

this team is destines for mediocrity. Will not be able beat SEC teams

NFL Betting > *** Green Bay @ Atlanta *** > View Post

Can't bet against Rodgers vs Matty Ice (I mean choke)
Packers D is legit 

College Football > Brian Hoyer > View Post
Why in the world would you cut Kaepernick for this guy. 8 quarters = not single TD. has worst QBR. 

You get rid of QB who beat Aaron Rodgers in GB, won multiple playoff games on road for Brian Hoyer. What planet do we live on 

NFL Betting > Seatle is a bad team. > View Post
O line is terrible. 

Have to say though 9ers D is legit. 
D line has like 3 1st round picks 

NFL Betting > Younghoe appreciation thread > View Post
Cost chargers 2 games

Mia kickers kicks 54+ yd no problem, this guy cant hit 40 yd

College Football > Florida is awful > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by smac38:
Florida can't tackle for sh$t

Florida D has been on field all day .... 
Fn Mcelwain

College Football > Florida is awful > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by smac38:
Florida can't tackle for sh$t

Florida D has been on field all day .... 
Fn Mcelwain

College Football > Fire Mcelwain > View Post
Les Miles got fired cause offence sucked in LSU. He would be huge improvement over this bum.  

This Florida team can't score more then 6 pts, against Tenn at home. Fellipe Franks, really??

0 TDs in 7 Quarters 

College Football > Gators in game under 39.5 > View Post
Under is as good as gold right now

These QBs cant throw more then 5 yd passes
Its like watching paint dry 

College Football > Arizone Over 17.5 > View Post
Finally Finally Rich Rodriguez didn't fu*k me!
Only time I bet on him that he comes through 

365987329 - 1Sep 16, 2017 12:15 AMTeam Total$1,550.00$1,000.00

Football - 109 Arizona team total over 17½ -155 for 2nd Half

Great Insider tip  
Def threw game 
No one can play that bad 

NFL Betting > Cinn bengals > View Post
When your wondering every year is Dalton franchise QB??

It's cause he prob isn't?

Never heard of anyone questioning Rodgers, Brees or Brady

College Football > UCLA is trash > View Post
I was wrong as hell. UCLA is worst team
I could see AM losing but not this bad

College Football > UCLA > View Post
Really like UCLA this game.

Saw yr prior game between them and Lots of pressure on Rosen on road, no running game and he still should have won.

This yr at home, prime time game, not the great pass rush of last yr A&M and I like him to torch Texas.

AM - rookie on road at Rose bowl, chances are
low he ll play well.

I got UCLA winning this one by 7-10 pts
But what the heck do I know

BOL to
You boys

MLB Betting > Rays Over Dodgers > View Post
Anyone else liking this. LA hitting small slump
Vs Ray who's pitched well against them

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